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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-21 00:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Yep, all of it. I imagine Wheeljack will be one of them since it doesn't make sense to just have him show up just the once.

    It made it feel a whole lot more random yes and I like that they also had an explanation for why energon was on Earth. I suppose so and she does appear to have gotten slightly better.

    I'll have to be on the lookout for that one. I'd recommend it and it's actually by Greg Weisman, who was also the creator and showrunner of Gargoyles and Young Justice. And was also cancelled after the second season despite having plans for a lot more. Seriously, that guy has the worst luck despite being so talented. Yeah, if he could keep those in check I'd imagine he'd be so much more happy and successful. Maybe he should take a chapter out of Soundwave's look as he seems to be doing quite well where he is. I guess it is hard to buy him ever becoming buddy buddy with them all.

    I haven't gotten much farther on that one due to work, but am near the end of Pluto at least and quite enjoying it thus far. It's rather sad how a full movie production is completely shown up by an animated series made with 90's CG tech, but at least we got something good out of it. Haven't gotten to it yet and it may be a while as I'm trying to avoid juggling too many things.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-21 00:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Same here as I actually have series that will be going most of the year. Oh? I'm not familiar with that show. Do you recommend? It doesn't seem too prevalent as yet and as mentioned, some at least seem to know how to use it well with the hand drawn. Ah, such beautiful work that we just don't see anymore. Probably so, but who can say how entertainment will change in the future? Agreed, moving on.

    Well, at least there are other things to keep us occupied and the time between releases should help a little with the wait I suppose. And that's not even factoring in how long a series like this is likely to be...I sometimes hate that about monthly series.

    Seems to be a talent of his at any rate. I was surprised when I read that since it's actually pretty different to have your protagonist be a guy starting to get to middle age. That it doesn't, though he wouldn't be much of an opponent if he couldn't put up some kind of a fight. Could be worse I suppose. Could make for some entertaining scenes at any rate, but it doesn't feel like it would make sense at this time with the situation going on. Yes, for the greater good and good soldiers are expected to make sacrifices.

    It wouldn't surprise me if some of those in charge end up getting themselves killed to further him along on that path. What the cadets take from observing Bernd in action like this should be something to see as well along with their own experiences they'll have. Learning from one another would seem a hopeful outcome or more visionaries, perhaps like Bernd if it is right to call him that. There is that at least and hopefully it is something substantial.

    Exactly and while it's hard to say how much of an effect the cadets' performance will have on this, it'll be one more factor that could help them in this area. True enough. The success of those projects certainly are something that could help his influence and standing with them all. Hard to say in the end I guess, and I do hope it gives some kind of interesting development or hints towards one.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-20 23:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Gah, word count again.

    There is that I suppose, but then it'll be one more year probably with hopefully no big delays. It's hilarious to me that the main series ended almost five years to ago and it'll be seven in the end by the time this is over. Very much so, especially when we see knightmares we saw in the original series moving in ways we never saw before. That's the best kind of use for it I think and that Majestic Prince show is also doing a decent job of using cg for the machines in a way that isn't too intrusive I think. They're the lead characters in a Code Geass story. Suffering is all they can know :P But yeah, I'd definitely prefer a good ending for these two with Akito perhaps not being set on dying.

    Same. Didn't have the same charm in the end, which lost my interest. Well, I suppose there wasn't any other way in the end. It's certainly much more interesting thus far, I can say that much.

    A good conclusion is all I hope for. Sorry, sorry. I just try not to build myself up too much anymore.

    They seem to be betting a lot on it from what I've heard and it really would be nice to start seeing some DC to counteract Marvel. I love both, but would like some more new adaptations. So long as he doesn't drop the ball with a project, I imagine that will continue. What I'm unclear on is whether they have plans to tie these TV projects like Arrow into it all. They apparently are planning another live WW show, but that seems like it would conflict with a movie for the character if they did that. I think I want an Aquaman and Flash feature most of all, though Aquaman seems like it would be easier than Flash in my mind. They are certainly the easiest to adapt out of their staple of choices, but as much as I love them I dearly want to see others.

    Yeah, I might wait for word of mouth on it, but Watch Dogs is definitely what has my eye now. I actually like how under wraps this whole thing has been in regards to story thus far.

    There is a lot of evidence pointing to that rumor of it having become FFXV to being true and I do have much more faith in the staff on that game as opposed to those on XIII. Speaking of XIII, what bugs me most is that the mythology shared by all the XIII games is actually rather interesting with the other games aside from XIII showcasing it in a much more interesting way I think. But anyway, I actually would like to have Versus and XV, perhaps based on that tech demo they've showed off so long as Toriyama isn't involved with it.

    I imagine we'll see LR before Versus, but just seeing some new footage of the latter with perhaps a season and year of release would be fantastic. Hell, I'd love to hear something about Type-0, whether it be an online release or a Vita remake since impressions I've make it sound right up my alley. I'm actually looking forward to those HD remasters as for one we're getting the Final Mix editions and it'd be nice to replay those.

    She does seem to like them though she has her issues. I showed her the Spoony reviews of it recently and she actually agreed with the vast majority of that guy's complaints. I'm actually planning on replaying the old PSOne games as I thought back and realized that despite owning them, I don't believe I actually did proper playthroughs of any of them. Do you have a favorite or least favorite of the series by any chance?

    Those are the shooters I make exceptions for as well as I find the experience typically much more engrossing. You hadn't seen it till now? Probably for the better as having seen that made me wish it was out sooner. Liking the look of things thus far and I love that Robert Carlyle is back as he's much more hammy and entertaining as Drac!Gabriel. Yeah, there was something off about it and I definitely agree that the change of character and venue is a positive one and hope to see actual gameplay at E3.

    Sorry about splitting that up by the way.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-20 23:13
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed we should Great to see they got the whole game cast as well.

    Oh, I hadn't noticed the new one. I'm a little behind after the second game honestly. I wonder if they might move to the PS4 with future games, though I suppose the PS3 will be the norm for a while.

    Edit: Saw this:

    Really liking the new guy from the looks of it and hey, we get Yuki too! Though I don't know if he plays too differently from his other incarnation.

    Usually they are, though I've seen some unique examples where the anime only takes some of the basis and characters, but constructs a completely different plotline right from the start. I suppose the first FMA anime could be considered an example of that when I think about it. Indeed, sometimes it can work for the anime to cut the fat as it were and ending there for SAO seems the best. Shounen Anime don't seem to run into this sort of problem as often since many of them are long runners although that of course isn't the norm, but those qualities are the same ones I look at as well when it comes to adaptations. I saw a few episodes on Toonami, but not very much. I may check it out at a later time though as I did like the overall design of the series and what I did see was interesting. Any in particular that spring to mind? I kind of wish that perhaps they'd just adapt enough, leave off, and have a sequel series down the line when there is more material to work with, which I seem to recall a few series doing. I could certainly go with less harem and incest shows, I can tell you that.

    Well, we do seem to have again headed into darker waters with some this most recent episodes, which I suppose was bound to come and doing so at the mid point makes sense. I only read it from someone who had seen a comment by them so I cannot confirm, but I have a real hard time seeing this being a tragedy as it simply doesn't fit with their comments on what they wanted to do with this series. At best, I can see Ledo dying or leaving with maybe a return down the line. I really think there's something going on here since the Hideauze or Whalesquid as the Gargantians seem to know it as, appears to be something they are familiar with so I don't think Ledo brought it with him. It's far too contrived that there are two similar species that humanity has contact with so there's some sort of explanation there that I think is linked to the ruins of Humanity. I hadn't looked at it from that perspective, but that does make sense given what was going on there. I really am pulling for Ledo and Amy though. They even had what could amount to their first fight here. I also like the attention to detail with Ledo's skin having tanned a bit from his exposure to sunlight.

    Is that a Valvrave dig I see? I do think you can only play that conflict for so long before it does start to get a little old, but with what they've touched on in some of the previous series and then with this one where you have individuals who are sick of both sides in a way, it works. It'd certainly be interesting to see where they could take it from here as I think it could be kind of cool to see perhaps a series maybe focusing not so much on war but on both sides dealing with terms of peace or something like that.

    Garden of Sinners short? I felt some of the movies went on a bit too long at times myself, but yeah it sort of left something to be desired in a lot of cases. The F/S Night anime is a butchering really, but you really shouldn't ever expect a happy ending from Type-Moon works. There's only one ending where Saber actually lives in the games and that's a threesome thing with Rin as well, which isn't a bad deal for Shirou I suppose. Fate/Zero was a fantastic adaptation, despite being depressing as all hell. I don't think there was a fighting game with Garden, though there was one that had characters from it. And of course we now have that adaptation just as we were discussing it Same here though perhaps there are times when they overuse the same VAs even if they are good. Good lord, I can't imagine how expensive that would be, but yes the subbing job on that series was fantastic.

    That is a turning point and I really do want to learn more about these people as well as the hint that there are a lot more of them. But in a show like this there is going to be those kind of sacrifices and all you can hope for is that we don't lose too many. They all depend on one another and those three do deserve it far more than anyone else I agree. I'm not even sure they are taunting honestly since most of them seem rather mindless or like infants, but it is certainly damn unsettling. I'll laugh if they don't know much either, but recent events imply they know something and at this point any info would be nice to have. Yes, back to the grave with it.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-20 15:40
    Ssssswwwweeeetttttt, we should be licensing agents for anime Dann

    Edit: Fun tidbit for the new game while we're talking about BlazBlue Dann, the new character Kagura Mutsuki is voiced by the same guy as Holland. Gonna be an awesome game when it finally comes out
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-20 02:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Speak of the devil:

    Arc System Works also appears to be returning to Guilty Gear and the initial trailer looks beautiful.

    Will have responses up tomorrow
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 22:42
    Heh, good to hear, you got to see the rest of the 5 part opener though right? Oh yeah, I can tell you that much though the increases are only incremental unfortunately.

    It was a good twist I felt, and helped fortify that link between Earth and Cybertron. Eh, got to have one character who instigates stuff unfortunately, but yeah I've generally been happy with the Human cast for the most part

    No surprise to me, though I've come to really like this one character with a well-known voice who comes later myself Huh, never saw him, haven't seen many spider-man things since the Edge of Time video-game to be honest. Oh yeah, definitely do agree with you on that part, though to be fair he often seems to mess himself up more often then not due to his arrogance and weak spine (which hardly engenders any sense of loyalty) Oh I have no doubt that sooner or later Starscream would have been back to his old backstabbing tricks and gotten kicked out regardless if he had joined or not, he's really not worth the trouble and fits in even less with the Autobots then the Decepticons given his ambition

    Still, moving on from Transformers how's Roughnecks going for you, are you liking it so far and what do you think of the characters and story overall. Much better am I right? No more Federation hacks, we're riding with SICON now my friend. And did you finish up with Reboot btw?
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 22:23
    Gah, I'm probably going to go back to anime full time after Korra and Prime are finished, the only exception I'll make will by Kaijudo and that'll be it now, just because of this mess. Don't remind me, but hopefully Japanese conservative culture will actually work in our favor to keep CG from running as rampant as it has here in the U.S... God, now a days I go back and watch pirated old disney movies like the Lion King just so I can get some nostalgia back Yeah, well, I don't imagine it'll be quite in ime to do us any good, but hopefully someone learns so that future generations don't have to suffer like we have. Gah, let's get off that depressing topic

    True that, and it'll likely be another month before the next chapter comes out from egscans, much less a new volume from Japan at this rate, which we can only HOPE is near the end of this year in the fall...

    Oh no doubt, stuff is just going to happen, but I think he'll be able to adapt for the most part either way. He's like 28 according to one of those extra information pages last I remember, so they should be around there as well. Well, just judging by that preview picture I don't imagine it goes to well for him and his cavalry happy troops Bah, if they stick to a GOOD schedule it'll be another two months unfortunately, not that I can blame them for taking their time while they have to wait for volume 5 as well Yeah, but I'm glad, I don't know how comfortable I'd be with him visiting such places now while Helmut's around and there's a small possibility something could come from that angle. Hey, if it helps keep him alive it's all to the good

    A very good point, and an indication that I hope Bernd get's a bit more authority soon to be able to better exercise that independence soon. Like they say, in hardship is opportunity, let's see what Bernd makes of it Oh yeah, makes me think Baselland isn't the only country that could use a shake-up of new ways of thinking now either Well at the very least that bit is in the next chapter, so hopefully it won't be too long before we learn about it.

    Well, the critical part of the story now is to try and change that mindset, both within and without Baselland to where the people can take a more prominent role in the International Stage. Yes and no I suppose, since I imagine that working relationship with Bernd will prove just as helpful in raising his profile as it will Ryner. Got to change that mindset, hopefully the railroad and its benefits become evident enough to start changing their views on Ryner just a bit, along with other new industrial introductions along the way. Helping to throwback Holback will no doubt go a long way... maybe I suppose, well I'll just wait to see how this next chapter translates, it might surprise me and prove very informative, but it'll likely be the only one for awhile given the war so I can endure it in that case.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 21:53
    True that <_<

    Yeah... well hopefully Man of Steel puts a bit of confidence back into DC again, especially with Marvel eating up all the movie advertisements. He certainly has the credibility to do whatever he wants at this point Me too, I just don't think it'd work, not with the way things are now in any event (If they could do a good adaptation for ANY of the other heroes like Aquaman or Wonderwoman then I'd have more confidence) so at this rate I think they might just want to focus on Superman and Batman....

    Indeed, Indeed, well I might check in once or twice to see if how exactly its all supposed to work now with Desmond gone and the ending the way it was, but for the most part I'm ready to move on as well and hopefully Watchdog will be the first step in helping us do that. If they stick to what they've shown so far, then Versus will be fine, especially when it comes in comparison to XIII, that said if SONY does help it'll all be to the good then. God I hope Noctis comes out before Lightening does, hopefully XIII-2 will have knocked some sense into them to move away from that for awhile... ah well, at least we have Kingdom Hearts Dann >_> Heh, good luck to her then, try to make sure it doesn't scar her from trying Versus if it ever does come out Dann I always make exceptions for RPG shooting games myself, which Metro falls under, like Fallout. Yeah, I'm more encouraged now after just looking at the second trailer for LOS2 (can't believe I missed it for 5 months ) Oh me too, I was always kind of iffy on Infamous 2 myself so it'll be good to get a fresh start with some new powers and gameplay, plus it being set in Seattle is interesting to me whose used to seeing most settings in major metropolis' and the like.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 19:44
    Same here.

    Well, hopefully the manga versions do in fact give us a little bit more in any event. Which is fine for novels I guess, but for an anime it's all about pace and while many anime's end too quickly others might just go on for too long, so yeah, good call with SAO, but moving on. For me, it's largely about comparing the length/budget of the anime verses the manga, depending on how long they both run is whether or not I feel they'd be able to do an adaptation justice. Dang Dann, you missed out, it's a very somber and bittersweet series but definitely something you've got to watch at least once.... I feel the same way, but I've also seen so many anime versions that just ruin the whole experience for me as well, so that's why I'm cautious nowadays unless the series is really popular and will this generate the viewership to give it the necessary number of episodes. I think so as well, but we could definitely use a few new ones to freshen things up a bit.

    Not is they went in after seeing the promotions, which were very clear about where the series was going, and the ending of episode 1 should have disabused them of that pretty quickly. Uh, white-gray huh? So generally good with some moral-ambiguity/bitter-sweetness involved? About what I should have expected, especially with the Hideazue making an appearance last episode, though in what context is still to be determined. I felt the same way as well, now it's a question of was this all one of those tragic misunderstandings in a war that could have been avoided? I thought so, I actually made an observation of that on the forums about how I thought the disjointed fanservice of the first dance was supposed to represent the turmoil and confusion of Ledo during that tense atmosphere in the restaurant.

    Bah, those are probably just the whiners that complained about too much Zeon and would have been happy if the new enemy were space vampires <_< Oh I agree it's not always for the better, but I certainly won't complain if they do eventually do it to all U.C works set after Unicorn in this particular case Only ever watched the anime series, and it was too short in my view for what they were going for, left me as unsatisfied as I was with Fate/Stay Night, though that was mostly cause I wanted a happy Saber ending. Still didn't Garden a great fighting game either though. Oh I know it'll have it's issues, but I really do believe it'll make a better adaptation then most. Heck I'd be okay with an OVA style release if that's what it takes. Which is why I wish Funimation to Live long and Prosper Oh yeah, I'm definitely not counting on that, which is fine since I think the sub groups did a pretty damn good job for the most part, I'm certainly not going to complain about not needing to shell out for 150 episodes plus OVA's and movies

    Maybe, but now we've got enemies with real faces and personalities to them, likely with tragic back stories, so it's going to hurt no matter who might win at this rate. That'd be bad in my book given how dependent his friend and adopted sister are of him, and if anyone deserved a happy ending after everything they've gone through it's Eren. Eh, I might have been okay with it if it wasn't for those stupid grins on the Titan's faces mocking them at every turn, that type of taunting makes me want to rip the veil of secrecy behind them that much more. but like I said I'm looking forward to hearing the full story about the Titans from the horses mouth in this case. Not surprising, so putting Seed Destiny back in the grave.... I'll get to commenting about that in my fourth post then.

    Hey, least we'll have final episode of Unicorn to go with it <_< That's exaclty what I think, and much as the action can be good I just find some of the mecha designs really awkward here as well. Yeah, but it'ls a nice, seamless blend used to supplement the hand drawn art as is the case with Unicorn, there's no overuse for beyond what it's supposed to do like in illustrating the NT-D system. Gah, that'd be pretty dang sad and such a waste too, nobody will care about them after that and ask what the point of the OVA was, at least give them their own story and ending <_<

    Yeah well, good points or not I just got really tired of it after that. And thus a tragic Shakespearean ending for him unfortunately Which is why I said you needed to watch Roughnecks, remind you what the heart of the story is and scrub your mind of all that other junk. Alright, will get back to you on Prime in later posts.

    Gah, don't remind me... well, hopefully they managed to get one animated movie deal or something at the very least if the episodes aren't enough <_< Bah, don't jinx us!! Well, until the series actually starts I suppose we'll put that aside for now.

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