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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 13:24
    Dann of Thursday
    I’d honestly be up for a flashback sequence showing all of that old team in a combat scenario. I suppose it may depend on how much will affect the usage of it so if she’s all shaken and such it may have an effect on all aspects of her combat abilities. I’d sort of like to see if there are ways to further train up semblance usage for new tricks. We’ve seen a few and Weiss’s is one that’s naturally growing but hasn’t reached its peak. Yes, the mystery thing has worked so far but we’re getting to where more info would be good. Yes, we only got a brief glimpse of him this season.

    Ah, that could be it. I’m trying to remember, but did they have destination in mind or just going out to search for answers anywhere?

    Never did that myself or saw any reason to so I guess that’s why I’m coming at this like this. Eh, camping out was actually frowned upon and was a huge complication with the panel last year since it was in the hotel and so many people grouped together was actually creating a fire hazard. Not sure what they’ll do to correct it this year. Still weighing my options. Never done that sort of thing really, but at least it is free.

    That’s true given the lack of control. Yeah, at this point we kind of have to see it since it would be pretty bad to have him die and then still have them fail to make it.

    It’s more of a smaller scale thing compared to BvS after all so I’m about the same way. Yes, though the American accent threw me a bit. I really hope they do and go full crazy on everything with it and start introducing characters like Dormammu or Shuma-gorath. Perhaps, though I worry it’s not exactly helping it stand out enough. Yeah, there’s a sort of goofy nostalgic feeling with it all. Actually, looking into it more, it seems there was some major lawsuit that outright forced them to stop dubbing and lost the rights or something. That and one or two small arcs are about the only positives I can recall seeing from what I did look over. I’m not so sure it’ll be anytime soon unless something drastic happens to force their hands.

    I think it could be nice to give more time with the actual combat, but I’m good either way. Yeah, this is a nice little addition and I’m curious if they might take this approach with future FF games. From what I’ve read, they’re planning to do just that and we’ll just learn about the invasion when they do. There’s also that the graphics are very different between the two mediums as I haven’t gotten the impression we have CG cutscenes for the game. I believe that shot is when they arrive back at the city to see its state after learning the news and before going out to gather the summons and such. Maybe, but it comes across like weird miscommunication unless she didn’t know Noctis was coming down to see her. Perhaps, but it makes for a weird difference when looking at both. Tutorial section? It seems a good one to pick since you could also attach some neat special effect like it can cause explosions or something when you strike with it.

    Seemed nice though still a bit odd in places, but that could just be to not having the full range of options. Yeah, managed to pick one up at a local Gamestop.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-04-28 13:55
    Dann of Thursday
    You’d sort of think just looking at the script they had might have clued them into it not being workable. Yeah, they just released a trailer ( and it’s quite disappointing compared to other entries from them. I certainly will, though I’m currently on a diet that’s going to go till around mid-May so it’ll be a little while before I can explore again. I’ll definitely give updates when I can though as I’ve been building a list. True, I’m fine with just drinking something else in situations like that. Hmm, if something like that pops up perhaps I’ll give it a look then.

    It is a tad weird seeing the show like this given how used to the original format I am. Oh, hadn’t realized another had come out though not surprised with the lack of details given how short this series is overall.

    I think it does get some of the same criticism in Japan it’s just that more people there like it. I know some of the voice actors for one have issues with it like Shinn’s VA preferring the way they fixed the plot of Destiny in one of the Super Robot Wars games. Was able to get through them finally. Ein was pretty damn scary like that and poor Gaelio, he really was a Garma. I’m not sure how I feel on them chickening out on killing characters on Tekkadan’s side since they looked like they got straight up killed. Mika and them are really going down a dark path here and I imagine it will only get worse from here on. That said, we’ve seen a major shift and Fareed made major strides in his operations too. I feel like things are heading into us seeing a major war between all the blocs potentially, but perhaps that’s part of Fareed’s plan too. To step in with his newly reformed Gjhallarhorn to quell things. And what’s going on with Mika certainly isn’t good to the point that I imagine he could end up like Ein or something similar. Like his mind largely being in the Gundam. It’s almost like they’re one upping Setsuna with the “I am Gundam” stuff.

    They make for fun little things to display and I find them fun to build too so I don’t think you could go wrong. The western ones are pretty cool but some like Nomura Batman were a bit much for me.

    That would make more sense, yes. That’s fair and I imagine they’d probably seek to avoid him being able to do anything of the sort if they could. Yes, it’s a good source of drama and Soma would of course hate every minute of it unless he gets brainwashed or something (wouldn’t actually think that would happen though). I do wonder if he might be able to make a point even in losing in that a dish like what he created could never exist in the world Central envisions given they don’t really allow for creativity and experimentation.

    I’ll have to take a look at it then. Probably, though I admit I don’t know all that goes into what decides if a series gets a sequel or not. I thought it had a lot to do with DVD/Blu-Ray sales but not sure if that’s all there is to it. She could definitely use it though I’m not sure there is too much there beyond what we’ve seen. I think she came down because she was curious but bummed off of Hephaestus until she met Bell. That’s good to hear at least since it’s always interesting to see a series get cut off due to bad sales though I’m not sure how frequently that happens nowadays. Was the anime a fairly faithful adaptation because I could always watch that and then transition at the break off point? That’s pretty damn strange especially with the mascot character. Not sure what the thought process there is. Sounds interesting though with stories like this I almost prefer to just wait till it’s complete so as not to catch up and end up having to pause in the middle of a battle until the next chapter comes out. I’m curious why they went ahead with something that looks like it’s the full series given the prequel nature, but hopefully it will turn out well. The animation looks nice at least and I wouldn’t mind if this led to a full series.

    Steampunk zombies is certainly an interesting concept despite finding zombies as a whole somewhat tiresome nowadays. Haven’t heard too much about Delta though that viewpoint almost sounds like the recommended one to take with that franchise at all times.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-04-26 20:49
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, though sometimes you start feeling like youíre getting behind and want to continue on to the next thing soon. Thatís whatís nice about games that are a bit shorter than some of these that you can invest up to a hundred hours completing.

    Plenty of time to work it out so I think you should be fine. I suppose itís just a matter of determining who to leave out in both paths then by choosing who you like the least and you already have Conquest down it seems.

    Eh, I donít know if Iíd count on that necessarily. I may do something shorter and lighter before diving deep into FE given how many hours Iím guessing will go into that. I also want to tackle the demo for Bravely Second since completing it can give you some nice starting bonuses for the main game. And once XV comes around Iíll just have to pause everything whether Iím finished or not. I know Iíll probably at least get the gold and exp dlc just because it makes it a bit easier down the line though given alternate ways to get skills and the level cap Iíll have to approach things in a different way. In all the old handheld FEs I just stuck with what their main class was but that was sort of before here where thereís so much variance in what they can be. I can also appreciate not having so much freedom and maybe just having one or two options.

    Never seen that happen though Iím not sure at what point I could expect those sorts of problems to start springing up in mine. I really need to get one of those really big externals to just put everything on. Maybe try one of those password programs that store it all? Iíve been meaning to try one of those myself. Iíve spent so much time at Ikea lately, but now Iím pretty much done thankfully.

    Only about a month and a half before we see what direction theyíre going to go in. And Iíve heard some mixed things on that one but it seems to vary from person to person. I donít think the idea for that was quite in this way since this is all new, but then I donít remember exactly when they talked about that. Fat chance of that ever happening as I doubt either cares enough to entertain the idea. And even then, re-mastering a game like that would be pretty doubtful I think. At best you could maybe see it get released as is as a port. Iím not sure one guy at Microsoft (high up admittedly) speaks to popularity so much as just being logical to bring over what Xbox exclusives they had. Actually sales of the system are beginning to trail off and even with the upgrade the system is starting to show its age in several respects.

    Edit: Scratch that on Nintendo. Announced today that the NX won't be shown at E3 but revealed later in the year apparently and is set to release around March 2017. Only playable game for them will be the new Zelda which is also not coming out till 2017 and will be on Wii U and NX.

    Itís always possible but I think how it and XV perform will determine things quite a bit. Demand is the key thing with a project like that as well. Well, I mean you could pretty much just figure everyone was fine so it never really bothered me. Not like it had an ending like Drakengard or something, which is pretty much just bad things happening all over.

    I imagine theyíll be enough to tide things over until the next major thing or at least they would if they were smart. Maybe something will come out of E3 though I donít know if they have any track record of announcing stuff there.

    Picked up BS as I found a good deal but itís on the back burner for now. Never did play the first Banner Saga but heard good things. Heard a bit about Gothic but not much and of course I know about Starfox.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-24 15:48
    Hopefully that includes some action scene from him as well Other then the obvious impediment of no longer being hit something with her right arm I don't see why it should. I think people's patience might be stretched too thin if they have to wait ANOTHER season to see Raven after being teased in Volume 2. And I hope they do, there's so much more light about our villains that need to be shed after all. I look forward to seeing said new locations as well. Not only them but others as well, like Penny's father since Weiss can be our eyes and ears in Atlas.

    I think she was primarily motivated by jealousy over Cinder having him around long-term, since she didn't seem to have a problem hiring his dad initially. Indeed. You're probably right, especially for this season where we'll likely meet many new characters on the Teams various travels as well.

    But my point is most people immediately latched on to Ruby as a candidate primarily because it seemed she was being singled out as someone very special. Ah, glad to hear that's solved, best be prepared to go super early and camp out on line if need be though, you should probably think about picking up souvenirs if that's the only booth you're headed to in order to make the trip worthwhile. Keep me posted on what you decide. Depends on the production (and the guest actors) along with the time of the year, some shows are more popular then others so it isn't always necessary but if I want to absolutely guarantee a ticket (short of Al Pacino starring) then cold cobblestone pavement I'll be sleeping on. The price you pay for free stuff I guess, good thing there's mosquito repellent

    Eh, you can't really make a plan around such a random variable as the serum is right now, so this was the most logical decision, if cold blooded. True, though I was expecting Erwin not to make it it still makes his send off more meaningful. At the very least we can hopefully carry on and see what's down there in his stead.

    True, I'm not as anxious given the concept about SS as I was BvS anyway. And that's why Marvel's still the safest bet, especially with Benedict Cumberbatch as the star Indeed, Dr. Strange is a fascinating new direction that could take us into all sorts of places, so here's hoping they capitalize on that. Something to keep in mind, moving on. Eh, L&O's brand reached an absurd high that'll take a while longer to reach its low, but let's not worry ourselves about its eventual fall, so moving on. I thought Warcraft's marketing was okay, I saw the typical ads on the subways sometimes and youtube went on a blitz with commercials about it whenever a trailer comes out, seems to have died down for now but I expect attention to pick back up as we get closer to the official release. Admittedly those early dubs had some cheesy lines, but as before I prefer real cheesy excitement compared to unenthusiastic restraint in line delivery Yup, they cut off the concluding Arc to debut Zexal faster the idiots, and I personally kept going with 5D's after the first major arc ended to see more YuseixAki. One of them will break rank sooner or later I imagine, you can't stop progress in the end, you can only delay it, just have to be patient in any event.

    Huh, have to look those up some time. It'll be nice if they do but not a big deal if it doesn't what with the official release coming up. Indeed, and hopefully we'll learn more about what happened with him in the next episode. But as I referred to before not everyone will see Kingsglaive, so some scenes and the like have to be shown to give an idea to the audience what is going on, plus I could have sword I saw Noctis and co in the trailers look up as the airships passed by them and headed toward the capital. As for Luna maybe she arrived secretly, or was going to meet up with Noctis officially after the 'negotiations' were over. Eh, I chalk that up along with the Kingsglaive VA's as part of the their English marketing strategy, especially as this is supposed to be a global release after all. That'd certainly be cool if true but wouldn't that conflict with the tutorial section of child Noctis trying out his powers? Hell yeah, I'd look forward to it, especially given how Squall's Gunblade is the most notorious after Cloud's Buster Sword in the franchise.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, you ever get a chance to try the new OS out let me know your thoughts. I think I've seen them appear a couple of times there, but as you say there's always Gamestop as well if that doesn't pan out.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-22 22:37
    Always happy to help. Sunk cost fallacy, they realized too late it was unmanageable and had no time/resources to start from scratch so they just pushed forward regardless. That is a shame, TT vs. JL was pretty good and I was hoping DC Animated would continue that trend. Cool, let me know your impressions when you get a chance to explore I've never cared much for beer period, but those aren't the point of social events anyway Hah! Anytime there's a free wine tasting or a vineyard tour I get pulled along more often then not by my sister, though it's not a bad hobby/experience, given wine's diversity you're bound to find a vintage/type that you like

    They new intro and outro music is starting to grow on me actually, can't wait to rewatch Full Frontal's entry. Oh, Thunderbolt episode 3 came out, good stuff all around and the pacing while not as detailed as the manga is actually melding fairly well, with a nice teaser for the final conclusion soon.

    Bah, I'll stick to the U.S fans complaints/grumblings about the entire Seed franchise to the end <_< So we wait and see until anything new comes up on an Orphan spin-off then, moving on. Understandable, I'll look to hearing your thoughts on the finale then and where you think Orphans might go from here

    I'll keep it in the back of my mind in case I ever want to decorate when I fully own my own place in any event. I've always liked them, not like western heroes' costumes weren't always eccentric, this just takes it in a different direction Keep me posted.

    I don't think that's Azami's actual plan, it really isn't feasible as you say since lower restaurants serve a specific niche, my thinking is that he's looking to set a food trend/standard that other restaurants have to adapt to or become obsolete and run out of business on their own, ala Eizan's involvement in the Kaarage Arc. Doesn't seem feasible Soma could reform anything since Eishi is reducing him to being merely his sous-chef. I kind of hope that happens cause it'd be an interesting twist to have Soma be the 'villain' for awhile and force someone like Erina to step up as the protagonist to face/rescue him. Still, as of the last chapter at least Soma looks like he'll go down swinging. Too bad no release next week though. Hopefully we should have a LOT to talk about in the next segment of this post though.

    I've had no complaints about the Dungeon manga in that respect. Bah, more budgeting/bureaucracy/fear of risk on studios' parts probably, they'll likely dust off the moth balls for sequel seasons only if they get desperate or something I should look at Hestia's wikia page to be sure, but if they really go down her romantic route I do hope they flesh her out a bit more at some point. Yup, and with that let's move on from Dungeon. Shield seemed to sell well, at least based on what I've experienced in one store anyway, so I think it'll be fine as long as the company publishing it sticks around. Definitely recommend you check out Yona at some point, it's part of my top 4 fantasy historical romance series along with Soredemo, Akagami, and Ookami-heika, though it's a long commitment given the number of chapters. Yeah, seriously just stick to the Twin Stars manga, they've added a filler episode despite only having 12 for this season AND some weird mascot character that's not even in the manga Actually, hold off on all the series I've recommended so far, THIS is the one you need to read ASAP, Altair is a alternate history fantasy story with politics and intrigue that probably surpasses Arslan and I was so hooked I caught up within a day, this is a series to drop everything else for Dann. It feels like it right, but they've only got 3 OVAs to work with, so I wonder how far they can go with that.

    And I really safely vouch for that and more, the visual effects are some of the superb I've seen so far. Well, that works for me as I'm in no rush to dive in to it just yet. I think it will be, along with being a nice change of pace, plus I've recently caught up with Macross Delta, it's actually a pretty fun watch so long as you're not taking it too seriously.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-19 21:25
    Until winter then.

    That's a privilege you need to enjoy when it comes to owning your games after all True, though I'm not going to look for anything too fancy, just the info regarding what'll unlock the full/as much of the story experience as possible at that time. Same, best to have just a few choice titles to help us unwind whenever necessary instead That's what I'm counting on.

    Might be awhile before we get all the alternatives so tepidly it'll be on Jakob, though a part of me is still reserving her as my backup for Corrin as well, but we'll see. Arrgh, I can't, not with the uneven balance of males to females, especially among the children, as is (I'm SEVERELY tempted to with Conquest though given I'm not a big fan of Leo's son Forrest ).

    As I said take notes on what you think works best, what guides proved the most helpful, since you'll likely finish before I even start, or at least get through a good chunk. Same with which DLC you think might be most worthwhile to get, appreciate any help you can give. Gah, I hated that, not that I dislike the option but when it feels like the game compels you to do a lot of class switching, I was always one of those guys who preferred for the game to designate the jobs/classes of my party members for me beforehand <_<

    Happened in the last year and a half before it finally shut down, in its last few months it would even repeatedly shut down/crash on its own and I had to reboot constantly. The laptops been, better though still not as good as it once was, I kind of left the data cleaning for awhile truth be told, and I'm still afraid to do anything of the sort on my main browser for fear of losing things like passwords and the like which are a pain to retype all the time >_> Hah, I know that feeling having constructed the shelves and chairs my sister uses now (thank god for Ikea ) but you should free up some time to relax once the pieces have all been finished.

    Exactly, just meat and potatoes with access to titles and genres everyone would be interested in, not just your own exclusives. Most likely and so far the only thing I can look forward to from them in the here and now is Starfox this month. I won't get too worked up whether it happens right away or not, don't watch much if any Blue-ray stuff as is. I'm not surprised, though I thought Microsoft's whole thing with the Xbox was trying to make it as customizable as a PC? And why I wish LO's rights were bought for Sony since they WOULD make a remastered version without a second thought given all the recent re-releases I see for the PS4 nowadays. Hah, told you LO was popular (need to check out Blue Dragon one of these days) but yeah, not going to hold my breath on them coming over too soon given all those issues you've mentioned previously. Continue to support which one? The 3DS? They've basically got the market it feels like when it comes to handheld titles at least.

    And it'll be especially more poignant given how much more graphic it'll look when the Plate falls down in rendered form. You never know, VIIR might be the start of a trend, I can still HOPE right? :Upset: Gah, don't make me more paranoid/frustrated now since we didn't see it in the end for VIII, reminds me of when I was spitting nails after seeing the epilogue for VII the first time and we never got any closure on what happened with the gang until Advent Children

    Might need to wait until next year though since nothing coming up sounds too big/game changing right now Guess we'll put our Division discussion on hold until something significant does happen. Suppose they wouldn't want to leave fans dangling for new SCII content until next year, though I'm still really curious as to what's next after Nova.

    Yeah, I'll give it a look through, lot of things sneaking up on me. So far the only things catching my eye for April was that, Bravely Second, the Banner Saga 2 (about time a sequel came out), Battlefleet Gothic, and Starfox as I said before.

    Edit: Gonna hold off on a new response until Thursday when Shokugeki spoilers are out
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-04-19 11:07
    Dann of Thursday
    It’d be a way to give him more screentime anyway. I’m curious if it impacts her semblance in any way. They’ll probably save her for some time in the future if she doesn’t show up this season. I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to having a few episodes focusing on them. The fact everyone is scattered will be pretty interesting after being only at Beacon for the past three seasons. True and it would be cool to meet more of the headmasters.

    I can see that yes and perhaps why she was opposed to Mercury at first as well for him maybe getting in the way in her mind. We’ll just have to see what they decide to do with him. Well, there is only so much we can focus on given the length of the seasons so I could see them largely focusing on the main teams and villains.

    The maiden thing I get since the moment that was introduced there was a possibility other characters could turn out to be one or be the recipient. Most likely. Actually there’s metro line by my home that goes right down to the convention center, so that is worked out. Just have to decide if I really want to do it or not. The only panel I’d really want to go to would be RWBY, but given how much of a hassle that was last time I’m not sure what my luck would be getting in twice. I’ll figure it out soon. Wow, is it that intense getting tickets for that sort of thing?

    I definitely wasn’t expecting him to go on a suicide run to buy some time. I was actually still thinking the plan was to use that serum they had finally and throw the new titan at the Beast Titan. I sort of liked how Erwin reflects the fandom’s thoughts regarding really wanting to get in that basement.

    I think both could turn out solid, though SS is more of a gamble. With Marvel I can generally expect it to be at least okay and I liked the recent teaser trailer. Just have to hope they don’t stick so hard to that formula of theirs and try to expand a bit given the new aspect of the universe it opens up. True, I could always just binge it all at once. I’m still surprised it seems to do well enough anymore to justify it. The marketing has been kind of weird in some respects for Warcraft, which I worry could end up hurting it even if the film turns out good. Yeah, the voices were never that bad and the actors got into the roles quite well as it went along. Oh, they never did? I watched the show with subs, but pretty much stopped after the first 64 episodes which concluded the major arc of it all. Should, but the major companies don’t seem much inclined to do so right now unless something like Google Fiber spreads more quickly.

    Something like Triple Triad or the like. I think I actually heard about another demo down the line, but not sure if that was accurate or not. Yeah, it was nice for set-up and gave us some insight on what may have been Noctis’ near death experience with who I think was his mom dying. They aren’t fleeing the invasion, they aren’t even there. They apparently don’t even find out about it until they see a newspaper or a call from Cor or something. They were on their way to Altissia I believe to see Luna, which is weird since it looks like she’s in Insomnia. I meant it wasn’t an original song like those made for FFVIII but a cover of an already existing song, but it does fit the game’s themes. Really curious to see more of the weapons in action as well as what your higher abilities allow, though there’s apparently an Episode 0 at the start of the game that people are guessing puts us in control of Regis with his full abilities as a taste of things to come with Noctis. Yeah and they could maybe do something fun with the Gunblade if they give it some special ability.

    Hopefully so. All looks good to me and the new skill system is something I quite like. Not sure if GIs are in B&N, though if you can’t find one there then GameStop will have them.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-04-19 09:16
    Dann of Thursday
    Will do and thank you Yeah probably not. It’s actually kind of weird since apparently they had a four hour cut, then cut stuff out to make it three hours, and then trimmed it even more to get the final running time which just sounds sort of ridiculous. Like I know stuff gets cut and sometimes rightly so, but cutting out entire plotlines and characters like that makes me think the script just needed to be fixed so you didn’t have all that in the first place. I noticed The Killing Joke is coming out soon, though it’s a bit of a shame the animation doesn’t seem to be exactly top notch. Oh there are and I’ve gotten a number of recommendations from co-workers about BBQ and beyond. Went to a brewery with co-workers for an outing actually. Didn’t care for any of the beer, but it was still fun. I don’t know that I’ve ever had wine that I can recall. Something to try sometime I suppose.

    If they decide to put in new material then that would be cool to see. Yeah, the music was always good for the OVAs and it was interesting seeing an actual OP and ED.

    Yeah, in Japan at least I’ve always gotten the impression it holds a popular spot among fans. Only useful bit there is the name of the pilot but it’s no one we’ve seen so far as I can tell. Will do. Been somewhat hectic so I haven’t had a chance to do so and I have family in right now. I think I should be able to get going next week and then get back to you with impressions. I’ll add them in as an additional post.

    Yes, if you’re going to go for some then you might as well go big. It is always a surprise but sometimes the designs are a tad bizarre though there are good ones at times too. Interesting. I might have time to watch an episode or two tonight, but have to see how things pan out.

    Yes, it was about due for some interactions between the two of them. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Soma’s going to lose here even with the long term stakes being Azami’s silly plan to close all restaurants but the absolute top. Best I could see here is him now doing things from the inside or something. A possible consequence could be them now sending him as a hitman against his classmates, which would be pretty messed up. Oh, I’ll have to check that out then.

    That can certainly be nice especially if they have a good handle on doing the action scenes. It’s a bit puzzling certainly, especially since I can think of a few where the source material is outright done now or far enough along that it shouldn’t be an issue. Forums are often how I find out what’s going on much of the time. I’m not sure how much of her backstory we have. All I know is she came down from Heaven somewhat recently and couldn’t find anyone to join her until Bell. Especially when they can be quite creative in what you can come up with or combine as seen at times. I’ll have to see about picking it up eventually and hopefully they’re still bringing it over by the time I get to it. Oh, I did hear good things about that one too actually. That sounds like what I would have expected with the pacing being really off. Will do. Yeah, I was somewhat familiar with several of the myths mentioned, but this has gone much deeper into it. Huh, I’d read this was just a sort of prequel thing, but that trailer almost makes this look like a full series adaptation given how much it shows off.

    I’ve heard good things about the first few episodes being really solid with pretty good writing especially with the main character. It’s been alright thus far though at the pace they’re going I’m wondering if this might be a case of them slowly adapting the whole series while not catching up to the manga too fast, which would be kind of weird since this is BONES doing it. Didn’t know about that one, but I’ll look it up. Something like that sounds fun.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-04-19 09:14
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I think I’ve seen that price for some of the older models so that would make sense.

    It just feels a tad silly to me on my part, but you’re in that I’ll just have to see what feels best. I’d think there would be enough resources by then though it can be a while to parse it all out since I know some do a lot of experimenting, especially as more of the DLC comes out. Indeed and it’s not like I have as much time as I did in the past given everything else going on. It’s certainly one that can keep you going for some time.

    Indeed  I’d considered that pairing as well actually though we’ll see how the interactions with others pan out. It’s unfortunate, but a consequence that can’t really be avoided unless you have her marry no one. Will do.

    As will I to make sure I can get through it all just fine and get everyone generally up to par, which can be more of a challenge when it comes to Conquest. I may get some of the DLC though which will help with that. As will I along with how you can use it to obtain skills for other characters without having to switch to classes constantly. You’re welcome 

    I haven’t had much of that with mine thankfully, but I imagine it is only a matter of time. Yikes, that sounds pretty severe. I do cleanings of data semi-regularly to free things up a bit. Pretty much yeah and with work and other things there isn’t always much of it available. I think most of my free time is generally on the weekends and even that’s been taken up building furniture as of late.

    True and they are quite behind still even as they try to make some progress. I think they need to avoid anything too gimmicky as they’ve tended to do with their last two consoles. Just having a solid system on par with the others could do a lot to help them. If they can have a steady stream of Nintendo titles coming as well then all the better. They seem off to a good start at least but it’ll probably be a while before we see the real big titles for the platform. I don’t exactly think we’d see it happen right away but if we see enough new iterations then I’d think it would happen eventually. I’ve also seen some people in the business point out this would be a massive pain in the ass since the thing about consoles is that you know what you’re working with and don’t need to constantly readjust. I’d imagine that would have to be bankrolled by MS and I have a hard time seeing them being willing to spend the money on it when they’ve only done it for a couple games that we major sellers. They’ve previously mentioned wanting it and Blue Dragon for BC, but no eta on when it would happen. I do wonder how much further they’ll support the system though even if something new comes out they generally make it so that the previous system can play the last one’s games.

    Yeah, it could enhance some of those scenes if we got to know some of the people around before they all get horribly crushed. Eh, nothing for it now since I don’t really envision us seeing huge remakes for that game like they had for VII. I sometimes wonder if there’s a bunch of cut scenarios that maybe went more into that aspect or something.

    That’d definitely be a good choice to spice up the color palette a bit. Looks like this and next month are somewhat minor adding new incursions (like raids I think?) and some general stuff. Then June is the Underground expansion, Summer for Survival expansion and then finally Winter for Last Stand expansion with no clear indication on what the last three involve. I could see them getting close to that since they have themselves that long.

    Yeah forgot about that one a bit. Heard somewhat mixed things but it did look interesting.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-04-15 23:08
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not sure really. No idea how long it'll be up or not.

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