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Conversation Between Triple_R and Last Sinner
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  1. Last Sinner
    2014-10-23 03:20
    Last Sinner
    Condolences for the attack that went down in Ottawa today. Hope the spirit and goodwill of Canada perseveres.
  2. Last Sinner
    2014-10-19 11:00
    Last Sinner
    Find it rather ironic people in that Mary Sue/Gary Stu thread only want to argue about Mahouka with the odd mention of SAO. I find it hard to believe that people aren't discussing Attack on Titan as being the most blatant example of that character type being successful via Levi and Mikasa.
  3. Last Sinner
  4. Triple_R
    2014-10-10 21:24
    Some good in-jokes in the image. Hanayo's love or riceballs, popular pairings, Kotori=bird joke... good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Last Sinner
    2014-10-10 21:14
    Last Sinner
    So my Hong Kong friend keeps linking me Love Live fanart.

    I never have any idea what's going on in it. But I guess you might understand what's going on in this one.
  6. Last Sinner
    2014-09-24 05:39
    Last Sinner
    So I came across something today. Involving two things crossed together in one wacky scenario. I do dig Phoenix Wright, but never the other thing it got crossed with - still don't despite this. Yet....this combination is just genius...
  7. Last Sinner
    2014-09-14 08:21
    Last Sinner
    It's fine, I have been too as I said in a recent PM. As for the reasons, as said in that PM, for now I'd prefer yourself and AW to keep it to yourselves.

    There's also world championships for League of Legends and Hearthstone upcoming, so my mind and time has been way more on them than on anime lately. Also played a lot of Recettear lately. From the things I've seen, July has been a mega letdown. At least there's Fate/Stay Night in October to look forward to.
  8. Triple_R
    2014-09-14 06:32
    Just so you know, I've been a bit busier in RL lately. Work mostly. So that's why I haven't replied to you much lately. Have just enough free time to follow my two main fandoms (anime and pro hockey) and comment a little bit on anime here.
  9. Last Sinner
    2014-08-15 02:13
    Last Sinner

    Well flock me! Nanoha Vivid is getting animated!
  10. Last Sinner
    2014-08-11 21:49
    Last Sinner
    Thought you might get a kick out of this cinematic. A lot of people now consider Ahri (the fox woman) and Leona (the armor-clad woman) to be canon after this.

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