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Conversation Between Dann of Thursday and KrimzonStriker
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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Today 19:23
    Dann of Thursday
    I don't buy manga as much these days, though a lot of that is due to budgeting on my part. Well, the series isn't so far along that it'll take too much time I think.

    I feel like there were also indications of Ifrit, but can't recall if it was associated with anyone. The Doom Train was a bit of a weird one, but the imagery made it fit the best. Maybe it's something else, but it definitely is odd in comparison to the others. Yes, we really haven't been given any indication one what this actually grants them aside from some vague mentions.

    I'm not sure if they're interested any more in doing so to be honest. It really would and if the model proves very successful with those other games coming out soon I could definitely see them (or through EA's encouragement) taking a shot at it. Indications are that it will get a bigger reveal at Gamescom, though it seems this isn't the new IP hinted at during E3 so there's at least one more thing for them to reveal. True, more than enough to keep us occupied.

    It's a bit more convenient for me as well since I tended to not be home when it was airing. Yes, hopefully they'll be able to at least create a good conclusion for all the characters. Yes, hopefully so. Yeah, it was definitely more of a breather for a first episode and I hope we get a lot more of what's going on with our antagonists. I'm especially curious as to exactly what Zaheer plans to do with Korra, whether it be kill her or something else.

    Some hints and it sounds like it might be co-current with Shepherd's story, but it definitely seems early in development still. I rather wish they'd have another go with Jade Empire's world actually. Man, that could be gut wrenching if we have to kill them or witness a horrible fate. Are there any other present candidates that make sense aside from her? It is a lot to explore. I don't go to the city often and I've barely seen any of it probably.

    Hopefully it doesn't muck it up too much, though I'm getting some vibes from the wraith that he might get a bit extreme for Talion. It was definitely Blum and not a bad choice at all honestly. It's funny how October used to be the most crowded month and now it's lightening up with these big releases moving. I'm also really looking forward in how you can go and subvert their efforts with planted assassin's and the like.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 14:35
    Just going to have to wait now then. Maybe, I hope so but I don't mind buying the volumes now that I have an income for now. Yup, beginning of August, it'll be frustrating to wait for them to catch up in the meantime so hopefully those side-chapters are spread out nicely.

    True that... Oh, that is interesting, Stella's country's summon mentioned among them, though a Doom Train always struck me as an odd thing to summon... Well, that's one down, several more to go... Oh I already speculated as much, I'm more curious as to how the power works and what it actually does though. That too.

    I figured it would but it still seems rather pointless if they can't even get the game out. I can work with that, like I said TOR would have been better served if they had followed that model instead. I just don't know enough at this point to figure if the concept works or not but I'll trust in Bioware to make something out of it. Ah, well glad they changed their minds, but best not to worry about it now until they get back to it.

    Everything I've heard so far leads me not to panic, so hopefully the move helps vindicate that feeling, I know I'll be watching on the site now to show my support. Same, anything to help the franchise finish up the story. I know I will, keeping to the schedule was hectic sometimes and I often missed the first few minutes a sometimes. I'm sure in some later episode he'll start tapping into his abilities. A good starting episodes all things considered, hopefully the next one builds on that and gives us a bit more meat to work with. Indeed, and it looks like we'll be getting some answers in that regard next week.

    In any event it doesn't look like we got that much on ME4 anyway. Some romances do get favoritism though regardless, so why not a harem scene, they did it in Jade Empire kind of... it leaves me curious now on who else we'll be seeing from the previous games along our journey, I wouldn't look forward to fighting Warden Hawke siblings or Nathaniel Howe along with Warden Alistair among others if say those preview trailers of conflict with the Wardens come to fruition. Yeah, and they can start by finally revealing the last two romances so I can stop worrying about Vivienne already. Same, though more like I just don't have the opportunities to check out New York like I want, I'm still puzzling over an opportunity to visit Harlem at some point.

    Yeah, it'll be a great opportunity to see how it ties in with the current story along with the ancient past of Middle-Earth and was that Steve Blum's Starscream voice for disguised Sauron? Definitely, especially since they actually moved the release date up. Exactly, it'll be extremely fun to see how we can mess around in the sandbox of the orc power structure.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 13:14
    Dann of Thursday
    That match is definitely more of a wild card since it really could go either way. Perhaps down the line they'll get translated. The first volume is due out soon correct? I could have sworn it was in August.

    It's what we've learned to do with this game best after all. I can't find the speculations right now, but basically it involved noting that each of kingdoms seemed to have a summon connected to them with Niflheim seeming to have Bahamut going from the banners you can see talking about a peace summit. Noctis' realm appears to have Doom Train and the other one with all the water has Leviathan as we've seen. You could also identify the name of the person from Niflheim meeting Noctis' father from the banner, who was guessed to be the old guy pointing the gun. I've theorized it might be due to some near death experience they had together as children, which we see a brief flashback of them together. Or that Square can get their production policies up to snuff. Yeah, no hurry on that.

    I think it's Wizards of the Coast and they can be a bit stingy on this sort of thing. Indeed, though I wouldn't put it past them to make a game in the vein Destiny and The Division are doing. I like the visuals (creepy smoke man) and the ARG they have going hints towards a lot of things I find interesting and would like to see in a game. That does make sense and I'm curious what they could come up with, though it had been intended to be a MMO before they rebooted development. No telling what it might be now.

    I think it might have had something to do with some of the episodes leaking, but hopefully they keep going. I'm also hoping that game from Platinum turns out to be pretty good. I think the online move could be a benefit as well since one of the problems for this franchise quite often was that the schedule kept moving around. Not as much as we'd hope, but he's trying at least. Yeah, that food fight was a hell of a lot of fun and some nice hints of things to come. I was a bit surprised that he has more reach then we suspected, though it does make sense given some of the hints with him.

    It is probably best not to get the hopes up too much before we play this. I'd imagine it might be a bit hard to write that well without showing favoritism. Oh, it wouldn't surprise me if they pulled that with a few different situations or characters. Hopefully they plan some stuff out over the next few months to build that hype for everyone. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't mind trying out some new places since everything around me is a bit old at this point.

    Yeah, saw it yesterday at work when a customer was talking to us about it. Very surprised they actually pulled someone from the Silmarillion of all things, but definitely made the plot a hell of a lot more intriguing to me. I've been somewhat curious about the game for a while now with that Nemesis System looking very promising if they pull it off and it's definitely moved further up in my interest as of late.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-26 18:20
    Holy... Dann, they just revealed who the Wraith is in Shadow of Mordor, I can't believe they pulled someone that far back and such a major figure in Tolkien's lore...

    Check out the video and let me know what you're thinking for this game, now I'm SUPER hyped for this one instead of just mildly intrigued
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-25 20:31
    Much as I'm looking forward to seeing how Souma pulls it off my main draw will still be Ryo versus Akira, that's the one I'm putting my money on being the only spot for a major upset at this point in the tournament. That's too bad, the scanlators haven't been doing side-chapters for awhile though the chinese raws I've seen of them have made me very curious, suppose I'll have to settle for the english volume releases at this rate, we'll see.

    Guess all that's left to do is wait then. Right? All these years and we're STILL not sure who the villains actually are, and do you recall what that person guessed exactly? Pretty boss I would imagine, between him and Stella they've hinted at some pretty dark secrets involved behind their special abilities and I can't wait to see more, hopefully by next year. Well, only thing we can do is move on, and it's good if it wasn't full Luminous, hopefully the next gen upgrades will help to compensate regardless. Eh, I'll hunt it down on youtube and get back to you on that at some point, might be awhile as Captain Planet WAS pretty long.

    Ah you're right, well if they don't then whoever does have the rights needs to sell them back to Bioware right now given all the delays involved with that series. If they do they do, if they don't then eh, whatever happens it's going to have to be a whole new setting/groups of characters now that the age of Revan has passed on. I'd almost count TOR as more or a single-player game trying to be a MMO then anything else so it's been pretty fulfilling in that regard, though yeah hopefully Bioware learned its lesson and sticks to what it knows. This new IP recent teaser of theirs leaves me a bit confused, but I did like the movie Inception so I'm willing to wait and see. I'm guessing new IP, it wouldn't be so hard to get out if it was some continuation, my opinion, and I doubt the MMO front given how much they're invested and still need to finish up with WoW. Amen to that.

    Yeah well, this recent news makes me a lot more nervous now, though given they did order the series and Bryke are currently working on Book 4 I think it's fine, compared to the T.V raitings I think it's smart to move it online especially as it'll offset pirating sites and allow people to catch it when it's convenient for them. Hasn't as of the latest episode but Bolin DID step up, so he's making progress. Not too much, but a fun little episode to get back into things, I'm sure you'll like it. All in all though the plot certainly has thickened as it seems the Red Lotus speculation is starting to show some signs as Zaheer's group seems to extend beyond his initial gang now.

    Well I'll first have to actually see and play Inquisition to know if they've got everything right there before placing too much hopes for ME4 just yet in that regard No, you're not the only one to have noticed, though the harem option always seems impolite to actually ask for even if it is something everyone secretly wants... It is what it is, and hey, always the magic of youtube and wikia entries to put the pieces together for that fanfiction I said I was writing in my head I'm sure that'll be what generally happens but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if Bioware puts a troll option where we DO cause his death in one scenario in Inquisition <_< Well, I'm not their marketing team, so we'll just have to trust in them to keep us up to date until November and that they're smart enough to release the non-disclosure clause on all the beta testers soon. New York's made me lucky in that regard, chain wise you'd be hard pressed not to find at least one set up in the City, but In and Out Burger's reign of being out of my reach WILL end some day!
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-25 15:12
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, don't know if you heard about this, but it seems some teasers for a new IP from Bioware are starting to emerge. Not the one teased at E3 though.

    Here's a thread with some details:

    And a link for the teaser:

    Looks like some sort of Time Travel/Alternate Reality/Dream kind of thing. Very interesting, though there are some indications of it being some sort of online thing.

    Also seems some drama is unfolding about Korra with the last episodes being aired only online, though apparently the show hasn't been cancelled yet.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-25 00:32
    Dann of Thursday
    As am I and I think there is a chance since Souma and Ryo have yet to go head to head in any fashion. I rather liked Souma's approach to Subaru's attempts to mess with him and it looks like he's going full on outplaying him by straight up telling Subaru what dish he'll be making. I think the flashback is some sort of special chapter since it wasn't in the Raw I looked at.

    It is an interesting question and I'm definitely as curious as you to see how they'll respond to it. That I definitely would like to see as I'm pretty sure we don't even have names for most of the antagonists, though I seem to recall someone making a good guess at one going by clues present in the footage they showed off. It'd also be interesting to see downsides to Noctis' abilities I think, though I can't even imagine what an endgame Noctis would be like to play in battle. As am I and it's quite odd since the last engine the guy worked on was a Sonic one for Sega, who he remained with for 10 years shipping several games. Here he was with Square for 5 years with no games shipped. I do seem to recall XV not being a full Luminous engine game, but was not sure on KHIII. I can't remember honestly. It's been so long.

    Now wouldn't that be a surprise, though I'm not sure if they still have the rights to do so or not. Obsidian recently commented they still think about KOTOR 3. It's simply much more interesting since there's so much that hasn't been explored about it so it'd be great to have any sort of single player game in that era again. It'll probably be an MMO which means I won't care, but I am curious to know whether it'll be an all new IP or a continuation of another. Or one of those where it's one of several parts of a story with each mission giving you a little more? Both that and one with genuine rewards are quests I always like.

    Well, it's easier to be cynical and pleasantly surprised than hopeful and disappointed. I'm really hoping he gets the hang of it as well. Completely forgot about it hilariously enough, but will probably watch it after work since it's pretty late now. Yeah, and it's not like things have been all that easy for them all.

    I'd imagine they'd take some of the lessons and such they've learned with Inquisition and apply them in a way that makes sense for an ME game. You'd think they'd try to do so given that there seems to be a bit of trepidation from fans lately or at least it's come across that way to me at times. It is too bad since there was definitely some potential to that whole idea. Hopefully you get some cool interactions with him that hopefully don't lead to death. It definitely feels like more incentive now to start showing off more of it to the public. It's sometimes interesting learning what chains are present in some areas and what aren't, though I can't think of many in my area like that.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-23 19:37
    Just read them and I have to say I'm looking forward to the second match and even though conventional manga wisdom is against him I personally hope Ryo pulls it out. Also, it'll be fun to delve deeper into the past and get a better impression of what dorm life was like back then.

    I got how that worked in a limited space, more deliberate pace, and grounded game like Star Oceans but they never did try to implement switching in a more free-flowing 3-D combat system like in Kingdom Hearts, so I wonder how well they mesh in such a fast-paced and more open-world setting. You're probably right, but my point still stands in that it would be nice if the revealed who makes up the oppositions cast and what their motivations are exactly in this next preview, I've seen how hackz Noctis is, time to build up his opponents now I think. You're right, best to worry about that possibility if/when it comes up Damn it all, I hope they're far enough along that they won't need to worry about that come release time, it LOOKED like they were in any event. Was he proven right in the end on that one though, if so that could be one of those rare moments of vindication.

    Yeah, at this rate I won't be surprised if we hear about Baldurs Gate before they think about taking up the Old Republic universe again, likely parceling out new patched content every few months to keep the fans at bay. Oh no, you got me there, I've had quite enough of the Clone Wars and Anakin and all the rest, Old Republic from now till the end of time for me. Either way I'm simply happy they didn't outright cancel either series, so still some hope left for Project Titan which we still have no idea what it's about btw Well for one thing, how about an actual REWARD instead of generic stuff I can replace by the next mission, something concrete gained for one thing like map data, food stuffs, an outpost etc, making it an integrated playing experience.

    Cynical me says they may just do that given how much it trainwrecked, but I'm hopeful you're right. Moving on from the old cast though I'm also looking forward to seeing some new moves for our main cast, c'mon metal-bending Bolin Certainly going to brighten my day even if I'm not expecting much this first episode just yet. Not going to disagree, but the track record so far these last 2 books has been good in keeping most of the cast alive, so we'll see.

    Hopefully that's answered in the next couple of days then. I just wish the areas themselves were more interesting to explore is what I'm really getting at, Inquisition's worlds so far really gel for me given how much effort they're trying to make even the innocuous areas feel alive with that whole hunting creatures into extinction aspect. You're probably right, but it would be something for Bioware to think about if they wanted to appease certain fans, myself included We certainly did that a few times in Origins if I recall looking back on Oghren and Alistair, which made it a drag in II when I couldn't pair either of Hawke's siblings with Merril or Sebastian despite how obvious their affections were, which btw made it more of a drag given how I think having both Carver and Bethany would have made the story more intriguing and in the fanfiction of my mind is what happened with my rogue Hawke I can't remember, but like I said it's generally fine with me so long as they don't take an entire quarter off like all too many companies do with their releases. Which is a sigh of relief for me, I like Alistair and want him to live and lead for as long as possible. I hope not, the beta for Keep is the only major hook they've got left to keep people up to date now that they have to wait even longer. Same here, and lord does that grate thanks to my sister who loves to rub in how delicious the burgers are ever since her own trip to San Francisco <_< Don't forget anime news as well
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-07-23 15:48
    Dann of Thursday
    Probably preparations by the upcoming opponents as well as the results with the losers, which indeed might be hard to watch. From spoilers it looks like about what could be expected although the final match up could be a toss up depending on where they want to go.

    I imagine it'll involve each character's specialty making it a good idea to switch for the sake of strategy, especially during bosses and whatnot. Ah, alright. I sort of think her motivations will remain a bit mysterious perhaps since I think one of the points in the game could be that the entire scenario isn't simply one of black and white, although Nifeflheim certainly don't come across as all that benevolent. I'll settle for just getting the games at this point. A bit of slightly worrisome news is that one of the heads of the designing the Luminous Engine being used in part for FFXV and KHIII has left Square. One I remember was objecting to them taking all these animals back with them and out of their natural habitats or something.

    At this point yes, especially with all the other projects they no doubt have going. Indeed, though I prefer the stuff set further back away from the prequel trilogy. Indeed, as I think that's exactly what happened at a certain point or it was that what they wanted to do wasn't possible. Always preferred, though I'm curious how much it really will change since it's such a simple mission to design.

    I'd be surprised if they never went back to it in some manner or had them just talk about it in retrospect. Well, she's still got that healing which is always useful. Ah yes, RWBY is tomorrow so that'll be fun. Same, I'd rather no one died but I wouldn't be surprised if they did it to raise the stakes.

    I'd definitely like if we could get the basic story and who we'll be playing as. Yeah, running around the same areas for hours on end doing quests gets old after awhile with no variety. It is annoying when if you wanted to try another romance you'd gave to play through possible the whole trilogy again while doing it for just one game is much more doable. I'm the same about the cheating thing and would be surprised if they ever did allow for that. It'd be nice if there was more of that since it was always pleasant if somewhat surprising in some cases and it'd be funny having missions where perhaps you try to play matchmaker. I think there was something like that in DAII now that I think about it. Oh, I forgot to factor in that he might be immune to it through his mother if that is a thing possible. Yeah, I'm not too broken up about it, though if it does get pushed I'd be pretty mad. I've never been to one of those so it'll be a first time experience Indeed, very curious on some of the movie news that might come out as well as gamewise.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-22 22:13
    Generally it seems like they do a bit of a break chapter between each arc so I imagine it'll be a chapter or two before we even get to the semi-final in any event. For now, time to see that aftermath, like Takumi and Hisako

    While it looks fantastic I am still a bit confused how they'll blending the free-style combat and switching aspects together so it'll be good to see how it all works exactly. Well when I mean plot I mostly meant the characters we still don't know much about, especially those on the opposing side, and I'd like to understand Stella's motivation for opposing the main cast given how in one preview it says Nielfheim conquered her country. Amen to that, ah well hope for the best and that we won't be complaining about it a year afterwards if they DO come out with a remix. I think it was mostly on him pointing out obvious/direct solutions that appeared right on the surface but I'll have to go back and look at some point. Plus it keeps things fresh and the plotlines a surprise since you won't know what to expect going in.

    We'll see, it'll be awhile which is why I'm counting more on them wrapping up Old Republic's storyline before I go expecting a single-player release at this point. No I agree, which is why I prefer the prequel stuff to anything after the original series, the retrospective outlook keeps things fresh in a weird way by exploring the origins and giving us a better understanding rather then throwing some new curve ball out of nowhere. FFXV is a perfect atestment to that... God I hate those, at least have the decency to give me a story and some real characters if they make those requests, hopefully less of those going forward in Destiny and Division.

    I'll live with it if that's the case, but if I don't hear anything that says they WILL deal with it in the final book I will be peeved Yeah, as far as a rush job goes this was adequate in the world-building aspect which I always like. I won't be shocked if Toph's still able but like I said Katara will probably have to sit this one out in the healing hut if it comes to that. Well, between getting those answers and RWBY I'm looking forward to the end of this week now. Generally I don't think so, but I won't be shocked either, though most of the new characters have been quite likable and I'll be sad if that is the case so I'm hoping not

    That or just a basic idea of what the story will be, I'll appreciate it if they can give us that much. I do as well, I'd just rather they have side-quests in more interesting and unique locations with actual characters involved, while giving us reasons to revisit main hub worlds and the like instead of going to barren rockfields over and over again. It's why it's generally easier on me with Dragon Age, new character so it makes sense to have a new romance and move on, my Shepard was dying inside a few times with how tempting one romance was while the other one didn't provide enough content, and I'm too good a person to cheat unfortunately, how I wish a harem option was open sometimes... <_< Oh in that case Cassandra's fair game for me if Vivinne doesn't work out, but if he is alive I'll generally take the option of encouraging that NPC romance, I don't like using main character plot power to intervene in true love which is why I was happy for people like Garrus and Tali when they got together. I'm sure they'd have it built into the a certain scenario if he is married and if they wanted, the existence or non-existence of the gold-child's conception gives me hope on that front, perhaps only hardened Alistair who wins Anora's respect will manage it, though given Alistair's mother his likely inherited immunity to the taint may help as well, we'll see. Now that you've told me they've pushed it back, which is actually okay with me since it isn't into next year like so many other games, I think it's possible they throw us a bone on that front, I'm sure we'll get SOMETHING before the launch in any event. Yeah, that'll be fun, I'm looking forward to whatever bits from the beta come out now. If you do then you can pay In and Out Burger whenever we get there Until then we'll just have to watch out for any announcements coming out of THIS year's comic-con.

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