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Conversation Between Demi. and Triple_R
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  1. Demi.
    2016-08-11 21:30
    Late to reply mainly because I rarely check my notifications...But later better than never, right?

    Yeah, has been awhile since I've enjoyed an anime so much. Plenty of good ones out there, but few I'm willing to discuss. I suppose it helps that Rem is best girl of the year or perhaps even decade. I've always valued characters above anything else in a series.

    And I'm doing well, just melting away in the hot sun over here in Florida.
  2. Triple_R
    2016-08-03 09:42
    Nice to see you enjoying Re:Zero... or at least enjoying Rem.

    Some good posts on the Re:Zero Episode 18 thread. How have you been doing lately, Demi?
  3. Triple_R
    2014-12-24 21:33
    Happy Holidays, Demi.!

    It's cool that you, Archon, and I are all connoisseurs of a particular plump treat.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-12-24 11:25
    Happy Holidays. May this holiday season bring you tidings of comfort and ass.
  5. Demi.
    2013-03-29 09:31
    There are few things I feel the need to stand my ground on, but this is most certainly one of those things.

    Well, I wouldn't stay too long, it's been known to corrupt people with prolonged exposure. I must be immune.

    Anyways, I was going to post this in the Movie thread, but there wouldn't be anyone to appreciate it, so I'll post it on your wall instead.


    ^And that my friend is how I know the movie portrayed their dynamic to the best of its abilities --given the reasonably small focus.
  6. Triple_R
    2013-03-29 09:13
    At least some of them really do hate NanoFate, for whatever reason, and will take hold of any pretext possible to get rid of it as much as possible.

    Don't give in to them, Demi. Your position is perfectly reasonable.

    In any event, you're welcome. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be active on the Nanoha subforum, but I hope to keep up the fight for a little bit longer at least.
  7. Demi.
    2013-03-29 08:39
    I'm not a big fan of debating, and I'm usually double, or triple teamed in the Nanoha subforum, so it's nice to have someone that actually agrees for a change.

    I really don't get them sometimes.
  8. Demi.
    2013-03-21 17:52
    Just be sure to put dem yuri goggles on, and enjoy the ride.

    You too, casey. :3
  9. Triple_R
    2013-03-21 17:41
    Don't worry. I definitely will watch it.

    Knowing my comp's download speed it'll probably be two or more days before I get it, but I'll try to watch it ASAP!

    More Nanoha is always great.
  10. Demi.
    2013-03-21 16:47
    Nanoha movie 2nd wants you to watch it~

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