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Conversation Between Last Sinner and Triple_R
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  1. Last Sinner
    2016-08-15 10:25
    Last Sinner
    I appreciate the support. But do understand one thing - they aren't ruining my experience.

    I read Orange in full before it started airing. Likewise with ReLife and Amanchu. I knew what I was getting to in all three. How places/people feel about those three won't affect how I feel about them. For myself and a good number of local friends, these titles were always going to deliver.

    After the venting induced by people ranting about Erased, I really couldn't give a flock about how people here and some other places are reacting to Orange. But what really makes me laugh is how utterly convinced those people are that they have Orange figured out. I am not spoiling anything - but I will say the ending is going to trigger them. And it will be awesome. Strangely, ANN has been very glowing for Orange - within staff and their viewer base - so for once, I have to hand it to them. Not making a habit of it, though.

    I just wonder about the balance between leads in shoujo/josei titles. It really makes me wonder what it is that triggers people so much about the female whereas they are infinitely more lenient with the male. It's a topic I want to discuss more and will probably do a thread about in the Round Table.

    Here's what bothers me though....the viewing base in general are treating Orange and ReLife more like romances and Erased like a thriller. And that is a major concern for me. Because at their core, the three series are very alike. They are about redemption/growth and finding one self primarily. The traits around them are detail. I'm seeing the same rhetoric about Orange that I was about Erased. Remember the hatred Kayo copped after the second to last episode? Remember how little people gave a damn about the amazing sacrifices/efforts Sachiko made? The fact a lot of viewers are fixated on Suwa and being negative towards Naho and Kakeru just leave me bewildered. General comments about ReLife have been better, but people still think of it as a romance, which I just don't get.

    I guess I'll give New Game a try. But be warned - to this day, I still can't handle Shirobako. I know it's an honest account of the industry with apt in-jokes/cameos. I know it's about people having to work with stupid titles but still doing the damn best job they can. The visual/sonic side of it - I just can't handle it. At the very least, I do think Shirobako's existence has left a positive mark overall. But I can't sit through it.

    My mood is more affected by things locally. Winter has been painfully colder than normal and my legs are really suffering. Being hit by a car 12 years ago across both legs - they've never been the same since. Winter brings out the worst in them. I've been chasing heirloom trinkets in World of Warcraft that get removed in 2 weeks, I have 4 out of the 5 available despite their 10% drop rate. But it's been very painful - with Legion out at the end of the month, the pre-release has had all talent trees overhauled big time. The majority of players aren't looking up guides and it affects runs so very much - especially people rolling Demon Hunters and just winging it. Hearthstone's new adventure, One Night in Karazhan, has fun encounters but the cards given as rewards are going to do very little to change the meta. The decks played only involve 4 of the 9 classes now and in recent pro qualifiers, almost every player played the same deck lineup. So Karazhan not changing things has been a letdown.

    My video card is on its last legs and has to be replaced - more money I didn't want to spend. Facebook is just full of people ranting about Pokemon Go and No Man's Sky - things I just have zero interest in whatsoever. Australian internet got mega hacked internationally last week when the census had to be done - and it's likely China was behind it. Probably as revenge for Mack Horton (won a gold medal at the Olympics in swimming) calling out the guy who won silver as a drug cheat (which the guy had done a suspension for but wasn't barred from the Olympics) which led Chinese social media to demand apologies from Australia in droves. Nationalism is getting utterly disgusting at the moment. People seem to want the rest of the world to suffer in order to make their lives bearable/better.

    I'm fine. I accepted the fact the universe is hostile a long time ago. But that doesn't stop the fact I'm very close to being done with people.
  2. Triple_R
    2016-08-15 09:28
    Sorry to hear that the anime fandom is ruining your Orange experience. If I get caught up on Orange later this week, I'll probably post on it, maybe to pick up for the female lead.

    One thing that maybe could help your mood right now is the anime New Game! Pretty lighthearted and mostly positive anime about a young woman trying to achieve her dreams in the video game industry. It's kind of a much lighter Shirobako.
  3. Last Sinner
    2016-08-15 08:27
    Last Sinner
    The stupidity reaches all new heights. My only solace is how much the final episode of Orange will trigger these idiots. I think I'm ready to stop discussing anime ever again after all the utterly brain-dead stuff I've read from viewers of July titles.
  4. Last Sinner
    2016-08-09 12:04
    Last Sinner
    I don't need to spoil anything. It's people overreacting to Naho all the damn time. They can't seem to accept that she:

    1. Isn't thinking about this in an adult way like they are. Christ, she's 16 and only beginning to come out of her shell and her previous stance of letting others get what they wanted.

    2. That she makes mistakes...seriously...given the colossal mistakes/flaws anime characters in general have, the way everyone rants about Naho like they're a resident of Mount Pious is pathetic.

    3. How Naho present and future handled the events of Episode 1 and how they affected things long-term. People are ranting about how future Naho should spill out every detail for present Naho. Well...there's two problems. One - if future Naho did do that, present Naho would just be playing it out, knowing what's to come and she never would have to make any decisions for herself. Two - not having to be in those conflicts and finding a way through them would have meant Naho would never have come out of her shell. There is a third point but that is going to appear in the last or second to last episode, so I won't mention it yet.

    4. The whole exercise is also to show Naho that she doesn't have to do this alone - she is supposed to be able to rely on and trust her friends. They lost touch in the future Naho time - why wouldn't they want their teen selves to be able to save Kakeru and be able to stick together?

    5. People raving that Naho will end their sanity by the time the show is over. You know...for a title that is part-romance that has had ZERO relationship resets, no sexism/chauvanistic males, no submissive females, I don't see why they're being so uppity. Frankly, even if there's some dire stuff involved, this cast is one of the most stable and likeable ever in this genre. What the hell is wrong with people that they still whine every damn episode...

    The other thing that irks me is that there seems to be a majority of viewers that want Kakeru to die even in a world where things can be changed. Why...WHY....As a friend of people who have lost some of their closest friends in their early 20s to tragic accidents, I can't believe people want to see Kakeru die so much. When people lose a friend that young, it stays with them - forever. The show has displayed that with the future versions of everyone. The remaining five can't ever be happy again. Content, satisfied overall - yes, but never happy. Some of the most seemingly positive people I know have lost friends young. And they will regularly say how much they miss them and you know the pain never truly goes away. It may not be every day, but it's there too often.

    Seeing the vicarious reactions to Kakeru's situations and some of the cold-hearted comments to his situation/impending fate just make me sick. In a nutshell, Kanon is probably the only person I can read the comments of anymore. Guardian Enzo had some decent stuff to say but he stopped - probably because he was getting disgusted by what the majority of people were saying. The rest of them - here and in other places - for the greater part, they're people I would never want to know and wouldn't wish on anyone. Because I can't imagine them being reliable friends in a situation like the one in Orange. I guess this is what humanity has come to.
  5. Triple_R
    2016-08-08 17:56
    I've fallen behind on Orange, but it's first 3 episodes seemed fine to me. What are people saying about it? Feel free to spoil up to the latest Orange episode.

    Anyway, don't worry about the quiet time. The mid-point of an anime season tends to be a bit of a lull for me anyway. I'm usually most energized at the start and end of an anime season.
  6. Last Sinner
    2016-08-08 11:48
    Last Sinner
    Sorry for being very quiet lately, but I'm not liking what I'm seeing said in places other than the Round Table. I know myself and my closer friends generally ignore what the masses say. But with how callous/vicarious things are lately, particularly what I've seen said about Orange, I'm getting very tired of anime fans.
  7. Triple_R
    2016-07-28 10:35
    Thanks a lot for that Muse meets cars fanart! Very cool. Maki and Nico have the best looking cars there, imo.
  8. Last Sinner
    2016-07-27 01:20
    Last Sinner
    Friend linked this today. Seemed like something you'd like.
  9. Triple_R
    2016-07-13 08:35
    Thanks for the very informative take on the 2016 Australian election, and what lead up to it. A shame that this very regressive-sounding status quo party managed to stay in power. I guess the one silver lining here is that being reduced to the barest of majorities might knock some sense into them... but probably not. You're probably right that it'll mean fewer young adults starting families since it simply won't be affordable.

    On the anime front, I'm enjoying Orange. You're the third or fourth person I've seen mention Amanchu positively, so I'll probably check that out soon.
  10. Last Sinner
    2016-07-13 07:11
    Last Sinner
    Update. Liberals have effectively won the election. Even a chance they may get a 1 seat majority...Three more years of crap internet, health and education being screwed and those not well off getting worse. Getting a house in this country is gradually becoming nigh impossible. I wouldn't be surprised if people intentionally avoid relationships and especially children at this rate. Being able to afford to live is getting too damn hard.

    Put it this way. A single storm effectively wiped the net statewide for half a day and left over 100,000 people without power for over 2 days now....Libs privatised the electrical companies and the #1 telecom. Those companies refuse to upgrade the infrastructure and refuse to go to underground/safer versions, saying it's cheaper to repair what already exists rather than make it better and more long-term. That's what we're up against here.

    Anime-wise, I have Orange, Amanchu and ReLife, so I can't complain on that front at least.

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