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Conversation Between KrimzonStriker and Dann of Thursday
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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Today 02:10
    Okay, well that was a lot of ball busting these last few days to get my project in but I did it and now I'm set for my new certificate and to finally get to my responses

    Cool, let me know what your final impressions are when you reach the, especially that added epilogue I mentioned I know, and I agree it worked as an ending though I always felt it was a shame there'd never be an opportunity for sequels for OS because of it, good as its spiritual successors in Murumasa and Dragon's Crown were in their own right. Well I hope things have cleared up for you via your schedule as I'll be sending over WOIAF via email to you now. Still trying to figure out what to do about Warcraft Chronicles though.

    I'll keep it in mind as I mull over the decision, for now I'm going to worry about just managing to get the hardware to play any games first though. Probably not, though I'm a bit curious if you might get RPG worn out running through the gauntlet of XV, LG, P5, and now Horizon Speaking of have you figured out what you'll be doing about LG in October?

    Yeah, though I'm still peeved they're not going that for more games in the franchise like that prequel Meiji era version of the game, would have been fun to shake things up with a new cast of characters. It'll all depend on what new games developers decide to do on their own in terms of pushing the envelope for the Vita, and that could become more of an option the longer Nintendo keeps stalling in regards to their own handheld I would think.

    Oh, of course they didn't use HD in the Remastered version, I mean it's not like that kind of thing isn't half the damn appeal/hope for rereleasing older games*sarcasm* <_< Yeah, once again not something either of us will probably get into no matter how many slapped together games they throw at us, but speaking of Batman at least Telltales new title got a trailer finally, looks like a very interesting combinations at the very least. Eh, well given they haven't perfected the gaming aspect I imagine we're still several years away before seeing any other applications for VR fit for mainstream consumption. Ah, found out it was just a official mod for Ark: Survival Evolved, still a cool concept though.

    Well as I said, I don't we've got anything to really fear based on what we've seen, if it's not good which I still think it has the potential to be then it'll at least be average, which should more than allow for the other aspects of the game to shine through as you said, but honestly based on what we've seen so far I really don't think Horizon won't at least be on the Tomb Raider reboot level story wise, and that's not even factoring the unique setting the former has going for it. Agreed, though I once didn't mind so much as I was hungry to devour any new lore and insight into Aloey's world, but I understand it's not for everyone so will settle for less comments in that case.

    Oh wow, they're really pricing 2.8 as if it were a full game? Definitely youtube then.

    Yeah, well like I said I hope said trend will include 0081 at some point <_< Hey, you've got a long road ahead of you and if the opportunity to play it isn't available now then I'm sure one will come in the future at some point.

    Understood, do what you think works for you in the end.

    Regarding Rebels you can't believe how happy this makes me, including the new book and seeing how this Thrawn is incorporated I'm now also hopefully we might end up with an in cannon scenario where Thrawn lives since I think it was said somewhere that this Thrawn definitely has his own agenda in regards to working for the Empire, so I'm crossing my fingers that Thrawn does a Empire of the Hand scenario abandons ship prior to Return of the Jedi. Regardless the 3rd season of Rebels is looking sweet, Ezra's leveled up which helps his character development tremendously, and I cannot wait for Fall now
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-26 18:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Edit: Nevermind. Took a joke as serious.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-26 14:42
    Dann of Thursday
    I think we still need to just see gameplay since while we saw some it mostly felt like those behind the scenes sort of shots. Yeah, but none of that stuff is canon anymore and I’m not sure they’re bothering with stuff that’s outside that now. It certainly looked quite fun to my eyes, but yeah I hope the story mode turns out well.

    I know little myself aside from the original Prey 2 trailer looking pretty neat. It’s weird hearing him speak to a degree and I find it funny they just straight up say that Corvo’s her father now since in the first it seemed like they were just strongly hinting it.

    I think there were some promising things though not enough new stuff and also some odd absences like that new Crackdown. Definitely an odd thing to see on both company’s parts.

    Me neither really. Perhaps, though that potential takeover that Vivendi is pursuing might make it for naught. Heard mixed things on how it played though.

    I should hope so since I honestly thought LoU wasn’t exactly the best playing game for as good as its other production values were. I like that aspect and am curious to see it in action as well as what upgrades there are for Kratos himself. I suppose and he apparently isn’t the sole writer so perhaps that will help. I’m sure it will be weird and complicated, whatever it is.

    Yeah, they don’t really have too much coming out right now except for some stuff on handhelds. Maybe they’re saving up for the NX reveal, which has apparently been confirmed as some console-handheld hybrid that uses cartridges and such but isn’t backwards compatible. That’s a fair point though if it’s early next year then it will probably have to wait.

    It’s looking like a solid sequel that hopefully fixes what issues the original had so I’m excited. I actually like most of the cast from it more though there are some real dull ones like Vaan. That would be a nice feather in the cap given how popular the first was. Well, if it does show up there since I’m just guessing.

    Only problem with doing patches is that it could end up like Witcher 3 where the changes are really great, but may come too late to really do anything for those playing it upon release. It’s just going to depend on how all the systems end up working together from the encounters to skills to how combat evolves as you grow. And really that’s hard to say right now.

    It’d be nice to see the story and music complimented by good gameplay for once.

    Thanks. Sorry to hear about your grandmother though at least you were able to see her too.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-26 09:18
    Dann of Thursday
    Not that I heard. Agreed, the new one seems just fine to me. I’m not sure it would necessarily need to take that long for them to get there. Or at least we’ll see progress happening with her. That’s not exactly surprising though hopefully he hasn’t gone all grimdark. It’s that or at the very least coming up with new techniques over time with them, which I guess amounts to the same thing. Seeing what the others have accomplished would certainly be cool to see. Jaune I’m quite curious about since it’d make sense for him to get more serious and thus strive to improve.

    When I have a moment I’ll have to go through them all and see.

    That’s good so good luck with that once it comes around.

    Yeah, that’s a difficult decision though logically I suppose Erwin would be the more practical choice between the two. Could also lead into a civil war potentially. Unless Erwin decides to sacrifice himself or something. That surely was a tease for something in the future that the basement could possibly answer. Not sure what would be good for that offhand myself.

    Lots of trailers from Comic Con. Doctor Strange looks good. Wonder Woman looks okay I think, though I thought the Justice League trailer looked weird. Like the music, tone and scenes felt oddly put together. I’d agree that they saved him in case they decided to do something more with him in the future.

    Yes, hopefully it turns out well though he generally always does good work. Definitely looks really nice and as you said a good way to learn more.

    At this point it’s just wait and see I guess. Maybe it will all come together or maybe it won’t. I feel like stuff like this generally comes out for everyone eventually, though I could be wrong. I think so or at least one of the previous ones. It was a pair of daggers. I saw that one of the limited theatrical releases was in New York. AMC Empire on 42nd Street. There’s some in Texas but none in Austin unfortunately. Yeah, I’ve quite enjoyed them for the most part as I finally caught up. I’d be curious if they show a reaction from Prompto if they meet Pryna in game. I want to learn more about him as well. Any idea what the fifth episode is? Luna maybe?

    Alright, he is Ravus Nox Fleuret, Luna’s brother. Lost their mom during the Niflheim invasion and seems to blame Regis for not helping, though I’m sure he has revenge plans on the empire too. Design for the game has him with what looks like either a damaged or artificial arm that I imagine happens due to events in the film as he looks fine there. His design in the film also makes him look like Jaime which is weird.

    I actually sort of do after thinking on it and yeah I recall it being pretty bad.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-25 19:20
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, once I’m done with my diet which got paused due to everything going on I think I’ll try making some stuff completely on my own like Spaghetti or something. Yeah and my kitchen has just a regular oven and isn’t that big really. I’d probably try to make a small one which seems the safest bet. Yeah, I don’t expect to ever be as good as my mom either since they just have the sheer amount of experience over us along with not having it quite as easy since the easy options for food have just increased over time. Best of luck on your end with that. Quite true.

    It’d definitely depend on what happens once they’re done with all that material and have only the main plot left to go for. Always worth a shot if you can get it on the page since that always seemed the hardest part to me when you have to give a scenario a solid form where it can’t endlessly change in your head. I’d imagine it would be with them dying most likely since that’s about as much as you could expect, especially from Fleming.

    Not that much longer really so we’ll know soon enough where they go with all this.

    Yeah, not sure I would have liked to be anywhere else in the state since this does seem like the best place for me. Sounds good. I’d be sort of curious to know for sure, but I kind of imagine they always have concepts going around even when another show is airing. I feel I’ve read about such things before but can’t recall where exactly.

    Yep seems so, though I wonder if we’re going to keep running into these slimy examiners this entire time or if they might eventually just give up, though I guess that would be too much to hope for. They’re just so cartoonish in their evil though it does make it nice to see them get thwarted. It does make Central look dumber and dumber for how much they’re trying to stifle them and really makes their whole effort seem wasted when these people can make excellent dishes out of nothing. I could see them going that route with the relationship, though agree it’d be nicer to see it happen and then have things go from there. Huh, I had no clue they were actually engaged. Interesting question though I imagine Soma at least would endeavor to have his own little place. It’s definitely unfortunate and a bit odd as well, though if they continue this format then perhaps they won’t be so pressed and an OVA would be good for the daycare bit. That’s an odd number. Yes, that’s a bit of a distressing thing to see happening all of a sudden.

    I haven’t had any time to read more unfortunately since I’d prefer to just sit down and go through it all since it’s there. I can tell there’s a lot to that guy so that doesn’t surprise me that I’d want to watch him. Hope it doesn’t get as weird as stuff like Tsubasa got.

    From what I’ve heard it seemed to end openly but otherwise alright.

    My list is:
    Mob Psycho 100
    Tales of Zestiria the X
    Jojo Season 4
    Thunderbolt Fantasy
    Shokuheki S2

    Also some old show called Relife that sounded interesting. Granted, I haven’t really started any of these yet besides Shokugeki and Jojo.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-07-21 14:53
    Hey, no problem you take care of what you need to do, and honestly I'm a bit busy myself trying to finish these projects by their due date next week for my coding classes. And my condolences for your loss, I've faced a similar feeling after going to see my grandmother in China before she passed away soon after. I'll forward to hearing from you when you're ready.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-21 08:06
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry this has been taking so long. Work's been kind of crazy and I'm leaving to go home for my grandfather's funeral today. If all goes well I think I can have some stuff up over the weekend.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-16 11:06
    Dann of Thursday
    Yo the Star Wars Celebration is going on I guess, but they just announced Thrawn is coming to Star Wars Rebels and that Zahn will be writing a novel coming out April next year as well as collaborating with them on the character.

    Lars Mikkelsen is voicing him.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-07-14 18:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, it’s quite convenient and no complaints for the game on this platform either. I’m pretty okay with everything even if it is a tad sad with what happens. Perhaps, though it’s been quite busy at work as of late along with family stuff going on that I haven’t really been able to dig into much of anything lately except in little bits here and there.

    Something to think about if you ever feel like it and there are free demos for both the first and second Bravely games that also get you some free stuff for playing through them that let you experiment with those systems. Yeah and if need be I can just put off Horizon since I don’t see it becoming hard to find. Ah, that’s a fair point I’d forgotten.

    Yes, glad to hear they’re continuing to bring that series over. The tech perhaps not but it’s not going to gain any more of a market share than it already has. And I don’t see Sony taking the chance on another one at this point.

    I’ve seen screens of Remastered but that’s about it. It does sort of look weird and it’s a shame they didn’t use the HD backgrounds which I’ve seen pics of and looks great. I’ve heard mixed things regarding the Batman thing but like most of it the whole thing is hard to really get. I’m far more curious about non-gaming applications of VR to be honest. Not a bad concept certainly.

    Perhaps. We’ll just have to see how that pans out. Even if the story is mediocre or bad, if the rest of the game is alright then that can help make up for that shortcoming. I think it’s fine here and there, but constantly could get old after a while. There could be some smaller stuff but I don’t think it would be wise to go up against those.

    Yeah, maybe if it goes down in price a lot or something but I think I’d be good with youtube.

    It’s a nice trend to see happening. I’m kind of interested in the game and have heard really good things, but not sure if I’ll ever get it with everything else.

    Thanks for the recommendation in any case, though the ones I have on the backlog could keep me going till XV comes round.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-07-13 20:24
    EA: I still don't know if I'm a fan of how glossy all the skin textures are but as previously state they're getting better in adding more life/flush at least. I agree they weren't very good but I'm a story completionist at heart and would like it if they just wrapped the FU stuff up already, mostly so we can move on. Well I've always liked the gameplay of TF, but now it feels like there's a real stake in the franchise with this story mode. I'm of the same mindset as you, at the very least TF2 will be a compelling youtube watch now.

    Beths: Well as I said I don't know anything about the Prey series to really care if it's a reboot or not, just have to see when it comes out if it goes down well. Huh, I might have miscontrued stuff after that gameinformer article discussion we had about Dishonored 2, but as you said at the least it's something to watch videos of when it comes out. Cool that Corvo finally got a VA btw.

    MS: Exactly, this just shows they didn't have more concrete things to announce They could have just given a release date at most, not devote an entire section of their conference for it. But it's their showcase, I can't believe they didn't verify/go over the demos beforehand, Sony surely did after all given their orchestra coordination. Moving on from MS then.

    US: Maybe, but I'm not just not into the whole Anonymous storyline angle. That I can agree, hopefully Southpark and For Honor shake things up enough for them going forward. The new Steep game looks pretty cool too even if I'm not into sports in general at least this shakes that field up a little as well.

    Sony: There definitely similarities but the setting/storyline will showcase plenty of differences between this and LoU I think such as the magic and all, for one thing you can actually level up your kid to make him useful Cool, should be a fun fall all around between LG and XV in that case You might be right but you got to give him credit for being the pioneer, and this Detriot game might be the one that lets him take back the title of best in this genre. I'm fine with not, definitely in no rush to see the result of whatever Kojima was smoking that day after that trailer <_< Understandable.

    Nin: Same, but I think it just shows how deprived Nintendo is right now that they did it this way. I'm not saying I dislike it, it's just weird for me to look at right now, especially after the remastered Twilight Princess. It'd be a hard title to avoid, I'd revisit that thought after looking at your schedule and when it's released, worst case it shits on the shelf for you to come back to at some point, lord knows the next LoZ won't be out for some time after this one.

    Hmm, something I'll definitely consider checking out then. Hopefully GR2 does it's predeccsor well in that case, it looks interesting in any event. If you say so regarding Zodiac, XII just wasn't one of my favorites in general to be honest, now THAT had dull characters in comparison to X. I figured, but I've been patient enough as is and at least I have reason to hope in regards to TWEWY, lord knows Nintendo would love to have something like that to fill up it's conference versus riding Zelda to death <_< Ah, you're correct, sucks but I'll look forward to seeing VIIR at PSX regardless in any case, not going to let it being episodic stop me if waiting over a decade didn't.

    Hey, I'm feeling the same sweat over these issues too, but we just got to hope there's still enough time to get this sorted out by this point. That's good in most respects, a patch show's that they are semi-aware at least even as they push forward, along with a way to address potential problems in the future hopefully. I don't either, but I just have to believe they aren't THAT moronic/oblivious to risk it anyway. Alright, good point, especially when we're so near release day, but we'll just have to see. I thought you would, and based on what the new trailers showed I'm feeling a bit better about the combat as well given we saw those combos with the party memberes that I kept mentioning, which I hope will address some of the issues had about controlling/coordinating them.

    I share the same sentiments, maybe Nier will get me over my Drakengard hangups after all, but I'll wait and see. Have a lot of other games to investigate before I deal with that one.

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