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Conversation Between monir and White Manju Bun
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  1. monir
    2013-03-17 18:39
    Oh dear! There is nothing like wet, glistening bodies in water.......

    Thanks Manju!
  2. White Manju Bun
  3. monir
    2013-01-03 18:38
    lol.. thanks Manju. I had so much fun this year. Went to Time Square with big group of friends. Everyone wanted to come out after Sandy and have fun, so the crowd was a really huge one. Three million people!!!!

    Happy new year.
  4. White Manju Bun
    2013-01-01 00:11
    White Manju Bun
    Happy birthday you naughty boy
  5. monir
    2012-09-07 23:42
    bwahahahaha....... that's one more anime among my growing list that I need to catch up to. Nothing more entertaining than an emo-ing Sasuke-kun.
  6. White Manju Bun
    2012-08-28 08:42
    White Manju Bun
    Saw this and totally thought of you
  7. monir
    2012-08-11 00:28
    I knew you would like it. So far the story is going about 2 episodes an arc. I'm pretty sure you would lose it in the 2nd arc. Won't spoil.
  8. White Manju Bun
    2012-08-04 15:15
    White Manju Bun
    Watched the first epi of Jinrui....the toast scene....
  9. White Manju Bun
    2012-07-24 19:14
    White Manju Bun
    Haha I know, fishing isnt really an exciting sport. But Tsuritama delievered.

    I havent but I plan too.
  10. monir
    2012-07-24 15:30
    I watched it after you told me about it the last time, around half way through that show as it was airing. It's easily one of the best from last season and probably is going to be one of the better anime for this entire year. Who knew a show about fishing will have this much bite? Enjoyed it a lot.

    Have you had a chance to watch Jinrui yet?

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