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Conversation Between lilgumba and TheShinySword
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  1. lilgumba
    2010-11-07 19:26
    Happy birthday Sata-da!
  2. lilgumba
    2009-12-28 14:00
    *pats* I know. All you youngin's are growing up.
  3. TheShinySword
    2009-12-28 01:56
    *Hugs sata-ba* I'm sorry I don't have time to look under all the rocks of the internet >: (
  4. lilgumba
    2009-12-28 01:42
    I'm sorry Sata-da. If you look in the right places I'm findable *hugs*
  5. TheShinySword
    2009-12-26 15:58
    YOU! *tackle hugs* don't just pop in the forum then disapeer!
  6. TheShinySword
    2009-10-25 13:38
    Promise you'll be the first one.
  7. lilgumba
    2009-10-25 11:30
    yeah. so if you find a money tree then give me a seed so i can plant one too.
  8. TheShinySword
    2009-10-21 21:13
    Grr! Money! the Bane of all anime fans! and everyone else :< *hugs*
  9. lilgumba
    2009-10-21 21:11
    possibly but that might cost me some money.
  10. TheShinySword
    2009-10-19 16:56
    :<, any way you could get it shipped to a post office or something? :<

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