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Conversation Between KrimzonStriker and Dann of Thursday
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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 01:50
    They really should though, and at least TWEWY got a reference in Kingdom Hearts so Square apparently hasn't forgotten about it, so you never know. True, true, I'm excited either way when said Odin Sphere Remake finally drops.

    Eh, I thought it was okay for the most part, being a Warcraft fan probably enhances my perception of it though cause I squeed a few times seeing some very iconic characters re-imagined. And yeah, in a lot of ways the Warcraft universe IS kind of generic (while also helping to set that standard in the first place) though I'm still keen to see how this re-imagined version will work out. If they ever listen to fans they'll make an animated film finally, after all the praises for Blizzard's cinematics. Huh, send me a PM or something with some of the titles, I'm curious to learn more about their backstory if that's available. Yeah, though Legacy was a wild ride and I have the Starcraft Field Manual encyclopedia so I'm content so far, along with seeing what kind of story comes from the future DLC releases for Starcraft, so Zhan can take his time to get it right.

    True that, so until otherwise let's bring the Persona discussion to a close.

    Hah, that'd be fantastic to see but also possibly a bit too much, hopefully the direct import of the original LOGH will do and the remake manages to reconcile whatever extraneous things it needs to.

    Mmhmm, speaking of which I should check in on Rebels now that Season 2 is a bit further along.

    Alright, well moving on until next year's Comic-con does come around. I do have to check out the company that made those figures/props, it was some pretty impressive stuff.

    Speaking of movie stuff though, you seen that Captain America: Civil War trailer yet? Hooh boy, that ones going to sweet, and something to fall back on if Batman v. Superman turns out to be a disaster

    I am a little apprehensive as to where the story for Deus Ex will ultimately go though, part of me wishes it could deviate from the original storyline and provide a true alternate choice. Not surprised about the push back on the release date, disappointed but not surprised, but there'll be plenty to keep us occupied in the mean time. Oh really now? Maybe they'll FINALLY Import Valkyria Chronicles 3 after all, though I'm not getting my hopes up, and at least one fan had the decency to release an english translation patch even though it's not covering the DLC's. I am intrigued to see what new RPG they'll come up with though.

    Cool, it's good to experiment to keep things fresh, especially something like the Witcher. Err, gameplay choice or story choice, cause if it's story choice just go with what you think that character would ultimately choose to do since it either one is apparently okay. Speaking of, have you had a chance to try out Tales of Zestiria yet?
  2. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 01:11
    Always are, well until the main game actually drops here in the U.S let's push BlazBlue to the side for now. Well, that's all you can do then, so put it out of your mind for now and try to enjoy the holidays in the meantime, I know I did this Thanksgiving

    He'd be one of those unstoppable surprises, though how useful he'd be with a finess operation to capture Eren is debatable to say the least. Didn't they specifically have a fight between Reiner and Beast-man in order to determine the order of things, with them getting Eren first and then getting Annie later? I fully expect him to be given how much power he's demonstrated to have, from converting people to controlling Titans, etc.

    Would have been nice but given how I didn't want to be weighed down by the first Build I can live with that. So, how far are you getting with the original Utawaremono anime while we're talking about it?

    Unfortunately that just comes with the genre they're working with, anything not horror that has a highschool setting like this one unfortunately demand it. It's like asking why we have slapstick humor in the first place Dann, it's a waste of time more often then not but it's what entertains far too many people to keep them invested when once again we're dealing with a very standard highschool magical combat school setting. I'm glad you like it, I'm on and off with One-punch so comic-book format works for me right now, and I see why it has its following. I'll probably binge watch everything, Utawaremono, Cavalry, and One-Punch when Christmas break hits.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-27 19:56
    Eh, it plays on a lot of human weaknesses, fear and greed being the primary ones. Guess we'll see how it ultimately works out, I expect a new director with potentially new policies once Azami is kicked out given how up in years Senzamon is getting. We'll know in a couple of more chapters now depending on how the matchup ends. Same with whether Erina can pull something off, though once again we'll have to see the final match result.

    Pretty sure the condition is the same for everyone right now, being expelled or saving their club/dorm. Huh, well my prediction was off, but only by a little, it isn't a question of his skill but the amount of effort Eizan puts into cooking that holds him back, that's still a glaring weakness to be exploited though.

    Well, in this case it looks like Soma went the other route I thought might be able to level the playing field with Eizan, insulting his pride to a point he feels compelled to compare their dishes, it still probably won't work though even if Soma's dish should technically win, Eizan will likely not admit it and go forward with disqualifying him anyway, but at least he'll have the chance to compete.

    I'd certainly be up for that kind of approach, less being more being an apt saying in this case, lord knows a LOT of the mainstream series fell into that trap. Huh, well I'll check it out regardless though depressingly I think you might be right about the original ending route BONES would go, HOPEFULLY Academia manages to churn out enough for a 12 episode season by the time it comes out... Oh definitely, based on the reactions I saw at Comic-con alone for One-Punch man I fully expect it to get a break/second season.

    Gonna integrate your previous RWBY post with this one

    Agreed on it being the best one, episode 3 gave me some hope they can pick up a faster pace at least, even though it isn't quite as smooth yet in terms of flow and movement, but overall I thought it was adequate, provided that can keep this same quality from now on. Can't wait to see more interactions between Winter and Qrow as well, definitely feels like there's personally history to go along with their ideological differences.

    I should hope so, the first chapter of the RWBY manga came out over there in Japan and it was certainly intriguing, with a very striking art style.

    Well, the Huntsmen release for World of Remnant was certainly interesting, especially all that stuff regarding Atlas and how it seems to have taken the place of Mantle, any thoughts? I didn't say it was likely, only that it was a possibility until we got in-universe confirmation that this girl is indeed her mother. Yeah, here's hoping they explain what happened/what she and Yang talked about. Curious to see which other big name VA they'll bring in, I feel like I'm looking around corners waiting for Steve Blum to voice Taiyang or something Moving on until the game's release then, oh and I'll move my response to your Witcher comments in the last post.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-27 14:26
    Which is good for me cause lore was usually always what drew me into games to begin with. Moving on.

    I looked it up and the Third Route is called Freedom available and from what I understand it's probably the 'true' route ending that's supposed to be taken. I'm okay with it honestly, it's not unlike having choice variations like in other games such as Witcher, Mass Effect, etc, it just takes that to a deeper level in terms of game play and story variation. So long as there IS a true/canonical ending like the Freedom Route at some point I'd still be willing to play it.

    Eh, I'm fine with that as well provided that special edition is still available during the price reduction phase.

    Huh, wonder what Nintendo had to pay Square to finally get a piece of that pie. It's cool I guess though I wonder if that might not take away from Dissidia. Probably not, Smash is a very different game, which also leads me to wonder if they'll bring other FF characters in as well.

    I just have to hope for the best that Fairy Tail at least manages to end well, I'll deal with everything else after that.

    I'm not that disappointed with it, as of recent news reports it's going to be a 4 episode ONA, straight to online viewing and no television broadcast, and the character designs kind of remind me of Cowboy Beboop which is not a bad thing, should be interesting to see. If we're talking OYW then sure, it's why I've been clamoring for a 0081 adaptation. Should be soon enough I think given that they've already released profiles for said other Gundam models to appear in Orphans.

    And as of episode 7 that pattern's basically continued unabated. Your prediction turned out to be true even if Mika eventually managed to even the playing field, Barbatos didn't escape unscathed,so now it HAS to find other machines to scavenge from for its unique frame. Both Todo AND Maruba whose been sent to the mines by Teiwaz thankfully. I'm also glad they can still get messages back and forth to let us know what's happening back on Mars, so all to the good.

    True, though I also like how these recent episodes have also focused on Mika's development and attempts to overcome his inadequacies. Yeah, and Atra is for now providing that bedrock of stable support for characters like Kudelia now. It was also very cool to see Orga get some character development and that Naze took on that mentor like role, though on a side note I don't think every girl on that ship is part of his harem, given how long it took for him to come up with an answer about his female crewmen to the cast and that pilot Azee's reaction to Lafter's praise of Naze, or her abscence from the harem shot in the new/changed scene in the opening with Naze and his crew. Episode 8 looks interesting in terms of expanding on the Teiwaz group, while also adding to more Orga development/drama with that new female character in the previews, should be interesting to watch this Sunday.

    It was always expected, regarding Sayla, given where she eventually ended up, and yeah about Amuro etc, though I hope that's the extent of his presence given I'd like to keep the focus on the Deikun children. Yeah, those past examples is what gives me hope they'll do that though that'll depend on how far the III Origin movie gets, should be fun to see based on new preview trailers anyway and I've always been curious about the Garma/Char relationship.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-11-24 05:30
    Sorry about the lack of response lately, pretty busy taking care of my place since my parents are on vacation, that and I'm currently scouring youtube trying to find all the little conversation scenes for Starcraft: Legacy of the Void single-player campaign. Will try to hopefully get in a response on Wednesday, or Friday-Saturday the latest, since nothing much happened in Shokugeki besides establishing Eizan and I want to head off the next RWBY/Gundam Orphans episodes coming out on Sunday so you can get a chance to respond and critique it first to add to your own comments.

    EDIT: Arrgggh, I've been pretty exhausted Dann, need to catch up on some Z's tonight so I'm going to TRY and get everything in tomorrow, at the very least I'll shoot for covering our Shokugeki discussions after the spoilers/release are out.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-18 15:12
    Dann of Thursday
    Bit news today that the new Deus Ex got pushed to August 26, 2016 which is a bit of a jump. Also a surprising announcement of Valkyria Chronicles HD for PS4 and a new series under a similar title but in a more standard RPG format and setting.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-14 15:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, saw the new RWBY episode and thought it was probably the best one yet. Lots of interesting details and stuff to talk about but I'll refrain until you get a chance.

    Also saw a picture of this huge banner for RWBY in Japan over a building. So I think that could be a good sign of how they're taking it which is heartening.

    Oh, and while I don't have much time I've been trying to get back to the Witcher which fell at the wayside some time back. Just trying to figure out the right sort of build to go with since I want to try something different then the purely Sign one I'd been doing till now. Just not sure what's viable after all the patches.

    Edit: Well, maybe not. Got snagged on a choice again, though it's more between two good outcomes which if anything is harder than juggling others.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:50
    Dann of Thursday
    I doubt we’ll be seeing that one anytime soon if at all. I haven’t given it much thought at the moment though it will probably depend on how well each version runs.

    Yeah, I’m not really ever going to go for that either especially with one that’s as far along as that one is now. I saw the trailer and am not sure what to think. The CG seems off in places and largely seems like generic fantasy, but we’ll just have to see as there’s still plenty of time left. I’ll at least give it a watch unless it ends up being completely terrible or something. Interestingly, I’ve heard Blizzard may be interested in bringing more of its franchises to media. These are just older ones before then and a few feature Thrawn, Pelleon, and the Chiss so they’re pretty fun to read. That isn’t due till next year though right?

    They’re working with higher visibility now, but also higher expectations because of that so hopefully it works out. They’ve certainly had a long enough time to work out all the details.

    Depends on how long it will be or if they’re really going to go the whole series with over 100 episodes.

    Yeah, I can understand that.

    Nice thing is that there’s always new stuff each year to take in. Yeah, those are the ones I meant.

    It’s also nice to see the team behind it improve it so much. That’d make sense though we’re probably quite some time away from seeing the end result.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, and I saw the video for the new one which seemed to add just a few more though hard to say if they’ll be that important either. I’m just waiting on the final decision now, though I wouldn’t be starting till February if I did get it they told me. Sort of hope I hear something soon just to get the nervousness of it all out of the way. Thank you.

    He can work as something of a surprise I think unless they’re perhaps having him sneak in to perhaps get Annie then turn Titan to bust out with her. You’re probably right on that count. Curious to see how they’ll fair fighting him since he seems like a fairly seasoned veteran which I’d think would make him the most dangerous.

    I do wish we’d gotten more flashbacks in Try though then I suppose I would have just rather seen all the old characters if they’d done that. Yeah, that makes sense.

    It’s just really sad that that is the best they’ve got to help bring in viewers. But it’s still there when it doesn’t need to be really. If they’re going for a straight romance, then what is the point of the little sister who is in love with her brother? All it does is waste time that could be better spent elsewhere. One Punch Man I think is structured something like a comic book in some respects, but as it goes along it does start getting into longer arcs. It’s probably the most fun show for me at least this season.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:46
    Dann of Thursday
    I have trouble why anyone would really think this is a good idea and would imagine most students would find it more stifling then something they’d like. That at least would be a good change and it’s largely the biggest problem with the old system. I suppose we’ll get some sort of hint where this is going unless they hide the twist a bit.
    That’s certainly possible though it could also have just been words of comfort potentially. If she does know something then it would be a good time to bring it up pretty soon.

    Yes, there’s a variety of ways this could go and I do enjoy that all of Eizan’s attempts to break Soma are continuing to fail and he just seems to get more focused from the looks of things. I still can’t recall but did we establish what stakes were if Soma won aside from the dorm surviving? Or was Eizan so arrogant it never came up? I’d imagine it might be a case of that as well where he’s decent, but doesn’t stack up to the other members much at all.

    It’s possible I suppose. I did hear an interesting idea that with these Jump adaptations they might be starting to see that approaching it on a season by season basis with breaks in between is better than some long running series with tons of filler like Haikyuu!! for example. My Hero Academia got announced for an anime from BONES recently and there isn’t a whole lot of material yet unless they either do enough to take a break or go their original ending route which tends to feel a bit mixed. Then you’ve got One Punch Man, which is only 12-13 episodes but with the next major arc not finished being redone by Murata, but it’s popular enough that it could get a break before another season as well.

    Very well. Maybe, though I suppose it’s important to note that we’re just not going to see battles with quite the same style or speed that Monty had since that was rather unique to him. I just do hope they get going at a good pace soon enough. Definitely curious since the latest episode confirmed for sure that there is some sort of history going on there along with Qrow being a bit of a drunk possibly.

    Curious what the next topic will be though we should be getting a new one soon enough I’d imagine. I just think it’d be a bit much to go so far as have a twin sister or something out of nowhere. Seems just a bit too complicated when her just reappearing after disappearing works well enough as a mystery. I missed that look actually but saw it mentioned a lot. It actually did have a weird dream feeling to it back when it aired, but I suppose we’ll get something eventually. Yes, he seems to be doing just fine and I didn’t even notice the change too much either. Good news all around for the most part.

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