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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and MUAHAHAHAHAHA
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    2012-08-29 08:11
    Lol, did you take a picture of you getting spoonfed? If you did, you should really upload it here! Everyone would envy you! Too bad that butler cafes are not as popular as maid cafes. I would really love to be spoonfed by a bishie!
  2. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-28 17:24
    About the maid cafe.. They wore black and pink outfits, with short skirt like you see in anime. A little awkward at first, but it's fun. I came in the morning so it's not crowded. Not 100% guy customers, there a few girl customers in the cafe too. The maid that came to me is Lenny, cute but she made me order a choco cake - and eating cake that day isn't part of the plan (because I'm a fitness fanatic who counts calories and go to the gym). But can't refuse a cute maid, so I ate the cake. Spoonfed almost the entire time.

    About your friend preferring anime items from the U.S.. I'm not racist, but as an anime figurine and magazine collector I prefer buying from online stores based in Japan. Or I buy items locally that I'm sure have a Japanese source. Importing anime items from the U.S is one of the last things on my mind, and I would probably never do such a thing.
    2012-08-28 16:06
    Lol, so cool that you got to experience a real maid cafe. Tell me, was it crowded with only guys?
    So were you spoonfed the entire time you were there? I am sure that is one experience you would not forget.

    He is not on Animesuki, and I can't ask him now since he has gone back to our home country. He is very particular about his figurines, so one reason why he purchases from the US is because he prefers the design? Hmm, I don't know.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-27 19:43
    Ah, those MF cosplayers are members of a band named Error505.
    They performed at the last con that I attended. ",)

    Entrance fee? Admission is free on this one, and not crowded. We are in the 4th floor of the mall, there are people on the 5th looking at us and Superman (the stage host) is saying to those people "come on down here we have lots of seats! "

    Conventions here are sponsored by different groups. Manga groups, TV Stations, there's even one that got started by a group of university students (U.P Ame Monogatari anime convention which has been running yearly for 11 years now). I personally like those sponsored by Ozine, because they tend to have a real Maid Cafe in their conventions - got spoonfed by a maid for the first time in one of their cons.

    Planning to display my anime figurines at some later time. I just don't have the funds to buy a display cabinet right now. And I don't measure being a true anime fan on how much merchandise a person has, not everyone has extra funds to get a lot of stuff.

    Your friend might be able to save cash if he buys from Japanese online stores. I can direct him to those places if he's here on Animesuki. A credit card with Master Card logo makes things easier.
    2012-08-27 15:18
    Thanks for sharing the pic! I lol hard at the MF cosplayers. I mean, they look so......unalike, haha. But they score points in terms of costume.

    How much did you pay for the entrance fee? Was it very crowded? I have always wondered, who sponsors the annual convention? The Japanese government?

    Eh, why do you seal away your figurines? I thought you bought them for the purpose of them being admired. Or, you wish to have them to yourself? Hihihihi.I have many anime posters, because it is dirt cheap. That is all I have. Though I like anime, I don't see the point of getting anime merchandise because I won't have much use for them. I guess you can say I am not an actual "true anime fan", if you wish to argue from this aspect.

    Yup, pounds. He and I are not from Europe, but we are studying there atm. He buys them mostly from US I think. I remember him showing me a figurine that costs several hundred USD. I was like, "Are you for real, dude?". He went broke twice because he spent an abysmal amount of money just on figurines.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-27 08:05
    I do have some posters, figurines, and various other anime stuffs. But except for the few posters on my bedside, the rest are tucked away safely (e.g. figurines are inside their boxes) so they won't collect dust. My room pretty much looks like an ordinary room.

    Pounds? Your friend is from Europe? I don't know much on expensive figures because I mostly order figmas, they're not very expensive (approximately 30 US dollars each or 1300 pesos if you convert the dollar). I pay another few hundred pesos on customs taxes. My most expensive one is a Haruka (from iDOLM@STER) figurine (at the bottom of the thread). Costs nearly three times as much as a figma, and the taxes are higher too. But as a fan, I felt that the money is well spent.

    About the live bands on conventions. It depends on the venue and the organizer if there would be seats, or standing room only. Large areas like SMX Convention Center (it's the venue in the pm I sent ) provide seats. The general rule is the seats are free for all. Once you get one though, don't leave it unless you really have to.. because someone else might sit on your chair and you won't get the it back. The only thing people pay for is the ticket to enter the convention area. They will stamp an ink on your arm, after that you can go in and out of the area without worries.
  7. Liddo-kun
  8. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-27 05:43
    Finished resizing pics. Uploading.. just need 30-45 minutes more to complete the report.
    2012-08-27 05:11
    By otaku room, I mean having a huge collection of anime stuff, from posters to anime figurines. I have a friend who is willing to spend hundreds of pounds just to obtain one particular figurine from Clannad.

    Hey, take your time to upload the pics. I am in no hurry at all~

    So a question about singers performing, do you guys have premium seats or something similar to that? Or can you just sit anywhere you like?
  10. Liddo-kun
    2012-08-26 06:35
    Forgot to reply your question about my friend's cats. Well, she never explained it exactly why Lizzy (the big one) is the only one who is allowed to go out during the winter. All my friend said is the other one is still "too small" to be allowed to go out. I think there's a danger that small cats could freeze in the snow - that's only my speculation though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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