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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Arturia Polaris
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  1. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-23 23:26
    Arturia Polaris

    I actually decided to post it here in AnimeSuki for the moment, so enjoy.

  2. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-23 11:53
    Arturia Polaris
    First chapter is actually done. I'd post it but I can't do anything about it yet as FF didn't answer my e-mail.

    I can e-mail it to you if you want to give some advice...

  3. Liddo-kun
    2012-11-23 06:52
    Are you an aspiring author?
    Ok, I'll take a look at your TT fanfic when it's finished.
  4. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-23 05:18
    Arturia Polaris
    MFW doesn't have a Tari Tari section...

    Fic's first chapter (out of 2/3, still not decided) done. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-22 20:38
    Arturia Polaris
    <- Is actually writing a Tari Tari fanfic about what happened between Sawa X Taichi since she drops the bomb about leaving, and the last words at the airport. Something happened ^^

  6. Liddo-kun
    2012-11-22 20:22
    Yes, the end for TT is a good one. There's a hint of Sawa x Taichi, but I guess the rest is up to the viewers imagination (and fanfic writers).
  7. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 22:41
    Arturia Polaris
    Also, finally finished Tari Tari. Loved the ending.

    SawaXBadominton ftw

  8. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 20:35
    Arturia Polaris
    Favorite characters? The sleepyhead driver, and the Blondie who was just destroyed this last ep.

  9. Liddo-kun
    2012-11-20 20:29
    Glad to see that you seem to be liking G and P.
    Who are your favorite characters so far?

    I'm about to start Chuunibyou soon. Almost finished converting the MKV to 704 x 392 resolution avi - so I could play the episodes on a portable dvd player. ",)
  10. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 20:29
    Arturia Polaris
    Fair enough, It's going on my download list. The thing is that they won't seed for the love of god.


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