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Conversation Between Triple_R and Haak
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  1. Triple_R
    2015-01-15 14:36
    I'm glad you and Kona were able to work things out. I posted something on the Community Awards Group that you might want to check out once you have time to.

    About Little Busters! EX, since Kona brought it up here on your wall - I definitely get why you wouldn't want some throwaway OVAs (Akuma no Riddle's recent one comes to mind) to be up for the award, but you should know that LB! EX did in fact adapt some extra romance routes that LB! "proper" never got to. In other words, LB! EX was *not* "filler", even going by a loose definition of the term.

    Mind you, it's probably too late in the game to change anything now, but it might be worth considering for how we approach, say, future VN adaptations.
  2. Triple_R
    2015-01-14 20:37
    I'm talking to someone who's a bit upset that she just missed the AS Choice Awards deadline. She thought "1/15" would apply to a North American-based timezone since AS itself is an American-based site. This individual is an Anime Suki Moderator, by the way.

    I don't suppose some sort of exception can be made here if this individual (and maybe one or two others like her) can get their nominations in within the next 3 hours or so?
  3. Haak
    2014-12-25 03:46
    Happy Holidays to you as well, you God damn troll.
  4. Triple_R
    2014-12-24 21:47
    Since you don't like Christmas songs, I'll wish you... Feliz Navidad!

    But seriously, Happy Holidays.
  5. Haak
    2014-11-18 17:46
    I don't know if you ever got round to watching Birdy the Mighty: Decode or not but I literally just found this little titbit and figured you might find it interesting. Apparently the connection between Superman and Birdy the Mighty: Decode was deeper than I thought. XP

    (Btw, In case you haven't watched Birdy the Mighty yet, don't watch that youtube video. That's a clip of the final fight of the second season.)
  6. Haak
    2014-10-07 07:36
    I've only played a handful of VNs in general - I like them, but they're massive timesinks
    Haha lol, and FSN is probably the worst offender given how wordy it is so I don't blame you.

    Good to know you haven't seen the UBW film yet. I was really just wondering if you'd already been spoiled on the major plot twists in UBW but I guess not.
  7. Triple_R
    2014-10-07 07:16
    Shingeki no Bahamut looks rather cool going by that YouTube vid. I'll make a point to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    As it pertains to Fate/Series, all I've seen is Fate/Zero and Deen's Fate/Stay Night. Archon_Wing's criticisms of the Unlimited Blades Works movie was enough to make me decide to not check it out. I've only played a handful of VNs in general - I like them, but they're massive timesinks that just don't work for me given my RL and other hobbies (if I got into VNs heavily, I'd have to abandon my pro sports or anime hobby entirely).
  8. Haak
    2014-10-07 06:48
    Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
    I completely agree. Fate/Series is one of the biggest and longest-running multi-media franchises in the entire otaku world. It has a large and passionate fanbase. I think that calls for extra consultation and analysis on how to handle it spoiler-wise.
    Just out of curiosity, what point are you on with the FSN franchise? I know you've seen the Fate Zero anime. Have you only seen the FSN anime or have you played the VN? Have you seen the UBW movie as well? I read the VN years ago so I won't have much to comment on in the threads since its mostly just a rewatch for me.

    Also, are you watching Shingeki no Bahamut by any chance?
  9. Haak
    2014-09-24 07:35
    Haha yeah. Good analysis.
  10. Triple_R
    2014-09-22 19:49
    Aldnoah.Zero is one of those shows that people get passionate about. I think "very entertaining in a Hollywood-esque way" combined with "some soap opera-esque characterization" tends to be the combo that sucks people in with these shows, and inspires passionate loyalty to certain characters and/or the show itself.

    So once you get yourself into a big debate on one of these sorts of shows, and/or one of its major characters, it can be hard to get yourself out of it without feeling like you're just letting the other side steamroll you.

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