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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Last Sinner
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-09 12:17
    If K-on was actually about music, maybe.

    But don't mind me. In the end, I just don't have an opinion on that-- too insignificant.
  2. Last Sinner
    2012-01-09 12:02
    Last Sinner
    If I needed to sum up my thoughts on K-ON and shows like it, this song is pretty much spot on.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-08 22:38
    Yea, I kinda know that. I just tend to use excessive hyperbole when I talk.

    Though yes, I know the best stuff doesn't sell, and I am still disappointing. I'd by lying if I didn't neg anyone that tries to equate sales = quality though.
  4. Last Sinner
    2012-01-08 11:53
    Last Sinner
    So Persona sells more than Shana, Mirai Nikki, Chihayafuru, and Ben-to combined.


    *burns something down*

    Japan has turned on Shana. What to do?
    Big-selling titles in 2011 were based around titles or directors/writers with considerable/loyal fanbases. I don't like using the word ;fanbase' too liberally but I honestly think it was the biggest driving force of 2011.

    Honestly, don't let sales dictate how you feel. Sales and quality are inversely proportional in a lot of ways. They're not things that associate that often. Marketing and fanbases are more important in making a show sell than actually being good.

    Just like what you like. Obsessing over what Japan buys will ultimately lead you to despair in the end.
  5. Last Sinner
    2012-01-06 23:36
    Last Sinner
    Sounds like a plan! Let's get a fellowship together and have an epic adventure, space opera style!
  6. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-06 20:05
    Ugh, that was the worst waste of time, lol. Trying to pass off amateurish bullshit as art is definitely pretentious. I bet you and I could run into the nearest park with a camera and do better.
  7. Last Sinner
    2012-01-06 12:56
    Last Sinner there's a show I haven't heard of in ages. Never liked the show, but I could be convinced to make a clip of it to this song.

    If you happen to notice/remember the crappy movie this was on the soundtrack for ages after it was first made, you'd probably get why I picked it.
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-01-03 23:45
    Last Sinner
    Meh, if people want to get butthurt about someone not liking what they worship, so be it. It's not like this year had much of anything to get that way anyway, but shrug, each to their own.

    See - there's the kind of witty sarcasm that everyone can enjoy. Keep it up.

    Allegedly the reason Jericho took so long to return was that he wanted to do the Y2J angle this time - as did his fans. He wasn't the only one taking that stance last year. CM Punk had long-going tense negotiations before he struck the deal to gradually make him able to go Austin-style tweening. I'd like to believe the Y2J angle will be Jericho's call and that he gets a proper choice in how his character goes this time. Considering he's stayed loyal and uninjured for as long as he has, I think it's time he was given the right to unleash that character as people want it to be. And considering the whole 2012 apocalypse theories nonsense, Jericho should be able to crank Y2J and take on CM Punk as seems likely. Predicting Jericho to win Royal Rumble, challenge Punk at WM28 and win.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-03 22:41
    I see you have fans. Speaking of Anime Ja Nai, Persona 4 could definitely fit said descriptions.

    Also, Y2j huh. Yea, he was pretty cool back in the day, but around the time they put the big belts around him was when they started assassinating his character.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2012-01-02 22:25
    Speaking of low thresholds, I finally bailed on Guilty Crown. Honestly, the supporting writer was doing a hell of a job trying to save the series, but I'm afraid the core-- the cast-- just doesn't work. The fact our lead is such a prick towards women, trying to use them for affection is just too much. And I have plenty of pitiful characters I enjoy... Yoshino is truly the destroyer of franchises.

    At least Shana's recovering.

    As for the Gundam series you hate, I guess I've never really gotten into any of them. ;p But even the ongoing Age is worth watching. It's not the best anime around, but it manages to be more mature then certain ongoing series.

    Chihayafuru is still queen though.

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