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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Today 03:05
    No doubt, especially after Volume 2 ends, it won't be much but it'll be nice to have something new to look forward to relatively soon between then and next year. Moving on then.

    Not saying it's impossible but it looks like it'll be a long wait if that is the case though I suppose he could run into a young Connor while trekking in the woods randomly, guess we'll have to wait and see though. I may give the introduction levels a shot at some point but I don't feel a particular rush, especially while waiting to see what new expansion packs Blizzard will bring in going forward. Yup, and I'm curious to see what this ideological divide within the Templars is all about as well. You and me both, it was one of those common past times in my life I'd just go and blow some steam at because the high-paced community just added to the atmosphere and fun, and now they're largely a relic these days, a true shame. Can't even find a place to play laser tag these days... Heh, my friend who owned the console I played on was largely the same with fighting games for as long as I've known him, and there are definitely some good selections out there, speaking of have you ever heard of Arc Systems Under the Night series, I just learned they had another franchise fighting game in that title and it's pretty good from what I've seen. Pretty intense from the images I'm seeing, though I hope they stick to the P4 blueprint plot wise versus retreading the P3 path, I don't know if I could get into P5 otherwise and I thank my lucky stars P4 introduced me to the series out of the former two Ha! It's been so long people have even forgotten about it, boy I'll be glad when this is over and we can move on already, maybe send people back to Project Titan after that <_< Nah, you can tell by the fact that he's no branded by you, he's doing this of his will which means he's scripted into the storyline and thus unique amongst the typical orcs you'll be manipulating in the Nemeses System from the looks of it, it's a rather brilliant way to introduce now players in how the whole thing works and lightens up the humor around the grim storyline of the game. Yeah, from the looks of it we can go directly to the tapestry I think, and play videos for each one we select from there if we want, or just get straight to the decision making. Oh? Not even just to edit/tweak them, it'd save you a bit of time even if you aren't happy with some of the choices you've made. The tree paths a good analogy, which makes me doubtful on the Loghain part, ah well I have no problem executing the slime-ball myself if Alistair can't It'd be a BIT more difficult for the warden though given the race options as well, so while I wouldn't mind I also wouldn't be surprised if it isn't feasible for them right now. Guess people will just have to live with the edits they already made to the Wardens face back in Origins if that is the case though I suppose we'll know soon enough, for now I'm optimistic and anything they may be missing now decision or feature wise will hopefully make its way as the beta starts to wine down.

    Well if they don't have one on launch I'll just wait and see what kind of characters they add going forward that might peek my interest, until then the single-player will keep my hands full plenty. Yeah, I hope they keep it to the 5-6$ range if possible, there wasn't all that much added beyond that price in past DA ones in my opinion. Enemy variety is one of the big things that'll keep a multiplayer fresh, who knows they might if they keep the precedent from ME3.

    I will be peeved though if they don't include the uncut and full animation content when the DVD's hit, along with my comments of adding stuff to the dub they also apparently removed one still during episode 10 when that one guy was thinking about his daughter being eaten and then turned back, so they'd better not stay with that nonsense in the final version. People have seen the armored and Colossal before, so long as they keep the identities under warps I don't think it'd be TOO surprising if people saw a teaser involving them, plus they spoiled quite a few things in the previews of new episodes along with the titles, quite a few people complained when episode 17 just straight up had Female Titan as its header for example. They'd better, we nearly got stuck with one of those horrid original anime endings for AoT, so I hope they learned the lesson thoroughly. Well to be fair that was more as a way to extend the series/episode given the relatively short content from the manga, largely they've kept to the story and I don't expect they'll deviate beyond some tweeks given AoT's continued success, I'm sure the Wall Titan bit will be introduced smoothly enough in the beginning episode, plenty of anime only watchers were about ready to claw their eyes out at being left at that cliff-hanger in Season 1
  2. KrimzonStriker
    Today 02:16
    And that is why I rarely bother to try and keep up with large-scale comic book series with all these weird arcs that come up now and again <_< Not quite sure what though other then a reverse Bucky's death for Cap maybe, or they actually go bold and kill him off for real, who knows. They'll likely pick and choose so we'll just have to brace being disappointed if they decide not to do feature movies for some heroes versus others, though cameo appearances like falcon, Black Widow, and others are still a possibility within those mainstream movies. That'll be fun to deal with if it occurs given where Loki currently is in the series <_< They've got Drax in Guardian, it'd be a disservice to not have him in the fight against Thanos Well hopefully things rap up pretty well for them, including the Hobbit while we're at it

    I know, he has so much hype around him and everyone else is going a very predictable route so we really have only Kurokiba to shake things up with an upset here... Yup, so no worries on whether he'll take this one handily or not, I just want to get a nice pan back to Erina's face/reaction when he comes out on top. You know, I've been thinking a bit on how Souma might choose to go about winning this one, and basing that off what little we have of Erina's observations and going by Subaru's style of predicting Souma, what if Souma goes completely off the rails of his own style and adopts a more high-class flavor profile and ingredients you'd expect from Erina's style instead, heck that meat package from Ikumi might have been the key, and it'd certainly take others by surprise to see he can adapt his cooking like that given it's so anthem to his penchant for creatively refining low-budget food items. Exactly, for all we know he could be some kind of master-chef in the middle-school section we just don't know about currently, let's see where they take him next time and not worry about him for now since he won't be present during this portion of the arc too much. Well either way it'll be exciting to see, and for now we're probably getting too ahead of ourselves since we don't know if Souma will even win in the end or what the prize actually is. Honestly, if Souma impresses I wouldn't be shocked to see Eizan just up and wager his seat himself to subdue Souma after beating out Subaru or winning it all. As disappoint as Hisako's absence is we may have just opened the door for Erina to really integrate herself into the main story again, but we'll see. I doubt it'll be much longer, if this latest chapter is any indication Souma likes to do things relatively promptly.

    But not to this degree, hopefully the rest of JNPR, especially Jaune, gets to show off as well this Volume I was thinking more about combat, but dancing skills will know doubt come in handy for him, mayhaps he'll be able to show up the entire school with his skills if that's the case That's be troublesome, but as I said I hope whatever Cinder's planning this it can wait until after the Dance hopefully, the kids really should have one night to themselves Well that is a part of his character, though as I said his deliberately choosing of Weiss while overlooking everyone else to me points more to his self-depreciation, that he wants to reinforce to himself that no girl would look at him and validate being so down on himself, but that's just my two cents on the matter. Yeah, and it's still hasn't even hit the half-way point, I hope we can at least be in the latter third of the Volume before Cinder starts unveiling whatever she's planning. It should be fun either way to see how far Bolin can push himself with it in any event, and for lavabending to finally be used on the good guys side Well, I think we've basically exhausted all we can say on the matter. We can only leave the series, including Mako, in their hands and hope they the send-off will be worth it, they've got a good start after this Book so I'm hopeful somehow they'll keep it up. Definitely, I'm really not sure who it could be at this point but as the final boss to a series of fairly good and a diverse set of villains he/she/it will have a lot to live up to.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 18:11
    Dann of Thursday
    Most likely and probably in a section devoted to the others. Something to look forward to down the line in any case.

    Yeah, it was getting a bit long in the tooth with Revelations, but it's over now and it ended well enough. I got the impression it'll progress in time to the point Connor will become a part potentially, but may have read wrong. I get it, it's more of a side thing I do from time to time anyway. Yeah, it's definitely a much more expanded take on an idea and to a degree I suppose the Templars have become much more fleshed out since them. Ah, I miss arcades. I'll have to look into one at some point then since I've recently been interested in playing some of the games like SFIV, BB, Persona 4 Arena, and that new Guilty Gear. Looks like they did have some announcements like it coming to PS4 as well as a look at the lead and what looks like some of the oddities being dealt with in this game. Oh, right they are due for at least one more, aren't they? Rather funny trailer, though I'm unclear now if Ratbag is unique among the others or if all of them can have bits like this.

    It's certainly a lot, that's for sure. I'll probably try to speed run through as much as I can, which I'd imagine will be possible for those that just want to configure a save and get straight into Inquisition. It's good they gave the option in any case, though I'll be going with a new one as well rather than import any of what I have. I'm guessing they'll go off like trees with things like that, though it'd be interesting if you could achieve it despite killing Loghain. If they've got some for him I'd imagine the Warden will as well. And if not hopefully you can add it or any of the others. Although given the new graphics engine perhaps certain features will be revamped to make it fit or the Keep does it already when you import.

    I'll probably try it a bit regardless, though if they had at least one interesting one that'd be great. Hopefully the prices are reasonable in conjunction with the content. I wonder if they'll throw in any unique monsters for those areas, though maybe that'd be a bit much.

    Yeah, it seems the most likely though some sort of bundle doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. Well, some of that is heading into heavy spoiler territory so I'm not sure how soon we'd see any of that. I'd like to hope they've worked out some sort of plan for doing all this and I'm sure they've communicated with the author. They also haven't been opposed to altering things here and there like the changes to the Annie fight and the Wall Titan reveal.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 17:39
    Dann of Thursday
    The stuff I mentioned about Steve and Falcon is from recent events in the comics and yeah it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I was thinking they might do something with the Death of Captain America plot though obviously not quite in the same way. Yes, but they do need to introduce the others to keep the stable growing as well as for the eventuality of the actors leaving their roles, unless they just go with recasting when that happens. I suppose so and I'm wondering where they'll go with him next since to me the next logical step would be Surtur. I'm unsure if it'll really be Space Avengers or if Thanos will come to Earth and duke it out there. Depends on if they decide to expand the Cosmic side of things beyond Guardians. Yeah, something always seems to go wrong somewhere, especially given the general scope of the MCU.

    Well, that first time wasn't exactly a formal match like what's going on now is, but it does feel like it'd be a bit of a shame if Kurokiba lost here since that comment with Alice gave the impression he'd be more of challenge for Souma than Alice is. I'm sure it'll be a good match either way though. Yeah, despite the little hint she was able to give he seemed to have that realization in response to it and the results of his experiments. It'd definitely be interesting to see how she'd react to such a thing. It'll depend on how they decide to use him I guess. True, but having that right freely available to use when one chooses seems kind of a big thing given the requirements for challenging a member of the Elite 10. That he is not, so he may very well use it immediately if that was the case. That seems like a very reasonable way to go about it with her. Well, I'd imagine we'll know in 3-4 chapters unless they decide to really stretch out this match for whatever reason.

    It's nice she's living up to all that praise we heard back in season one, though she had demonstrated considerable skill already. I'd be very surprised if they didn't give him a chance to show off given the specific mention by the crew of him being a good dancer. If she's emotionally vulnerable then that could definitely make her a ripe target if Cinder decides to act on it yet. Yes, listening to him does give the impression he's aware of it on some level so perhaps he's the type who doesn't like to give up. If it shows up I feel it'll be during a big moment and hopefully that will come this season. Roman and the White Fang are definitely the easiest to figure out at the moment for sure. Yes, it was Ghazan producing the lava and him working from there so that does give him a big thing to develop on. It'd be nice if he can come up with some inventive ways to apply it. Well, some people are going to remain haters of him no matter what, but overall his image should be able to be repaired if they do alright with him. This season may be the last time we see Avatar for some time and given the links established with previous seasons it's definitely a great opportunity. Yeah, focusing to much on an organization that already failed could get a bit old so they need to have something in store that can act as a good stage for a finale.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 01:21
    Likely it'll be a bonus/extra video feature I imagine, no doubt we'll know soon after release what the contents are for the fourth video regardless though when someone posts spoilers on the internet so we can see if it's worthwhile then.

    Maybe they could have wrapped it up a LITTLE sooner though, just saying, but all in all I will remember Ezio fondly as we plow forward with the series. I looked on wiki, Rogue takes place during the French-Indian War and only Connor's dad makes an appearance it seems, and I'm surprised Arctic exploration was that advanced at that point in time. I know but I just can't get enthusiastic, or risk being tempted with all the features that need to be paid for in order to get the full experience. Yeah, gonna have to put that on hold until Project Titan gets back off the ground at some point Nope, it was underwhelming played down especially since Altair and Marie didn't get together until much later, and she came over to his side versus these two being on opposite sides period. Originally there was an actual arcade I went to to play BB casually, after the place closed down my friend had a console I played on with a controller but you are right that it feels wonky and so it's been quite a while since I've touched or played games, or fighting games in general, but yeah get a stick if you can manage at some point. I wouldn't have minded if they'd made some kind of series out of P4 rather then all these sping-off remakes, but the story just feels like it retreads a lot minus the tidbits from Arena which are minuscule advancements to be honest, so I'm with you on moving on with it already. Mmh, that would be nice, for one thing the final campaign for Starcraft II could make its way sooner rather then later Oh hey, check out the new trailer that introduces us to the nemesis system from the looks of it, it's an interesting twist on an old friend

    I was actually going to mention the video to you if you didn't bring it up, it looks awesome for the most part, I'm liking Varric's narration though I wonder how much they payed his VA with all the content and decisions involved I'm probably not going to spend too much time to enjoy them either since I'll want to get into the game, unless they release Keep a week or so before launch, but it'll be nice to have on hand when I've got down time to just watch and listen. While I wasn't too bothered with starting over, since I'll be new regardless going in, I'm glad that they were able to address some of the grievances people had on getting their imports through. Same, and I'm glad though obviously certain decisions like him not executing Loghain will have be made prior to that in order to unlock that option which is all to the good. They've got face mods it seems for Hawke, but it's currently unknown in the case of the Warden if you don't have an import from the Origins account. In any event I hope the several default faces they have will include the first one with the tattoo on the side of the face for the Male Human noble regardless.

    Well so far I'm not enamored with most of the multiplayer characters shown so far, hopefully the remaining 6 out of the 12 planned for launch have something more interesting or I may not bother with the feature at all beyond maybe watching others try it out on youtube at this rate. No doubt, I'm not looking forward to paying for any of THOSE DLC's when the time comes I'm definitely going to be looking at those arenas if it's true, it be able to make up for some of the disappointment of being only in Ferelden and Orlais in the single-player.

    Based on how Funimation is releasing them here in the states likely separate though I won't rule out a full collection bundle once the dubs catch up and they can come as a set then. I hope so, I'd just like to have a look at how good the next arc will be given all the Titan-on-Titan fighting. I definitely think that's the way to go, if my end of 2015 hope comes true then they'll only be one arc in after Uprising from the manga which isn't enough for a third season. They won't have the excuse that they didn't know the anime would get that popular either, so really Before the Fall will be the only content they have to fall back on while we're waiting.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 00:26
    Ah well, no use crying over it now I guess. No doubt, either way the movie will be fun to watch regardless I suppose. Wait is that Steve from the comics or is that a planned Steve in the movie, because yeah that blood loss thing makes no sense to me either, as worst you do an Aang on him but not turn him into an old man, super blood only helped him survive being frozen which did most of the work to preserve him. I have faith it'll occur, eventually anyway. Not surprised, but still if a choice needs to be made heroes like BP and Strange take a back seat to the main avengers. It does have elements of both but my point still stands on Thor filling that void for the most part. I think Space Avengers is pretty set in stone though, Thanos still hasn't popped up yet as far as I know has he and he did show up in the preview after the first Avengers which was why Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't a strange transition to me. Same, but I'm not holding my breathe, the most I'd expect from Nova MAYBE is a cameo in either Guardians or Space Avengers. I guess it just wasn't able to work out then, a shame but we'll just have to truck on, movies aren't easy things to make or continue even if they are successful, look how long the Hobbit took despite Lotr paving the way <_<

    I'm leaning toward Akira, but it does seem rather straight forward and it'd be a retread of the first round unlike with Kurokia, so I'm going to be optimistic, at the very least I don't hope for a blowout win regardless, I'd like a real serious challenge between the two. Yup, too bad but Souma seems to have taken Erina's comments to heart so we'll see how that affects him and their relationship if he wins, hopefully good where he goes up and gives her a sincere thanks and she get flustered in turn while also being impressed by how he managed to learn and develop off so little info. To be fair, it took Megumi a few chapters to even show that potential when she was first introduced, so once again I'm going to give the kid a shot to impress me and prove he's not just a wallflower as she did, but only one. That'd be a let down if it was the only prize, Tootsuki's penchant for defining everything by success should give the winner some ample reward for winning over all the other freshmans in the Autumn Election. Souma's never been the subtle type so I'd be surprised if he saved it, but we'll see. Hah, mayhaps her shingenigains and failures will prompt more interaction with the rest of the cast as they take pity on her and try to get her through it As I said, all I'm hoping from this match, because the results forgone, is that the outcome pushes Erina and Souma's relationship a bit forward.

    And only underscores she's probably the most versatile fighter of the cast so far. We'll see, but hopefully Jaune gets a moment to help save her either way and show off some of his new skills We'll know by next episode probably since I assume that's when we'll see the dance, but more importantly I hope she her fears aren't validated during said dance and just forces her into more of a shell depending on what Cinder is planning <_< It's the one that makes the most sense to me, and the way he said it figured she turned him down makes me think he isn't quite as unaware of the fact he has no shot as some people might think he is. Whatever his semblance is, I just hope it is epic and powerful, he needs to a way to cut into the deficit with the other cast power level wise. The White Fang certainly fit that storyline, so we'll see on Cinder and her group, though Roman's motivations are pretty clear ie money and power probably. In terms of stopping it, to a degree yes, but offensively and producing it he didn't use all that much compared to Ghazan so definitely room to grow and display his prowess. In any case, this is there last chance to full redeem Mako in the eyes of the fandom, so Bryke better not screw up the opportunity, Book 4 has the potential now to change the Legend of Korra's fortune's and legacy if they handle it right just in general, Mako included because despite getting better we both know if nothing does change Mako's still going to be tainted in people's memories when they look back on the series, which is why I'm pulling for some major development on his part as we come to the end. So in general, I hope they don't retread the Red Lotus too much in Season 4, they can appear but something much bigger then them needs to show up in order to do the ending justice in my book, so we'll see how it all works out.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-31 12:16
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, that's cool then. Glad they came up with these in any case. Maybe we'll have a trailer for it or something on the DVD since that'd be as good a place as any to have it.

    He did have a good arc that they capitalized on. Well, there are indications that the character in Rogue may be hunting Connor and the other colonial assassins. It's free to play and I haven't spent a dime on it in what time I've played, but that's me. Having a new IP would definitely be a benefit for them at this point. It's also nice to see them expand on that kind of storyline since they did it a bit in the first game, but not to a huge degree. By the way, how do you play fighting games like BB? With a controller or an arcade stick? I just can't ever seem to get comfortable with a controller so have been considering getting a stick down the line. That they have, which doesn't bother me hugely as I really liked P4 yet it's time to see more now of the next game. Possibly, though the downturn a bit in subscriptions could hopefully encourage to explore more new opportunities. Did you get a chance to see the video overview:

    Like that Varric seems to narrate it, which is a nice touch I think. Seems you can link whatever games you have played and import them and then cover up anything missed or change it if you want. Also saw options for how the kingdom is ruled and saw one for Alistair and Anora.

    Indeed, I like the changes to the idea as well and the customization is definitely a bonus. The free DLC was definitely a good thing to go with here, though I'm sure the single-player will have a few expansions to make up for that. They'd have to be careful with implementing it, but it could be a lot of fun and I definitely see it as a good possibility down the line. It'd be a good way to tease some of those areas a bit.

    Curious how we'll get them over here whether it be integrated with sets for a new season or separate release, though that's a long way off. Given the teasing for it now, it'd definitely make sense to make some form of announcement around then or early next year to start building the hype. Yeah, feels like we should really start getting somewhere with this current arc since there's a number of other issues to deal with. That'd seem the best way to do it unless they integrate it into the season itself somehow, but that might be too much of a break away from the main plot.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-31 11:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Apologies on the delay.

    That would seem to be the case based on what I've seen. They probably didn't have the casting in place yet though it would have been cool to see Michael Douglas being an older inventor to bounce off of Tony. Still, from a story perspective at least they've established Tony as someone tinkering with AI and I'd imagine they'll link the idea of Ultron to the end of IM3 when he had all those Jarvis controlled suits flying around. Seems to be staying for the moment as apparently Steve lost all his super soldier blood and is now an old man (I don't know how that makes sense). A mind wipe can be reversed, though no one seems in any hurry to do so either. Next to Strange, BP is the other hero I always seem people clamoring for in terms of an introduction film. I still tend to think of Asgard as more magic-technology then true magic for some reason. Not necessarily since none of those characters were widely known before then and I'd almost rather see more of them and that side of things than Space Avengers. I really hope we get a Nova movie at some point. Well, Strange was one Kevin Feige had wanted to do for some time I think so it was always one that was going to pop up down the line so long as the films continued to be successful.

    That one I'm definitely not sure who the outcome will favor. A final showdown with Akira could certainly work but the lack of any match between Kurokiba allows for that possibility as well. In any case, since we seem to be going straight to the match, I'd guess we won't have much of a breather but instead will probably move straight to the next one. Megumi at least was established early on and had that whole "lack of self-esteem but actually gifted" thing going on, but I agree that him being a spy would actually make him more interesting though at this point I'd be surprised. Unless it's merely the prestige being the winner grants, the right to challenge seems a good candidate to me. Question is whether he'd use that right then and there or hold onto it for the time being. True, he'd probably drive her even more insane. It'd be funny if Hisako's absence led to Erina trying to do things on her own like run errands and fail miserably.

    It is the best display of her prowess as well as a damn entertaining sequence to watch. I've been leaning in that direction as well, but felt like I shouldn't discount the other. Hopefully Blake manages to relax just a bit for her own good since she was definitely looking pretty ragged there. That'd definitely make sense as a reasoning for his attempts. He's probably never had someone legitimately like him before so that could feed into it. Hope he gets to work on his semblance soon, though I'm thinking something defense oriented based on past showings. It'd be a nice reveal if they all had seemingly legitimate reasons for the actions they are taking or at least did at one point. It'd be pretty nice to see him training with the lava bending next season to increase his control, though he appears to have grasped it pretty well in that brief showing. Yes, and he was already showing some signs of getting better about that. That does seem to be a lot of it and season 2 didn't seem to help the situation. It could be done if they tread carefully enough. True enough. Especially so since this will be the final season and it'd be best to go out on a high note, though I imagine Korra herself will be the biggest part of doing that. Zaheer also seemed to be losing it a bit at the end when he realized he had lost.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-29 02:34
    Huh, new info on those World of Remnant videos for Rwby in an interview for Afterbuzz, the DVD for volume 2 will have an exclusive 4th short of that beyond the three we discussed already, interesting. I'm not sure on the details of the game either so we'll just have to see.

    I'll always remember he was the one to get AC on the map anyway. Gah, more Kenways, will they never go away!! Now I'm really not going to pay much attention to Rogue <_< Nope, and I'd give it a shot if my bank account wasn't a little sore right now but it certainly looks entertaining I'm not overly worried either though I do wonder how long Blizzard can ride it's three main franchises for much longer. Indeed, and more then anything I just love the dynamic of her being a templar will bring. I doubt that'll be the case, but moving on from Square until TGS comes and we hear otherwise then. Yup, I feel like all the other games have basically been completed so some hints about BB would fall rather nicely now. Hah, they have been stuck in the Persona 4 mode for a while with all these spin-off medias haven't they? Right well, we'll see how things play out for WoW in November, hopefully this expansion helps reclaim some of it's past success and we get some real progression in the story, it'll be fun regardless so moving on. Right well, I'm all set so hopefully things will be running smoothly once the finished product is out and we can tinker around with it ourselves, tell me what kind of story you'll be looking to flesh out and any alternatives you'll have in mind, they apparently have 5 slots for different saves available so that'll be good to just see how some decisions I'm on the fence about play out.

    Diablo is basically how all the reviewers have cast it, and I like the more personal notion behind it and the customization features, should make it more engaging versus typical level grinding and the like. And there's plenty of room for the to add more characters, which are all apparently going to be free DLC btw so that's nice. I do hope that at some point Bioware gives and figures out how to install a PVP aspect finally, it just really needs to happen I think. No, I get their mindset, they don't want to pressure people, but a little incentive wouldn't have hurt so long as it was nothing critical and made it feel more integrated with the overall universe. Still, it'll be a good chance to explore areas outside of Orlais and Ferelden, some sites have hinted at maps/arenas in Tevinter so those will be interesting to see if true given all our talks on future games and settings they'll take place in.

    They're good stop-gaps, which is what I said they should have been from the beginning. Isaw a similar rumor but it said July, so I'm still slightly hopeful we'll see something around November and December at the earliest. That long eh? That would put our current pace at around 60-65 percent completed right now, we still have more then a third to go. This upcoming Season 2 will no doubt cover the latest two arcs, so with all those years in mind I figure they're going to have to come out with something to stop-gap between Season 3. Perhaps the Before the Fall spin-off is inevitably on its way after all
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-29 00:07
    Maybe it's just not listed, but they have all kinds of mugs, and t-shirts among other things there so perhaps retail is their main outlet. Something to look at then. No prob, happy to help and hopefully it works out alright. Maybe, though I wish they'd perhaps done more to say incorporate Ant-man's story into the Avengers if the script was already set for his movie, maybe even just a cameo where he helps Tony set up Ultron, it's a wasted opportunity in my view. Really now, that'd be... weird to imagine, is he just taking over his role on the team or is he actually assuming his identity, because it'd still be pretty weird and unlikely to have no Captain America in the Avengers which is why I have my worries about Bucky. Gah, don't remind me, but it's not like those disintegrating relationships, it's only circumstance forcing them a part so I have hopes they'll recover at some point. Hey, I'm all for it but it's still pretty true that Strange might be a powerhouse but he's not exactly the most well represented or iconic figure in Marvel, look at Black Panther as an example, as for magic it seems like Thor has that aspect covered for the most part. Oh that one was easy, it knocked off several heroes all at once and paved the way for the inevitable space movie for the Avengers later on. Gah, that's a shame if it's true though I'm not surprised, as I said Marvel likely has to pick and choose which movies to pursue based on how relevant it is to the story they're going for and the general interest/knowledge people already have for that character.

    No doubt, still rooting for Kurokiba for the upset Agreed, though given how they brought up Megumi who had a similar pedigree character wise I'm going to give him a chance to impress me, but at this rate I'm actually hoping he is a spy just to make him more interesting. Huh, hadn't given the grand prize much thought, it could lead to some interesting directions for the plot depending on what it is, which I believe I speculated as a right to challenge for the Elite Ten and which I am just hoping beyond hope happens Gah, I think not, Souma would be the most unruly butler to plague high society

    I'm with you, bravo on her part and a great demonstration as to why she was regarded as the strongest girl of her class by Weiss way back in Volume 1. I'm leaning toward take them out based on Mercury's comments on Cinder being able to handle Pyrrha, plus secret operations like the one they're on would be at a great risk of being compromised if they tried the recruitment angle. Cannot wait, we got some nice teasing this episode but the real development and progression is probably waiting for us at the dance. Well, for starters she appeared to compliment him that one time in episode 2, though he failed to take it for the sarcasm it was, but I have a theory that Jaune's low self-esteem drives him to go for a target that will undoubtedly turn him down, which is why he might be so blind where Pyrrha is concerned on that front as well. She seems a bit too driven with a sense of direction for me to think that's the angle, I was more on view that a new order is needed maybe, but we'll see. As I said, if they use this well then Bolin will have to step up as a heavy hitter with Korra down so I'm not worried about that for the time being. And that's all well and good but as you pointed out about his withdrawal now's a good time for Mako to finally break out. What irritated people about the focus on Mako, from my understanding, was in how they used him, as I said the sympathy for Korra right now can be used as a means of generating gratitude if the utilize Mako correctly in relation to that for once instead of unnecessarily tearing him and his efforts down like the the first two books, and however much they may dislike him increases in power always gets people's grudging respect because of the shock and awe factor. They're nit picking, every past lightening user has picked and chooses when they brought it out, it just had to make sense for the situation plus even if it is shortened there's still a need for preparation to bring out the lightning plus to minimize the risk of exposing themselves if they end up missing cause they'll be stuck in that stance, look at what Amon did to Zolt for example; generally the directors like to bring it out for dramatic moments and when they're looking to make a decisive blow. Exactly, so I'm praying Bryke doesn't mess up this opportunity, for all the characters sakes. You're right, I have to imagine even if there are more Red Lotus that Zaheer was the big fish so with him gone they still could do damage but don't seem as big a threat, so whoever is up next will need to be someone substantial and that will take time to build up, which our supporting cast can use wisely while getting Korra back up on her feet.

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