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Conversation Between Triple_R and Dr. Casey
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  1. Dr. Casey
    2013-03-12 20:37
    Dr. Casey

    Madoka Kaname, Saki Watanabe, and Chiyuri Something-or-other (Spring 2012-Summer 2012 was too long ago to remember her last name). The Holy Trinity of anime femme fatales. Don't underestimate your creation, though - Saki hasn't yet created a harem of girls all madly in love with her, nor has she NTR'd someone who's potentially been in love with her for hundreds of years (nobody knows for certain how many time loops Homura has gone through). When it comes to screwing with people's hearts and minds, PPPL Madoka is still the Queen. (ENFJs have a reputation for being femme fatales, interestingly enough, which is the personality type you figure Madoka has.)

    Hopefully it won't be too long until the next PPPL can be posted.
  2. Triple_R
    2013-03-10 18:15
    Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
    I have to say that, if Saki doesn't have any romantic feelings for Maria, she's kind of leading her on. Passionately making out with, and even having sex with, someone that's in love with you but to whom you don't return the feelings? That's kind of evil, Saki. Not even Chiyuri from Accel World sends those mixed of signals.

    But I want to add... It would even make Saki worse than PPPL's Madoka.
  3. Triple_R
    2013-03-09 13:41
    Just watched and commented on Accel World's latest OVA. It was great! Thanks again for the heads up on it.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-03-08 23:34
    Thanks for the heads-up on Accel World's new OVA. I'm downloading it as I write this, actually. I'll make sure to share my take on it after I've seen it.
  5. Dr. Casey
    2013-03-05 03:15
    Dr. Casey
    You might not have heard because it's been out of the limelight so long, but the new Accel World OVA was subbed today. It's mainly comedy (though much less surreal and omake-ish than the first OVA), but there's quite a bit of character development and backstory detailing also.
  6. Triple_R
    2013-02-23 21:27
    It was a great post, thanks!

    I hate to disappoint, but the bit between Mami and Kyouko was just a subplot continuation of Mami trying to persuade Kyouko to stop being a loner and re-embrace the rest of humanity in general. What you read into it was totally unintentional on my part, though in fairness, I definitely see how you came to the conclusion you did.

    But who knows? Maybe I'll write a scenario where Mami finds out that Madoka is two-timing on her and Mami "gets back" at Madoka by cheating with Kyouko...

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the review. As a big Sayaka fan, I certainly get why many PMMM fans don't like Kyousuke, but I wanted to write a route where all of his positive qualities come out, and he gets to be a real stand-up, charismatic, good guy (I also must admit that I like imagining myself in Kyousuke's shoes for these scenes, lol). Admittedly, part of the reason I'm writing that is that I wanted at least one route where Sayaka truly and totally "wins" in everything she wanted/set out to do in the canon narrative. Where things go totally her way for a change. In Mami Romance, Sayaka gets the opportunity to be very supportive of Madoka and Mami, so I felt that this would be a good place for "Sayaka wins!" to happen, as she really earns it here, imo.
  7. Dr. Casey
    2013-02-23 21:16
    Dr. Casey
    "Stories are reviewed when they are reviewed..." - Shiro

    Hope you liked my PPPL post.
  8. Triple_R
    2013-02-22 18:50
    I hate to be a bother, but since this worked last time... Review already!
  9. Dr. Casey
    2013-02-18 21:34
    Dr. Casey
    Oh no, don't ever worry about that. An Alzheimer's grandmother that's increasingly hard to deal with doesn't leave me with much free time, but there's definitely no issue of declining fandom here; as I've said before, I'm not ever going to lose interest in the story.
  10. Triple_R
    2013-02-18 21:32
    Yes! I really look forward to your next PPPL review!

    I was honestly starting to worry that you had lost interest in it, lol.

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