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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Palsa-San
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  1. Palsa-San
    2015-10-09 13:25
    A few years ago I was having computer problems, so I started to back things up onto my external hard drive, it turned out that the problem was actually the hard drive and not the computer, unfortunately it died shortly after, taking with it all of the back ups.
    Fortunately I backed up my most critical projects online as well. ^_^

    If you want to.

    I'd like to make a game with real-time action battle system, like in the Secret of Mana, Summon Night, YS or Legend of Zelda games.
    Since I'm looking at using RPG Maker MV, it may take some time for the right scripts to come out, but for now I'll have to work on the concept, sprites and character portraits, so I should have enough to work on in the meantime.
  2. Liddo-kun
    2015-10-09 06:17
    Actually, I was thankful it didn't die right away - staying alive for 2 more weeks after the lightning incident allowed me to finish Toycon. The comps of other neighbors died right away. O_O

    Well, also in the 2 weeks that the comp stayed alive - I backed up in USB's almost every vital piece of data. Espescially the irreplaceable ones like the convention pics. So almost nothing is lost.

    Uwuuuh, nice drawings? Want me to link to them next time I credit you in WorldCosplay?

    Oh, that's interesting. What type of RPG do you want to create?


    MJ likes bears a lot. xD She spent 60% of her salary on bears alone. Not kidding. Well, she still has enough left for food and rent. And thankfully, she only did that once.
  3. Palsa-San
    2015-10-08 23:44
    Sorry about your computer, I hope you didn't lose to much stuff; it's good to hear that you've also gotten a new one though.

    Pretty good, how have things been your way?
    Right now I'm looking at purchasing RPG Maker MV, I have a concept in mind for a game, and if everything turns out as I hope, then I might be able to make some resources as well.
    By the way, I uploaded the illustrations I drew for the book to my DeviantArt gallery:

    That bear is so huge.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2015-10-08 09:27
    Good evening. Have just come back online a few days ago. My comp gave out 2 weeks after being overloaded by lightning. Now using a new pc.

    How have you been? ",)

    As for the cosplay group. We have a few new costumes being completed. A Heart Philosopy version of Hatsune. And a Kurumi spirit form from Date A Live. I'm also in a bit of a talk with one of our props makers, as the props she promised to be done before BOA 2014 (event last month) has not been finished yet up to this day.

    Oh, and lastly. MJ (Marie) has new bear. She really likes teddies. XD

  5. Palsa-San
    2015-09-22 20:48
    I don't really know, they're kind of comedy, somewhat psychological at times, they both have tragic events that occur at certain points, so if your familiar with Clannad or Angel Beats, it falls under that category.
    Charlotte is actually from Key, which is the same company as the above examples.
    By the way, both shows are on CrunchyRoll, so if you want to watch them there, I still have the free gift passes to give out.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2015-09-22 06:06
    *ok noted

    I might have to watch those series too, to get more familiar. Hmm, what genre are they? Slice of Life?
  7. Palsa-San
    2015-09-21 18:20
    How about a condensed version of the list then?
    Charlotte and Plastic Memories.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2015-09-21 08:47
    The others are a bit rare.. but we won't have a shortage on Owari no Seraph characters. That anime is becoming the new popular anime in town here. xD

    I have a Kruul Tepes on the next one. Just need a liitle time to sort the pics out.
  9. Palsa-San
  10. Liddo-kun
    2015-09-20 08:38
    Anyway, is there a series that you're currently following right now? Maybe I could find cosplayers from that series in our conventions here. :3

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