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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Arturia Polaris
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  1. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-23 05:18
    Arturia Polaris
    MFW doesn't have a Tari Tari section...

    Fic's first chapter (out of 2/3, still not decided) done. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-22 20:38
    Arturia Polaris
    <- Is actually writing a Tari Tari fanfic about what happened between Sawa X Taichi since she drops the bomb about leaving, and the last words at the airport. Something happened ^^

  3. Liddo-kun
    2012-11-22 20:22
    Yes, the end for TT is a good one. There's a hint of Sawa x Taichi, but I guess the rest is up to the viewers imagination (and fanfic writers).
  4. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 22:41
    Arturia Polaris
    Also, finally finished Tari Tari. Loved the ending.

    SawaXBadominton ftw

  5. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 20:35
    Arturia Polaris
    Favorite characters? The sleepyhead driver, and the Blondie who was just destroyed this last ep.

  6. Liddo-kun
    2012-11-20 20:29
    Glad to see that you seem to be liking G and P.
    Who are your favorite characters so far?

    I'm about to start Chuunibyou soon. Almost finished converting the MKV to 704 x 392 resolution avi - so I could play the episodes on a portable dvd player. ",)
  7. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 20:29
    Arturia Polaris
    Fair enough, It's going on my download list. The thing is that they won't seed for the love of god.

  8. Liddo-kun
    2012-11-20 20:28
    The reason for the large size of Evetaku's AKB0048 BD, is because there are some other good stuffs bundled in there. If you only want the episode, try using uTorrent so you can choose what file in the torrent you want to get. Anyway, the whole bunch of files there is worth getting in my opinion.
  9. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 11:35
    Arturia Polaris
    GnP... looks... I don't even know what the hell I just watched.

    On to the 2nd episode.

  10. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-19 23:44
    Arturia Polaris
    Is the director's cut really worth it? It took me a whole night to download Episode 13 because no one is seeding Evetaku sadly.

    I'd have to download the BDs and it'll take forever.


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