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Conversation Between Anju-chan and Chocolate Pocky
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  1. Anju-chan
    2009-12-17 18:21
    I'm not so great. Just had midterm exams. Last week on Thurs were the easy ones, English and American History. Today were Math and Science. Usually math and especially science are easy for me, but ARGHHH! Not this time around! Atleast there's only a half-day left of school before Christmas Break.
    How bout ya?
    And er, me language- no, grammar- no, ah sentence structure? Well, it isn't good today. Stayed up till 2:00 in the morn studying for exams. And then they knocked what energy I had out of me.
  2. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-11-30 18:02
    Chocolate Pocky
    Hello,haven't talked to you in a while. How are you?
  3. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-11-05 08:07
    Chocolate Pocky
    Hahaha,it's ok.I Just finished a rough draft of my own manga! Kya~ I'm so happy!
    Ur an only child,huh? Cool~ I wish I was an only child sometimes. Kinders are cute,but my brother will like beat up on me,so..he's not very cute when he does that. haha
  4. Anju-chan
    2009-11-04 22:26
    Yo! Sorry I haven't talked to ya in a while. Been kinda busy. So, what's up?
    Oh yeah, I'm an only child. My school goes for....32 weeks.
    KAWAII!!!!!!! Kindergartener!!!!! KINDERGARTENERS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!
  5. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-09 22:21
    Chocolate Pocky
    It isnt :P just1 school?! Your school's the only 1 u've gone to? wow!How long is ur school year? My brother is younger,5. my lil kindergartener haha. do u have any siblings?
  6. Anju-chan
    2009-10-09 19:17
    Uuu! That doesn't sound like much fun. :/ They probably do give us more breaks than other schools. Kinda hard for me to say since I've only been to one school for my life up until now, but we've got a new guy, and his school goes for like 50 more days than ours does.
    Do you have a little brother, or an older brother?
  7. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-08 23:11
    Chocolate Pocky
    Righ,right? Nope no breaks yet! I'm kinda glad tho, cuz if i get a break,my bro will to and i'd have to hang with him all day. which would suck.haha, does ur school give u guys lots of breaks or no?
  8. Anju-chan
    2009-10-08 18:20
    THAT'S RIGHT!!!! JAPANESE SHOULD BE A LANGUAGE CLASS!!!!!!!! It would be pure awesome if they would do that!
    WOOO!!!! FALL BREAK!!! I've got 5 days off including weekend days!!! Have you gotten off on a break yet?
  9. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-07 16:34
    Chocolate Pocky
    It is big. that class does sound good for sleeping! I want to refuse learning french and german,they just don't sound interesting. If high schools dont have japanese or add it as a language class, i'll be majorly sad. thats the language i want to learn most.
  10. Anju-chan
    2009-10-07 15:58
    580 plus??!?!?! T-t-t-th-that's big! Latin's okay, but it's pretty boring. The teacher just turns on a video. And we watch. Then go over the same stuff on a sheet ,and then we leave. Good class to use for sleeping French and German sound cool! You don't have japanese, though? I wonder if any high schools do? I don't know any that offer Japanese.

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