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Conversation Between Myssa Rei and RRW
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  1. RRW
    2013-05-16 08:31
    just to answer you question regarding T30

    1) dont compare progress between you and me since you use premium for most of the time while i not -_-
    2) I am not sure if I want T30 right now since I have to transfer my crew from T28 prot to T30 since it will be stupid to play T9 with 75%.
    3) and I probably loss T28 prot AKA my only T8 tank (unleash if you count 13 75 as "T8" tank)

    so basically I will try to keep T28 prot as long as I can. also I am concentrating on French light in order to get that batchat. so I probably get Lorraine before T30

    stupid I know
  2. RRW
    2013-05-14 14:29
  3. RRW
    2013-05-02 10:07
    What is your opinion of these anime

    Denpa Onna
    Meiro no Croisée
    Oda Nobuna
    Kamisama note
    High School Boy
    Usagi Drop
  4. RRW
    2013-04-18 06:10
    Visit animesuki Social group then you know
  5. Myssa Rei
    2013-04-18 06:06
    Myssa Rei
    Wait, are lationship chart? For what? O_O
  6. RRW
    2013-04-18 04:39
    animesuki chart V0.017
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    anything can be add/change?
  7. RRW
    2013-03-19 13:11
    want to subscribe to my "Random pic of the day"?

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