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Conversation Between Thany and mangatron
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  1. Thany
    2014-06-20 14:46
    She's a mantis, so after you marry her she'll murder you
  2. mangatron
    2014-06-20 10:18
    That is cute Especially those eyes, I feel like they pierce the very depths of my soul, trying to re-awaken the lolitron....
  3. Thany
    2014-06-17 15:10
    Have a cute Kohina pic!
  4. Thany
    2014-06-01 01:05
    Izuna is love after all, so it's not surprising! Sadly every good pics they have of her are all too lewd to post directly ;_;
  5. mangatron
    2014-05-31 21:20
    Yeah I got it I never doubt Pixiv one bit, when they love their loli's, they really love their loli's
  6. Thany
    2014-05-31 12:46
    Errrm did you get my PM? It somehow doesn't show up for me
  7. Thany
    2014-05-29 11:25
    I'm not sure how I ended up failing the image link somehow. She's in the lastest episode of the anime, she's best girl
  8. mangatron
    2014-05-29 09:12
    I actually removed the animesuki link in the url, but I was confused as to who that is, I still need to catch up to the series
  9. Thany
    2014-05-29 07:23
    Geez I fucked up yesterday with my pic and you didn't even tell me it didn't show up ;_;
  10. Thany
    2014-05-28 12:57
    As a NGNL newsflash, it seems like Izuna already lost her pantsu bet in the fanarts (oh boy careful that's quite nsfw, but no nipple slip or something so it's still R-15!)
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