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Conversation Between bhl88 and Akiyoshi
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  1. bhl88
    2013-04-08 14:29
    For now.... but please come out on FB XD
  2. Akiyoshi
    2013-04-08 14:13
    me too xD

    let's behave like gentlemen xD
  3. bhl88
    2013-04-08 13:26
    I can still post XD
  4. Akiyoshi
    2013-04-05 14:43
    Stern: You fight like a pig

    Vita: no, shut up ToT
  5. bhl88
    2013-04-05 13:40
    Poor Vita xD
  6. bhl88
    2013-04-05 12:26
    Ultimate One. By receiving back up from the planet, one's specs become one class above than the opposing enemy.X: (In Arcueid's case, it does not function at all due to a misunderstanding from the Master. Her original Rank in this Skill is EX)
  7. bhl88
    2013-04-05 12:16
    Naturally, but if they are summoned as Servants.... They lose.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2013-04-05 12:08
    are Counter Guardians stronger than Vampires? i've heard the latter are primordial beings and among the strongest creatures in the Nasuverse.

    Someone said.Arcueod could curbstomp any Servant short of Gilgamesh. And that's only because of Gil's weaponry.
  9. bhl88
    2013-04-04 11:59
    NVm I moved it to 2nd A's poll xD
  10. bhl88
    2013-04-04 01:43
    Posted in merchandise thread.

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