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Conversation Between encia and DoomRavager
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  1. encia
    2012-07-25 05:51
    Quotes from CR's EP03

    Ibrahim Dogulu: Our squad will be working on the XFJ project. The XFJ project is ...

    Frank Heinemann (Boening Corp): The XFJ project is we at Boening's attempt to improve the Japanese millitary's type-94...

    The team members for Project Prominence *is* working on the XFJ project.


    As for the control surface issue, starting from EP02's 03:19 you have
    1. bipedal based movement.
    2. basic jump jet tactics.
    3. yet another bipedal based movement.

    They lack speed and sustained hover combat compared to EP03's US based mechs.
  2. DoomRavager
    2012-07-24 11:59
    The XFJ project is supposed to be developing a modern replacement for the the outdated Type-94 Shiranui that Japan designed independently and deployed in 1994, incorporating newer technologies than were available when the Shiranui was developed in the 80s and early 90s.

    The aim is to increase uptime, decrease efficiency decline from equipment load and bring mobility and agility up to modern standards as compared to machines that were developed since then.

    To do that they're collaborating with a US company (Boening) so they have access to American parts, tech and developmental data.

    No, you missed the mainline "on the field" Japanese TSF results and the Project Prominence's existance.
    The control issue is linked to maneuverability bias vs weak engines ratio.
    When Yui talks about difficulty of controlling the Imperial TSFs she's referring to those designed by Japan themselves. Namely, the Type-94 Shiranui and the Type-97 Fubuki, because these were designed to use stuff like head antennae and forearm sheathes as extra control surfaces to supplement the lower powered engines for flight control. This has nothing do do with the fatass F-4Js from episode 1 and 2 which weren't designed by the Japanese and don't suffer from similar maneuverability bias in their design. Project Prominence isn't improving on those TSFs, those were already outdated back in Episode 2. It's improving on the Shiranui. Perhaps the issue was confused by the fact that the animation flashed back to that episode.

    Yuuya is trying to claim that the Fubuki should be balanced by upgrading the engines, but the balance is not as poor as he's claiming it is specifically because of the extra control surfaces that he's not making proper use of. Said control surfaces already mitigate the problems of having lower thrust, but he's not using them.

    You missed Project Prominence's existance.

    So, what's the purpose of Project Prominence again? If the JFST prototype is prefect why get involved with Project Prominence?
    The Shiranui II prototype they're working on is a direct result of the XFJ plan under Project PROMINENCE in and of itself. They do upgrade the engines to overcome the thrust to weight issue with the Fubuki and Shiranui, but the Shiranui II still makes use of the same supplementary mechanical control surfaces for extra mobility on top of that. They're not shifting design philosophy away from what they have been doing, they're just bringing what they have in line with modern innovations like shoulder and waist mounted thrusters as well as more advanced parts and technologies that have happened since they developed the Shiranui, and that also involves upgrading the outdated engines.

    The XFJ plan isn't about building something that conforms to American design doctrine, it's about reworking the design they already have with more up to date tech so that they can close the performance gap as compared to other nations' more recent gen 3 fighters.

    And what exactly do you mean by JFST? What does that stand for? I don't recall that acronym being used.

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