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Conversation Between Demi. and Last Sinner
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  1. Demi.
    2011-10-23 07:36
    Late reply, but...

    Can't say a whole lot has changed. My daily routine is work, anime, game, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat! I've been running in scripted roles, if you know what I mean.

    As far as series goes, there are some that I like. I never drop series, so I put a lot of effort into choosing anime I wont regret watching.

    From best to worst:

    Fate/Zero: What can I say? It has a seemingly perfect flow and great animation to boot. I'm having trouble finding a character in it that I do not like...Well, aside from that old man who threw Sakura into a can of worms pit of bugs...

    Hunter x Hunter 2011: The original HxH is unquestionably one of my favorite anime, so it's no surprise I'm enjoying the remake. However, the original has this one trumped for now. Even so, each episode has me eagerly anticipating the next. Oh and, I'm kind of a shounen fag. :3

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: There is just something visually appealing about watching a group of haters go about their daily club routines. And Yozoro's outlook on life is so close to mine that it's scary.

    Chihayafuru and Guilty Crown are about tied. I like both for different reasons. Chihaya is refreshing and I generally enjoy anime that turn an otherwise boring game into something entertaining. I'm hoping it will eventually reach the quality of Hikaru no Go.

    Guilty Crown on the other more of a shallow departure. DAT CHARACTER DESIGN TITS AND ASSES-- Just about sums up what Guilty Crown has me looking forward to. But with it being the only one of its kind I'm watching this season, that's perfectly fine.

    Mirai Nikki: I quite liked the first episode. The second? Not so much. My suspension of disbelief was blown right up with all them rockets shooting out of skirts and motorcycles appearing out of thin air.

    Ben-to: I was never a fan of watching male protags getting slapped around by a dyke, and this anime didn't change that. Well, to be fair the series isn't a total lost cause, but I'm regretting a little that I picked it up.

    Shana III Final: The greatest thing about this anime is in the title itself. And I'll even give you a hint -- it's not Shana. Honestly, this series has just been a running gag between me and Archonwing, and quite frankly I may not survive long enough to see it through to the end.

    Persona 4: My God, this anime is terrible. Every minute of watching is akin to monkeys throwing feces at me through my monitor.
  2. Last Sinner
    2011-10-18 10:59
    Last Sinner
    I should bother to reply since you've been lurking for a while. What's up, man? How's life these days? Liking anything airing this season?
  3. Last Sinner
    2011-06-04 05:21
    Last Sinner
    Couldn't give a tossbag about ISML since it's blatanty obvious Kanade will win with ease.

    I simply think 2011 anime is pure crap. Shaft and KyoAni are my nemeses and P.A. Works is about ready to enter that category too.

    I'm sickened by how many people go 'but pre-2000 anime has animation that just doesn't come close enough to current standards.' And it's weak excuses like that which allows the studios of today to get away with crap stories and formulaic characters, because people are willing to settle for glitzy animation and bathing in tryptophan. It's pathetic. Denying anime's roots and heritage is appalling. Amongst our club in Adelaide, there hasn't been anyone attending that hasn't regretting taking the plunge into retro anime. But anywhere else, they're scared to go back beyond 2 years or a few might just make it to the 90s.

    Modern anime has made the fans of today to completely disregard the people which strived to evolve the artform to what it has become today. It's sacrilege. People have become the 'instant gratification' generation - it's chilling. It's just like Huxley, Orwell and Bradbury predicted.

    And I'm not down. I'm raging.
  4. Demi.
    2011-06-04 05:06
    I've watched all of those, except Rose of Versailles. You have a lot of older series listed there. Perhaps the newer style of anime just doesn't interest you as much. But 0's, really? Isn't that just a little bit too harsh? You don't seem to be in too high of spirits atm, has ISML finally consumed your soul?
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-06-04 04:45
    Last Sinner
    My 10s go to Last Exile, Kimagure Orange Road, Code Geass, Sherlock Hound, Tatami Galaxy and Beyond the Clouds: The Promised Place. Considering 10s for Cutey Honey, Rose of Versailles and Garden of Sinners, need to see them in full, as well as rewatch Redline.

    I'd flood 2011 anime with 0s.
  6. Demi.
    2011-06-04 04:04
    From someone who was ISML staff last year, I can say China and Taiwan alone were at times 60% of the voters. I don't know where it is this year since I ragequit the staff.

    Really? Kaiji S1 was one of my favorite anime of the season (gave it a 9), but imo, Kaiji S2 is working to be one of the few 10's I've ever given. I explained why in my post here...if you're interested. It's at the bottom.

    I'll be looking forward to it, then.
  7. Last Sinner
    2011-06-04 03:48
    Last Sinner
    The main expansion of ISML was last year. This year, numbers are slightly up but not by much and there's a base that is too dominant. KS and co. have dropped the ball - they need to promote it on more places otherwise it really is going to be Chinese Saimoe rather than International.

    I love Kaiji Season 1. In my top 10 of all time for sure. Killer music, Kaiji being one defiant clown that always digs a deeper hole yet still gets out over and over, great voice acting. Haven't been able to click with season 2, though. Music is terrible this time, and I hate the new way they're doing 'zawa zawa'! S1 'zawa zawa' was win! S2's version are just half-hearted and anti-climactic! Just not quite enough for me to care about it. S1, I watched it in full three times within two weeks. S2, I just can't mesh with it...

    I'll be making a thread for the panel videos after the convention. Suki can pay out my newly 30-year old hide, but Adelaide will show the world what we can do and that anime's roots are essential viewing.
  8. Demi.
    2011-06-04 03:39
    Well, Shana/Mio/Mikoto were all about evenly liked by China and Taiwan (Taiwan has a huge number of voters in ISML as well) last year...It's just that this year they like Kanade a lot more than anyone else.

    My fav. anime this season is easily Kaiji S2...I just love everything about it, and I need a break from moe series. The other series I'm watching are Ao no Exorcist, Gosick, Steins;Gate, Gintama S2, and Deadman Wonderland...Honestly, I find them all at least somewhat enjoyable with Gintama and Ao no Exorcist being by second and third favorites.

    Uhm, well if you'll have a link for it when the times comes, sure, I'll check it out.
  9. Last Sinner
    2011-06-04 03:27
    Last Sinner
    It wasn't so bad since Mio didn't have a perfect season and there were revolts against several characters. But the way things are, Kanade will win against anyone with at least a 2k margin because China says so. Nothing against China, but it's not International Saimoe if it's them controlling the contest. They love the submissive, quiet types or the not-so-mean tsunderes and it shows.

    To be honest mate, I like no 2011 anime at all. I'm watching retro anime. It's so fulfilling. Far better than this current junk. Learing about Nagai, Matsumoto, Tomino and seeing where anime came from - FAR more informative and satisfying! You should give it a shot IMO.

    Club I help run is doing two panels at the anime convention next month. History of Anime is the one I'll be speaking on. Make sure you check it out.
  10. Demi.
    2011-06-04 03:21
    Sure is, although its been that way since last year...They just never wanted to admit it until recently.

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