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Conversation Between monir and Haak
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  1. Haak
    2013-02-25 14:15

    Thanks monir, for that truly disturbing birthday cheer.
  2. monir
    2013-02-25 02:04
    Happy birth day, Haak! It seems only yesterday that you were a 21-year-old boy. Oh, how quickly you are growing up in before our eyes. You must be drinking your milk. Have some more.
  3. monir
    2013-01-03 18:40
    Haha. Thanks Haak. I hope you enjoyed new year as much as I did. It was a blast this year for me.
  4. Haak
    2013-01-01 09:27
    People around the the world are clearly celebrating the wrong event!

    Happy birthday.
  5. monir
    2012-02-25 12:13
    Over here it is said that the man that doesn't drink cannot be trusted. Haak, you cannot be trusted. Drink some orange juice if you must, and pretend to be drunk. And.... a big WHHHHHHHAtttT at the UK age limit.
  6. Haak
    2012-02-25 12:05
    Lol monir, the minimum drinking age in the UK is 18. Besides, I don't drink anyway.

    I'll see what I can do about the pictures though. Thanks
  7. monir
    2012-02-25 11:53
    Yo, Haak-man! Congratulation at reaching the legal age for drinking. Kill a lot of brain cells today to commemorate the completion of 21 years of your life. Take pictures of anything grand like the following and kindly post them:

    Happy birthday, sir!
  8. monir
    2012-01-02 23:50
    lol.. it was made an exception for me that I would be allowed to have a birthday at a certain time of the year. Thanks Haak. Happy new year, buddy!
  9. Haak
    2012-01-01 05:14
    Oh wow, I didn't know mods had birthdays. I just thought they sort of...came into being...

    Happy Birthday.
  10. Haak
    2011-02-25 04:22
    Lol. Thank you.

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