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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Triple_R
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2010-11-29 15:54
    Nanoha Movie Bluray is out =p I think it'll be a good watch for you to end the year with.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2010-11-12 18:09
    Sup, mind if I talk with you on instant messenger? I find that a bit more efficient than spamming people's walls.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2010-08-31 14:38
    lol that got stalled. I'll try to finish it up.
  4. Triple_R
    2010-08-31 14:33
    Nice review! Glad you liked Sola fairly well.

    I also thank you for your reply to my Nanoha write-up.

    Out of curiosity, did you finish off True Tears after?
  5. Archon_Wing
    2010-08-31 13:53
    I dropped a sola review here:

    Enjoy, comment, and you should probably link your own.
  6. Archon_Wing
    2010-08-14 00:10
    Man, I wonder if Sola is gonna use "sky" more, or True Tears is gonna use "tears" more. Pretty decent watches overall so far; thanks for reviewing them.

    Also, I still await your Nanoha writeup =p I'd also like to see something in depth about that series too.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2010-08-09 20:46
    lol Noe likes chickens; well that's new. Sadly, I had to crack a dirty joke >.>
  8. Archon_Wing
    2010-08-08 21:15
    Hah, yea, but everyone turns out to be more interesting. I wrote a review for DRRR in that series's overall impression's threads. I adoped the same format from the my Angel Beats one (probably will stick to it from now on), but this won't be as aggressively deconstructing as I felt it earned enough leeway
  9. Triple_R
    2010-08-07 20:14
    Sorry for the late reply on your last visitor message to my profile. I checked out that Kanon video you linked to - Not bad! That was very funny without relying on some of the overused jokes of Abridged series. It also never felt like it was bashing the anime itself; just poking a little bit of cute harmless fun at it. Thanks for sharing!

    As for Durarara!!, I've started to get back into it. I like the vaguely superpowered folks in it. I wish the focus was more on them, lol.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2010-07-29 04:08
    Oh btw, check out Durarara! I'm currently watching and it is very amusing.

    Also, I found a hillarious Kanon abridged parody: First 15 seconds cracks me up

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