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Conversation Between totoum and Flower
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  1. Flower
    2014-07-17 23:50
    Face it! Hanayamata is great! And stop arguing!

    Seriously though - hafta agree. Sachi was my fave chara out of them all from the get go. "David" is like fingernails on a blackboard every time he shows up for me.

    You might check out Zankyo no Tokyo too, btw. I am really enjoying that one and would be interested to here what you think.

    Btw... Nozaki-kun anime is extremely well done and extremely funny, too. ^^
  2. Flower
    2014-01-01 00:54
    Y-you fiend!
  3. totoum
    2013-12-19 16:57
    late reply but thanks a lot for the creative birthday wish, love it
  4. Flower
    2013-12-13 07:12
  5. Flower
    2013-12-09 18:20

    Requests sent with ice cream bonbons get special attention.
  6. totoum
    2013-12-09 18:11
    Originally Posted by Flower View Post
    Say rather because no one sent a request to any of the mods to change it. Fortunately I took a look in here and just happened on people talking about it, so anyhoo - thread title edited. ^^
    Is this thread still in use or can we just use the report button?
  7. Flower
    2013-11-11 17:57
    Yes! Hikaru no Go is also quite good - and I also watched it at Enzo's recomendation, actually. ^^

    If you are at ep 28 of Erin then she has already done the initial taming of the beast-lord iirc. It sonly gets better from there!
  8. totoum
    2013-11-11 17:39
    long hiatius because I got spoiled something important and needed to wait until I forgot it,just started again last week,I'm on episode 28. I still somewhat remember that the last episode might depress me but can't remember why anymore!
    I watch it along with Hikaru no Go (Enzo's recommendation) , nothing in common between them apart from their greatness!
  9. Flower
    2013-11-11 17:23
    Btw ... how's kemono no souja erin coming? Where you ever able to actually finish the series up?
  10. Flower
    2013-11-09 16:36
    No problem, no problem.

    And tyvm!

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