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Conversation Between Liddo-kun and Palsa-San
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  1. Palsa-San
    2013-10-07 23:58
    That's around my grandmother's age; I keep losing track, the years seem to pass by so quickly now a days.
  2. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-07 20:31
    Thanks. Yeah, family members disappearing is sad.. I was close to her, so it really came as a shock eventhough I know it's coming. Grandma is very old (93). I didn't realize that grandma is also saying goodbye to us, when we said goodbye to her before going to the convention.
  3. Palsa-San
    2013-10-07 13:58
    I'm sorry to hear that, my grandfather passed away a few years ago on my parents wedding anniversary, and one of my grandmothers passed away on thanksgiving evening, back in 1996; so I understand how it can be difficult to go through.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-07 01:44
    That was a nice in depth analysis of RM 2013. Thanks.
    Can't read what you put in spoilers though, because I'm only on episode.

    And as promised. I've attended Cosmania 2013 - a succesful trip.

    However, yesterday was also sad because..

    My grandma passed away.

    Me and some cosplay friends greeted her in her room. I introduced my friends to grandma. Then we told her that we're off to a con.

    1/4 of the trip. My mom phoned. Told us that grandma has already gone.

    It was a sad day, I didn't realize that the greeting we did to her was actually a goodbye.. ;_;
  5. Palsa-San
    2013-10-05 18:32
    I finished it awhile ago, but I've also been reading each chapter as their released, so I know what happens in advance.
    Overall, I have to say that I like the new series a little more then the older anime, on the grounds that it actually follows the manga, where the old anime made a lot of things up and advanced too quickly.
    Now, in regards to the first episode being a recap: if you think about it, that was kind of unavoidable, considering that a large number of fans have been waiting for a continuation for years, and the fans that follow the manga don't really need the first part animated.
    My feelings are pretty much that all of the events that took place in the recap have been covered, so there was no reason to go through everything again; plus, that would just add to the wait for the fans that have been wanting a continuation.
    Anyone that is new to the series should try to read the manga or watch the first series before getting into the 2013 series; if they by any chance find that to be difficult, then that's just too bad, it was already covered and they missed the opportunity; Naruto, Bleach and DragonBall have what, 600+ episodes? And no one expects to recount all of the events; if a person gets into the series when it's at episode 120, so why should it be considered to be any more difficult with a series that only has 3 12-13 episode seasons and a 2 episode OVA?
    However, I remember seeing parts of the original anime being advertized, so it's possible that they plan to re-release the 2006 series.
    The biggest drawback I see is with the English release of the manga, as TokyoPop cancelled the selling and distribution of the manga, so the price tag went up a lot.
    Now, in regards to the changes in story, the manga seems to focus more on the winded world's Jun, where the 2013 anime focuses more on the not winded world's Jun.
    Spoiler for Several events near the end of the 2013 anime are mentioned:

    Peach-Pit was very smart, the first anime became so popular that it overshadowed the manga, but with the 2013 anime, they decided to split the series: the manga primarily covering the original winded world Jun, and the anime covering the not winded world Jun.
    Why do I say they were smart by doing this?
    If a person watches or reads one, then they are getting part of the story; this in turn leads fans to buy the other, as they want to know the full story.
    This means that fans of the manga will watch the anime, and fans of the anime will read the manga; as a result, Peach-Pit earns more and has a stronger fan base, which in turn allows them to continue advancing with the series; the anime studio also benefits by this.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-05 06:05
    Hi. I've watched Rozen Maiden 2013 episode 1 today.


    As a Rozen Maiden fan. I'm interested to hear your opinion on the first ep.
  7. Palsa-San
    2013-09-23 15:00
    K, I'll go look in a bit.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2013-09-23 05:43
    Hi, the report for Best of Anime 2013 is finished. ",)
    Here it is, just in case you want to see.
  9. Palsa-San
    2013-08-20 22:34
    K, it's a bit late now, so I'll take a look tomorrow. ^_^
  10. Liddo-kun
    2013-08-20 21:19
    Hi, the report for Otaku Expo 2013 is finished. ",)
    Here it is, just in case you want to see.

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