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Conversation Between Animepandafreak and Rinji
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  1. Animepandafreak
    2010-09-30 15:06
    Yeah from the Rpg
  2. Rinji
    2010-09-03 02:25
    Hi, remember me?
  3. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-23 11:37
    wat?! wat do u mean ur leaving leaving 4evr why??
  4. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-15 20:01
    oh so she isnt doin the rp at all......
    its k
  5. Rinji
    2009-01-14 02:04
    Slowly, apparently Arceon is no longer interested in helping us so it's just two of us working on the story itself. mew. Sorry about the holdup.
  6. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-13 22:36
    ummmm....hi...hows the story line goin 4 the rp??
  7. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-02 11:17
    O i understand kk
  8. Rinji
    2009-01-02 11:12
    Well we're having trouble catching up on the dynamics of the game. So there's some delay. I'll keep you updated.
  9. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-02 11:00
    when r we startin the rp
  10. Animepandafreak
    2008-12-26 17:09
    finsih it and posted

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