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Conversation Between Advent000 and Evil Rick
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  1. Evil Rick
    2009-05-06 15:09
    Evil Rick
    Ha... I felt like that time ago, now I laugh, don't worry, those thread stop being funny since everyone start to take it too seriously.
  2. Advent000
    2009-05-06 13:22
    Thanks for your support with the whole Lycan thing, not really laughing more a bit shocked.
  3. Evil Rick
    2009-05-05 14:11
    Evil Rick
    Please, tell me you're laughing as hard as me because of the whole discussion in the Nanoha fanfic thread just because of the word "Lycan" XD
  4. Advent000
    2008-12-04 17:35
    Thanks for the newsflash about timesplitters
  5. Evil Rick
    2008-12-03 00:19
    Evil Rick

    Did you know that Time Splitters 4 was just confirmed?

    Time Splitters 4
  6. Advent000
    2008-11-13 16:34
    No problem, after reading ghazghkull's post I'd recommend OpenOffice, its much easier to use, looking forward to more fics from you.
  7. Evil Rick
    2008-11-12 14:27
    Evil Rick
    Thanks for the backup at the Nanoha fanfic thread buddy
  8. Advent000
    2008-10-15 12:58
    My friend made it using some computer art program.
  9. Evil Rick
    2008-10-11 10:08
    Evil Rick
    I dolike that new ava
  10. Advent000
    2008-06-13 15:33
    No problem, its always nice to make new friends.

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