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Conversation Between Dr. Casey and Hooves
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  1. Hooves
    2014-02-20 18:07
    I hope I answered your question.
  2. Dr. Casey
    2013-10-02 06:51
    Dr. Casey
    Excellent avatar, my son. Kanae is a miracle of the universe, and of Tamayura.
  3. Hooves
    2013-07-23 19:50
    It takes a good chat with Konakaga to stop me in my tracks.
  4. Dr. Casey
    2013-07-23 19:44
    Dr. Casey
    Good to see you in the Socialist group again
  5. Hooves
    2013-06-19 01:47
    Hopefully things will turn upwards after all the nonsense in the past.
  6. Dr. Casey
    2013-06-19 01:13
    Dr. Casey
    Happy belated birthday 19 was an okay year for me, hopefully it will be for yourself too.
  7. Hooves
    2013-04-17 17:56
    Thanks Dr. Casey.. I guess I just jumped to conclusions which is just me.
  8. Dr. Casey
    2013-04-17 17:51
    Dr. Casey
    So don't worry, I've never had anything even remotely approaching any kind of problem with you.
  9. Dr. Casey
    2013-04-17 17:46
    Dr. Casey
    Hm, I forget what I said to her... I checked our conversation, but it seems she deleted most of her old Visitor Messages? But nah, I couldn't possibly have been talking about you back then, because I still thought your relationship was perfect. I didn't know of any problems between you two until we spoke some in December.
  10. Hooves
    2013-04-17 17:35
    I see.. I've just been under the impression that you were disappointed in me because when I was sneaking around your VM when Sofiel was still here. It did seem like you were slandering someone with your talks with her. Being what happened between Sofiel and I made me spur on the thought that I was the target.

    Yeah... I do worry about her, The last time I've seen her was during summer break last year. I believe on the same day that her last activity said when she was looking for me. She even messaged me about the password to our shared youtube account so she could delete it.

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