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Conversation Between Fipskuul and Rurik
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  1. Fipskuul
    2009-09-23 15:07
    Yeah, I understand. The story has lost some of its focus, and Kishi is not doing a great job of making the right connections.

    And you are right about trying to keep the discussions short. I guess that is one of the things experience has taught us.
  2. Rurik
    2009-09-23 14:45
    I think these days now is not really about long debates, rather, I found myself in a difficult position to debate regarding current events or about Naruto and Sasuke which Im not interest in. For me, it haven’t been the same after some characters have been Killed a time ago.

    Besides that, I think 2 or 3 replies of the same thing is good enough to understand each other position...I got to read your last post, but I dont think is really necesary to reply to it as your points were very good there, and difficult to counterargue...

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