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Conversation Between Triple_R and Dr. Casey
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  1. Triple_R
    2012-11-28 12:20
    That was a great reply! Lovely read.

    One quick note (but I'll get back to more later) - The 2nd Mami pic in the latest update is mostly taken from official art in a NewType magazine scan. When I first saw that, what stood out to me the most was how that pic made Mami look totally infatuated with Sayaka, lol. So I just had to use it for the brief SayaMami bit.

    My good friend Kogetsu Shirogane cut it out for me, and put it against a more romantic-y background.
  2. Dr. Casey
    2012-11-28 11:17
    Dr. Casey
    New PPPL post.

    How many routes are left? It's hard to keep track.
  3. Dr. Casey
    2012-11-20 22:58
    Dr. Casey
    ^^ Avatars lose their shine eventually, at first they make your posts seem more colorful or otherwise set the mood better, but they can get stale eventually (a point I thought the red-haired girl had started to reach... whoever she is ). I came across some Hyouka icons in my journey across the internet for a new avatar, and decided upon Chitanda because she's probably the most avataresque of the bunch, even if Oreki's my favorite character.

    Also, I read the last few chapters of PPPL again and made a list of things to comment on. Next week: PPPL review, Thanksgiving Edition.
  4. Triple_R
    2012-11-18 18:31
    Love your new avatar. It's great!
  5. Triple_R
    2012-11-11 20:52
    Thanks in large part to your inspiration, a new update awaits you on the Fan Creations subforum...
  6. Triple_R
    2012-11-09 21:17
    lol, the timing of that VM is very good, because I was just starting to have doubts about PPPL.

    I'm really going to try to get down and write some more soon.
  7. Dr. Casey
    2012-11-09 21:08
    Dr. Casey
    ne, ne, Triple-kun

    Has anyone told you today that PPPL is awesome

    because it is
  8. Dr. Casey
    2012-11-08 15:17
    Dr. Casey
    Thanks, Triple! That gave me an extra 26 rep points (595 -> 621). Someone neg repped me for being a bigot for saying something negative about Obama (because obviously disagreeing with some of his policies makes me a racist), but now my Soul Gem has been cleansed reputation is back where it should be.
  9. Triple_R
    2012-11-08 12:54
    There you go. I'm curious to know how many rep points that gave you.
  10. Triple_R
    2012-11-07 23:58
    Also, don't let the neg reps bother you. Take them as badges of honor reflecting your courage to post controversial opinions. Some of my own best posts (in my own opinion) were ones that were neg repped, lol.

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