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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and Akiyoshi
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  1. Rising Dragon
    2012-01-23 14:58
    Rising Dragon
    Probably because she didn't need a second sword at the time. And I'm aware it only did so when attached to Laevatein, but it still raises the possibility of it being able to do independently.

    Given that they're Belkan knights, no--I doubt their strength is on the level of a normal human's. Mages in general have vastly superior strength as it is.

    As Nanya said, the only thing that was reduced about the Wolkenritter's becoming human is their lifespans.
  2. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-23 14:51
    Which further raises the question of why in the span of three seasons Signum hasn't casted a second sword to aid her in battle at least once. Also, the sheat only becomes a second blade after fusing with Laevatein's hilt forming a double sword. It's unkown if the sheath can become a complete independent sword.

    Oh, they are, well then...

    do you have an answer for the other question? cause i'm really curious xD
  3. Rising Dragon
    2012-01-23 14:45
    Rising Dragon
    The sheath can become a second sword--that's exactly what it did when it was attached to Laevatein before the whole thing transformed into the Bogenform.

    And yes, Shine Swords are essentially mass-produced Swords of Light. The extra firepower was needed due to the threat Megahs present.
  4. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-23 14:41
    Well, that's descicion of Tsuzuki at the end(if Signum uses the sheath as a second sword why don't give her a proper second sword instead? or at least enabling the sheath to become a second sword of srots).

    I don't know much about Shine Swords except that are a rip off of the sword of ˝light or something like that(or i'm confusing those for Blast Swords? i don't know). So i won't comment on that but is still new to see Signum actively going offensive with two-swords instead of one(weird in my personal opinion).

    Thanks for the source xD! It's good to have actual basis to understand this.

    A question, the Wolkenritters in BTF who have become normal human have their strenght reduced to that of normal human beings of their size and constitution right?
  5. Rising Dragon
    2012-01-23 14:32
    Rising Dragon
    Which is typically what you're supposed to do when wielding two swords--one of them's mainly for defensive purposes, but I digress. Nanya has his reasons for adding a Shine Sword to her arsenal.

    Also, here's your source on artificial limbs:
  6. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-23 14:28
    Well, at least Nanya is accurate on the eye, because if we take Vice's little sister as an example, Mid-Childan medical technology is unable to replace her eye and give her a fake one instead. I guess the eye-pÓtch is for(aside of Rule of Cool) further priotection as a fake eyeball could fall from Signum's eye-socket during battle.

    And yeah, so far there's no official material talking about advanced prosthetic limbs, i still find a bit strnght that no limbless characters exist in canon specially considering the military setting xDU.

    About Laevatein's sheat Signum barely used it as a sword, she uses it more as a shiled or a parrying tool.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2012-01-23 14:16
    Rising Dragon
    You're under the impression that Mid-Childa has Earth-level medical technology, but the fact of the matter its technology is still better. As for prosthetic limbs, we haven't seen any beyond combat cyborgs, which is why you haven't seen one capable of working as a normal one.

    And there's little change in her combat style. Laevatein's sheath acted like a regular blade for her as is.
  8. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-23 14:11
    I'm yet to see a prostethic limb capable to work as a normal one in the Nanohaverse(as in, receiving orders of the brain that work on real time with the same speed as a normal hand) but your explanation seems plausible.

    About Schlagenform i guess it would be necessary to apply some technobabble or applied plebothinum since artificial limbs aren't that flexible ...or fast enough to make such complex wrist moves. I guess that will take some time and it's why Signum changed styles.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2012-01-23 14:02
    Rising Dragon
    The thing about prosthetics and replacement organs in Nanoha is that they're perfectly viable as just replacements--its if they're made better than they are that they start to fail, and what require combat cyborgs to be built from birth with extreme genetic manipulation.

    Signum's new hand in BTF is just that, a hand. She's no stronger with it, and if you read the latest chapter, Shari tells her that since she's not fully acclimated to the hand, using Schlagenform would merely snap it off at the wrist. Which is probably why she's now dual-wielding instead.
  10. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-23 13:47
    Can you expand on it? It'll be helpfull to know a bit more of this to avoid confusion. Or at least tell me your source xD

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