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Conversation Between Evil Rick and ganbaru
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  1. Evil Rick
    2012-10-14 00:36
    Evil Rick
    Thank you! :3
  2. ganbaru
    2012-10-13 21:43
    Happy Birthday!
  3. Evil Rick
    2011-10-13 17:38
    Evil Rick
    Thankyou very much! :3
  4. ganbaru
    2011-10-13 04:40
    Happy Birthday!
  5. Evil Rick
    2010-06-02 00:47
    Evil Rick
    Sorry gambaru, the art at my sig is not mine, the artist is named Dr Comet, I'm not good drawing horses
  6. Evil Rick
    2010-05-18 12:04
    Evil Rick
    Yes, he has some good pics. But you need stomach to tolerate most of his works, I pass.
  7. ganbaru
    2010-05-18 06:47
    It isn't than I like or not his work, but than the picture fitted the best the quote.
    It's a good artist but what he choose to draw isn't always of my taste.
  8. Evil Rick
    2010-05-17 23:37
    Evil Rick
    Didn't knew you liked the art of s zenith lee. (Points at avy & sig)
  9. Evil Rick
    2009-03-02 00:52
    Evil Rick
    Well, in your avy looks like a rupture of a relationship in a very "don't leave me!!!" way.
  10. ganbaru
    2009-03-02 00:48
    Thank for the answer.
    BTW, you have no idea how much you are right for the drama part but the ''romantic'' part I am not sure of it. Depend of what you qualifie as romantic.

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