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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Kirito
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2012-09-07 08:41
    Haha. Thanks for the reminder, but I never spill drinks on people. The little mistake I do in cons is usually stepping on someone when it gets too crowded - in which I immediately apologize to the person I accidentally stepped on. Forgot to mention, one thing I liked in cons (all of the ones I've attended so far), people are generally nice. For example, it's crowded and I'm taking a pic of someone - cosplayer makes a pose - I get into shooting position.. believe it or not, despite the cramped environment, people still try to avoid walking between me and the cosplayer . There's even one time, I was only taking a shot of a Black Rock Shooter poster, there's this one guy walking rather fast, he paused and changed direction after noticing that he would block my cam. ",)
  2. Kirito
    2012-09-06 17:11
    Me too, right now I just started my paid job training and I'm saving money hoping that a last minute convention hits me soon. I really can't wait to see what kinds of pictures you'll take at the convention(s) you'll be attending. Drinks huh, I hope you don't get too excited and spill your drink on a passing attendee like I did during my first convention, jk, jk.

    Air was an incredible anime. One of the few anime that got me teary eyed. The anime's ending was amazingly done, but the movie had it moments since it focused on the Misuzu x Yukito more. Misuzu come back!

    Anyway, I need to update my favourites, I have more but haven't really gotten to them because I'm trying to make a great rep here. I don't think it's getting somewhere but I'll manage somehow.
  3. Liddo-kun
    2012-09-06 07:17
    Just for a little conversation. Saw Air in your favorite anime list. I liked the ending for the anime better than the ending for the movie.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2012-09-06 07:12
    Well, the groups promoting the events become much more active as the "ber" months (Sept- Dec) approach. Though honestly, I'm saving money right now, so I'd spend only the bare minimum to enjoy the events. 600 pesos for transportation, drinks (need refreshing drinks to be able to last the whole day), and extra batteries for my cam - and that's it. I would have some more extra money in my bag, but I'd only bring it out if I see a Nagisa Motomiya figurine being sold, if I don't see the figurine I'm looking for then the extra money will go unspent (will save it for the Chistmas season).
  5. Kirito
    2012-09-04 00:27
    Sounds great, I look forward to see your convention pics if you get some. Convention season for me as ended until next year, I'm a little jealous to be honest with you.

    I hope to see neat thing from you, until then!
  6. Liddo-kun
    2012-09-03 06:57
    Update: This September, there will be two large anime conventions. Best of Anime 2012 (15-16) and Cosmania (29-30). I'll try to attend at least one day of each con. Will share pics on Animesuki's convention thread if I manage to get some.
  7. Kirito
    2012-08-30 20:25
    Thanks, but they blame anime for my lack of "social" standings. They always keep bashing me for not having a girlfriend or going out to places. I don't care what they think. I just do what I think is comfortable.

    As for ClariS it's just stuff like songs, news, or whatever nothing serious. If you want to ask ClariS questions just ask I'll be glad to help.

    Really? You do know who I am right...? I'm the "first" I didn't know that, yeah many people think that my kind don't like anime or any of the sort in general. I listen to more Japanese music than the stuff here in North America. I do listen to some, but not that many.

    Sure, if you're in Canada just let me know and I'll see what I can do to help. I'll be sure to let you know if I go to your country to visit, as well.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-30 20:08
    I guess it's a good thing you decided to continue despite some odds (parents not approved of it). Maybe they just have a wrong idea of it, that anime is only for children?

    Actually, I have nothing more to say on Claris except they're great singers. I'm not a die-hard fan, but still a fan nonetheless.


    Thanks for the offer. I'll remember that if I do manage to visit relatives in Canada.
  9. Kirito
    2012-08-29 22:48
    Yeah, there's nothing more memorable than your first convention together, especially one that suits your hobbies and interests. I've met interesting people and it still puts a smile on my face when I remember it. My friend parent's and family are supportive of anime compared to mine who shun me for me it. Still won't stop me from loving anime from now until forever. I look forward to my next convention.

    We can talk ClariS stuff, but be warned: Once I start it'll go on forever so be prepared for that if we do get on that subject. Still ClariS ftw the win, can't wait to hear their new single Luminous soon.

    That'll be tough because for one...
    Spoiler for Surprise:

    I think a gakuran and some stuff I think I'll be fine. I always wanted to cosplay as a Jiang shi. That'll be cool and neat.

    I've seen the malls, the business districts and the other nice architecture that can hold many special events. I'm amazed how much space and resources they have to hold many events. In Ottawa we do, but not that many from what I've seen. We've got the Westin Hotel, Art's Court Theatre, and the art exhibits etc.

    I'll be sure to be more careful. I often do research on places before I visit them. I'll be sure to bring a friend so that when I do get in trouble at least I'll know everything will be fine. I'm really careful with my money... most of the time. When convention time comes around, I generally work my butt off to save for extra money, pay rent, and buy groceries etc. I work 7-10 hours for five days a week depending on my shift, but I generally get most weekends off, so I like my job, for now.

    I'm glad you liked what you've seen of Ottawa. If you ever plan to visit just let me know and I'll show you a good time. I'll even show you the place where I took that "gift card" pic, you liked. I know that city like the back of my hand.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-29 18:20
    That sure is an exciting first con. Good thing the guy didn't get mad. I see that we share a similar trait.. once you're there it's hard to go home, seriously, it's the reason I finish almost all conventions to closing. The only time I was forced to go home early is when floods threatened to get me stranded on the way home (said con would end at 11 pm, but I had to go at 8 pm because of heavy rains). Being among many people who share similar interests gives a feeling that I'm among my "own kind" something like that. It's nice that your friend's parents are supportive. My dad drove us once to a convention too (WTC).

    Haha. I better not argue about something Claris related then.

    Well, I'm sure you could find some good cosplay for yourself. Let me say something about the topic - some of the cosplays I posted are actually a group effort. If you find a cosplay group, you're bound to come up with something creative.

    About my country. Maybe you've seen Mall of Asia in the link? It's where the large cons are held. Just looking at it in the pic makes me smile a little, because that place is associated with memorable anime conventions that I won't forget even after many years. Living in Quezon City does give the benefit of being within driving distance of several anime convention venues like WTC, SMNE Skydome, Megatrade Hall, and of course Mall of Asia.

    Well, my country has beautiful places - I've had some work experience at the Makati business district and the place just feels great. NOTE: Do take note of one thing if you're going to visit here someday, there are rich areas, but there are slum areas in parts of Metro Manila as well. As a foreigner, you can be a target for some people because they think you have plenty of cash (dollars). Don't be too trusting of people no matter how friendly they seem (e.g. a friendly girl asks you to go somewhere, then she takes you to a place where a bunch of guys will mug you). At the late night even cabs themselves can be dangerous to your life. During my high school days someone I know got stabbed (fortunately, not fatally) because the cab they rode home turned out to be a mugger himself. And lastly, I may seem to talk of happy times at cons, but it takes a lot to maintain this lifestyle. I work 8-10 hrs each day, 5 days a week to earn cash I need for anime and some other things necessary for a comfortable living.

    Thanks for the link. That's a beautiful city you live in. Nice history, and the quality of living seems pretty good.

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