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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Reckoner
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2013-04-25 23:18

    Summarizes the progression of the series. Or Yoshino. Take your pick.
  2. Reckoner
    2013-04-25 16:08
    Episode 2 is better than 1, but yeah 1 was pretty awful... 3 is pretty boring too.

    Go watch Susei no Gargantia :3.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2013-04-25 05:05
    Speaking of bad things, I went though Oreimo s2 episode 1 though admittedly fast forwarded some of it, and fuck man, Those OVAs really obscured how crappy it was.

    Irony that the random incest porn anime turned out to be the better written one.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2013-04-25 02:01
    Depends if you have stuff left over in the fridge.
  5. Reckoner
    2013-04-25 00:17
    Will you bear my burden after I have left this life?
  6. Archon_Wing
    2013-04-25 00:06
    Now, now. That's more of a Nanoboards behavior to slit one's wrists pre-emptively.
  7. Reckoner
    2013-04-24 23:59
    My wrist is bleeding.
  8. Archon_Wing
    2013-04-24 23:58
    Rebuild 3.0 coming out.

    Should I put you on suicide watch?
  9. Archon_Wing
    2013-03-13 02:30
    The Reckoner

    Damage: 936-1035
    Bind on Equip

    +110 Power
    +80 Precision
    +6% critical damage

    Unshakable, Toxic(2 stacks, 312 damage/s), Despicable (gain might on critical), Hypocrite (Regenerates life on critical)

    Superior Sigil of Pretentiousness
    10% chance to inflict daze on critical
    5% to summon Rebuild of Evangelion debate

    I would do other people, but then they'd complain about balance and QQ for nerfs.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-20 22:42
    All this talk about conjectures, assumptions, and search of the truth reminded me of Umineko. (Conceptually, not w/e the hell Deen came up with)

    But this song sure goes along well with it. So let's enjoy some of the series's best soundwork (that they didn't use anyways)

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