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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Akiyoshi
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  1. Archon_Wing
  2. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-16 01:35
    wonder if Tusuzuki would like to ever pass the torch of his cow-milking franchise to a new writer, that would be an interesting experiment xD
  3. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-16 01:32
    Oh, okay.

    He does move onto the next series (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) and becomes much more of a badass though. Hope that for Signum too. But the writers for Ds9 were good though. :S
  4. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-16 01:27
    Heh, not really a fan of Star Trek but i know who Worf is (after all i had readed the trope page several times xD), poor guy gets ignored by everyone xD

    On the next season of Nanoha...

    Signum: we must take immediate action in order to prevent more casualties...

    Hayate: no o_o

    Signum: okay -_-
  5. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-16 01:21
    Not really sure how familiar you are with Star Trek, but since this video is about being "Worfed"
  6. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-10 21:52
    lol xDU

    It actually stands for "The Angry Signum Fanboy" xD
  7. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-10 21:49
    Animesuki forum bastard
  8. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-10 21:46
    three guesses about what "ASFB" stands for xD
  9. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-10 09:47
    Aww... Mai headchop xD!

    (MAKOTOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOT! ...why you had to bring up Kanon triggers touching memories T-T)
  10. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-10 05:21
    Could use this kinda headchop to fix you:

    Oh wait, never mind. You're not worthy of beautiful, honorable swordsmadiens anyways.

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