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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Fran
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-10 21:52
    Hi, here's an updated list of anime conventions (Feb 2 - Oct 5 2013).
    These are only the large ones, smaller events are not listed.

    I'll try to attend some and share the pics at Animesuki's cosplay thread.
  2. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-06 23:23
    Hi. Here's a little update on anime convention stuffs. ",)
  3. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-28 05:17
    Hi. Sorry to say. Otaku Expo has been rescheduled.
    Me and some friends were all ready to go there, but there's nothing we can do about it.

    No anime convention report for now.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-18 20:14
    The next event (Otaku Expo) is larger than Cosplay Market.

    Might find the character that you want there. Will be taking a whole lot of pics there anyway, so there's a chance that there could be pics of other cosplays that you like by coincidence. ",)
  5. Fran
    2013-01-17 01:38
    Fran problems. hopefully you can find her in the next event. she isnt really
    that popular to begin with.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-15 07:47
    Hi. Cosplay Market report is finished. ",)

    Sorry, haven't found your requested cosplay pics. Event is small one.
    There's a larger event this January. Otaku Expo happening on 26-27. There, I will try once again to find the cosplay pic that you want.
  7. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-09 06:51
    Ah. No, not really because she's not popular.

    Asked because I haven't watched that anime, and I'm not familiar with the character. ",)
  8. Fran
    2013-01-08 14:44
    here you go Liddo-kun: Mashu
    hmm...she also go by Msyu or Mashu. sorry i didnt think she was that unpopular. :P
  9. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-08 04:42
    Would help if you provide link to a pic of what the character is most likely to wear.

    Will be easier for me to spot a cosplayer that way. Thanks.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-08 04:39
    Current list:

    Obelisk ze Tormentor = mecha cosplays, gundam
    Xefi = Mashu from The Money of Control and Possibility
    Godlike = Code Geass and One Piece
    EroKing = Shinobu from the Monogatari series
    Tsundere Louise = Merry Nightmare
    Palsa-san = Nagi from Kannagi

    Ok, there's no guarantee that I will see anyone doing a cosplay of them in Cosplay Market. However, you can be sure that I would try to find your request. ",)

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