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Conversation Between jon987 and saku-san
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  1. saku-san
    2008-08-10 19:32
    no i dont play...well a little. but i havent played in a while
    n i know Teru-sama likes death note i fainted when i found out about that!!!!
    oh n yea that vid was kool
    n dont worry im behind on Naruto too ^_^ i think im on 150 too
  2. jon987
    2008-08-10 16:39
    I checked out the video and it's awesome!!
    You should see this one: (I hope links work - if they don't then search youtube for 'Hizaki and Teru guitar solo').
    Teru is about as good at guitar as Hizaki but maybe Hizaki is slightly better and I love his solo stuff (I know I already mentioned it but... Race Wish!! ). Do you play guitar then?
    Teru likes Death Note? My brother watches that but I haven't seen it yet 'cause I've just finished one anime and now I'm watching Naruto (at episode 150 now, trying to catch up with the rest of the world lol).
  3. saku-san
    2008-08-08 12:36
    omg me too but i live in the U.S.A ^_^
    i saw then at their first apearence in the U.S.A ^_^
    n i shock their hand ^_^
    oh have u seen their new vid. ? for aristocats symphony??? -sorry if i misspelled-
    i was like "OMFG!!!"
    N YEA Hizaki-sama's playing is soooooooo good i wish i could play like him ^_^
    but i like all of them Kamijo-sama,Hizaki-sama,Teru-sama (he likes death note),Jasmin You-sama, n Yuki-sama ^_^
    i love them all
  4. jon987
    2008-08-07 19:23
    Hizaki's awesome - his guitar playing is soooo good he's definitely one of the best in the world.
    If Versailles don't come to the UK then I'm moving to Japan! (actually I'm gonna move there anyway!)
  5. saku-san
    2008-08-05 13:05
    yea most dudes dont really care n thats y they did it ^_^
    i like komijo n hizaky wat about u???
  6. jon987
    2008-08-04 12:03
    Hey thanks for the visitor message - lol yeah I know Versailles are all guys! I still think they're awesome though - I don't care
  7. saku-san
    2008-08-04 08:28
    i herd from u in the loli group u like VERSAILLES?????!!!!!!!!!!

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