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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Guardian Enzo
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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2014-06-27 02:40
    Guardian Enzo
    Nothing else comes close.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2014-06-27 01:00
    HxH is truly a wonder to behold. Can't believe that thing keeps outdoing itself, lol.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2014-02-02 20:21
    Well, that's fair enough. A lot of people will toss out the Golden Mean fallacy and decide that the solution must be in between. But I guess if you're insistent that there can't be a compromise and subtle criticism just feeds onto the problem, then it just won't work.

    But yea the numerous effects are pretty destructive. Like the head shaving incident. I can't really say I'd really attempt to compromise with nonsense like "cultural relativism" or crap like that either.
  4. Guardian Enzo
    2014-02-01 21:20
    Guardian Enzo
    Well... I don't profess to be neutral on this. I think idol culture is awful - awful for women, awful for men, awful for anime, music... Awful for Japan. And that's just the "respectable" side (which still has a sizeable underworld component). The really seedy stuff never makes it onto the news.

    WUG is interesting, but ultimately it's caught in a trap from which there's no escape. it can't be an out and out condemnation of idol culture - that would never be allowed. And by trying to subtly criticize while also glorifying it, IMO it makes the problem worse, not better. Arguably more so than those idol shows that are unapologetically doing nothing more than advertising idol corporations, because some might come to believe the rosy picture WUG paints is realistic.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2014-02-01 15:07
    I saw your commentary about idol culture on Triple R's wall, and I fell into a depressed daze.

    It does make me feel that this seems somewhat related to this whole "purity" sterilized shit we see in a number of anime relationships.

    I'm mostly referring to this from you:
    All of that, of course, is not even to consider the impact this has culturally - fostering an image for girls that's totally unrealistic and, for me, undesirable. Would you want your daughter growing up thinking becoming an idol was the highest aspiration she should shoot for? I'd rather she think about being a doctor or an astronaut, myself. All the worst aspects of gender politics in Japanese society are exacerbated by idol culture. And it happens to be toxic for anime and music, too, if you want to talk about the superficial level.
    And then I can pick a random anime and look at the aspirations of the female characters and well... yikes.

    In any case, this "Wake up Girls!" anime does seem to sound interesting.
  6. Guardian Enzo
    2012-06-12 02:36
    Guardian Enzo
    I would say Chihayafuru, Sakamichi and Tsuritama in no special order. And the next tier (also in no special order) E7 AO, Ano Natsu, Natsume Shi, MGX, Jormungand and Uchuu Kyoudai.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2012-06-12 02:33
    Ah, yes "dignified suffering" characters tend to have a special place in my heart. Also, cafe girl has a name.

    What are your top anime for 2012 thus far?
  8. Guardian Enzo
    2012-06-03 03:26
    Guardian Enzo
    Don't get me wrong, I liked Hiromi very much - her dignified suffering really appealed to me, especially the way she bore what Shin's mother did to her. But I didn't love the show for Hiromi - Hiromi was one of the many reasons I loved the show. I happened to think Shin was a great male lead, and I had no problem either with Noe or the café girl - they were both fine, just wrong for Shin romantically.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-06-03 03:21
    Hmm, I'm quite sure you referred to Hiromi in a high regard in a post before in the HSI thread. On the other hand I was comparing her to Minko, and I guess she is god compared to Minko.

    Yea, there seems to be a huge desire to just do shit as they can for Monogatari. The second season suffered horrifically from that to the point where I was like "you're full of it". It makes Okada seem reserved. Most of the interesting dialogue just comes from the tongue and cheek humor, but yea it can get pretentious. And I usually stay away from that term. The only other anime I would describe as such is Umineko.

    Though my problem with the series is the characters. I felt horrifically detached from like all of them and the 2nd season actually made some of them more interesting despite the fact that the 2nd season was worse in more ways than the first. Especially the series' main attractions, Hitagi and Nadeko, make me cringe. But at least the later is harmless and might just be a moe/fanservice prop. :S
  10. Guardian Enzo
    2012-06-03 03:12
    Guardian Enzo
    I did, actually - I had an avatar of Shin and Hiromi's kiss. I don't know that I was such a huge fan of hers as of the relationship and the show in general, though I certainly preferred her among the three girls. I'm very unused to rooting for the winner in romance series.

    I don't hesitate to unload on Nisio to spare anybody's feelings, believe me. I'm just at the point where I've said the stuff so many times that I don't even want to think about Nisio anymore! When I first posted on Bakemono, when had no idea who Nisio was, I used terms like "Self-consciously clever" and "tricks that seemed to serve no real purpose in actually telling a story - they were merely there so there would be an excuse for clever dialogue and flashy quick-cut direction. " "After watching that episode I felt like one of those Japanese kids who had seizures after that Pokemon incident. Seriously - my head physically hurt. I just wanted to actually watch people doing something and hear them say something they actually meant. I get it - lots of hidden meanings and symbolism and double-entendres in the dialogue. Oh so clever dissonant visual styles. Really, it's just showing off."

    I find in further exposure to Nisio, my opinion hasn't changed at all. I nailed it right from the beginning...

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