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Conversation Between Dr. Casey and Demi.
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  1. Demi.
    2014-01-10 19:58
    Thanks for the Ririchiyou butt. I am quite fond of her and her butt.
  2. Dr. Casey
    2014-01-09 19:58
    Dr. Casey
    Happy birthday, Demi
    Hope you've had a great day~

    I'll follow Flavory's example and give you some Ririchiyo butt.

  3. Demi.
    2013-07-23 12:46
    Well, on one hand, I wouldn't mind being able to post again (because the members I had an issue with were also evicted), but on the other hand, nothing positive ever came from posting there. I only miss the image thread.

    That board already long since chased out the Nanoha fans who think like I do, and it's not particularly enjoyable to be ganged up on during every debate. Sure, Archon_Wing and TripleR help occasionally for reconnaissance, but that's all.

    And as you said, debating with Kaijo (And Nanya imo) is akin to debating with a brick wall.
  4. Dr. Casey
    2013-07-23 12:05
    Dr. Casey
    What. You were permanently evicted from the Nanoha forum for... rather levelheadedly debating someone? I get that the debate surrounding the Nanoha A's movie was an exceptionally long and drawn-out one, but I don't think rationally discussing an issue merits a ban at all, never mind a neverending one. Granted, some of the people that were evicted I didn't really mind them being so (Kaijo namely, since he's an impossibly stubborn person), but Demi-kun shouldn't be kicked out forever ;_;
  5. Demi.
    2013-07-23 01:37
    It's a permanent eviction, so it'll never end. :3
  6. Dr. Casey
    2013-07-23 00:37
    Dr. Casey
    Has your eviction from the Nanoha forum ended yet? It's been about four months... >_>

    *reads your exchange with Shinji* Derp. Never mind.
  7. Demi.
    2013-03-29 20:34
    Thanks for the support.

    It is unfortunate that my views are so different from the majority of posters there. Which always leads to me being painted as the bad guy. I don't ever lash out at other peoples favorite characters, and it's become a routine basis for them to do so. I generally keep to myself until the inevitable insults start getting thrown around. I wasn't even aware that a main character could hog the screen until I came to these sub forums (to be fair, it was much better a few years ago) and Fate or NanoFate are terrible examples of this new breed of "screen hogs."
  8. Dr. Casey
    2013-03-29 20:15
    Dr. Casey
    Originally Posted by Triple
    Don't give in to them, Demi. Your position is perfectly reasonable.
    Yeah, it's actually always confused me how the people on the Nanoha forum always call you an unbudging Fate fag that can't be reasoned with; you've always struck me as being perfectly fair and reasonable, if not one of the least hardheaded posters there - it's not as though the other Nanoha regulars have a stellar track record for changing their minds. Honestly, I think they just don't like your opinions (that is, they diverge from the forum's borderline hivemind), so expressing them at all is expressing them 'too much.'
  9. Dr. Casey
    2013-02-15 04:10
    Dr. Casey
    I love Archon's sole contribution to that thread.

    I think that Yozora is most definitely a bitch, and that those who think she's just trying to be kind to Sena are seriously mistaken; but she's a funny bitch, and the fact that she's kind of angry and rotten inside makes her interesting and relatable. I love drama, angst, and generally dark and miserable things in stories, so I'm not the kind of person to hate a character that drives much of the conflict - they're often my favorite type.

    If you mean which one I'd be interested in romantically... Yozora's a cool girl, but I'm not attracted to her. Sena is hot, busty, passionate and emotional (one of the main draws to me in a girl and potential romantic partner), and since she likes anime and videogames we'd have hobbies in common too. That guy at the hero show a few episodes ago might've been mistaken in thinking Sena was a mother, but if I was in Kodaka's place, she already would be knocked up. Tap that ass already, Kodaka.
  10. Demi.
    2013-02-15 04:03
    I am, although the hilariously dumb character brawl going on over there is what brought me there.

    ...And you (or I...) can thank Archon_wing for that.

    So which side are you on? Conceited meat or jealous bitch.

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