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Conversation Between Last Sinner and Triple_R
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  1. Last Sinner
    2012-12-21 13:02
    Last Sinner
    So how's it going, mate? How'd the yuri go for you?
  2. Last Sinner
    2012-12-18 12:06
    Last Sinner
    Cute pun in your description.

    Oh, so that is where the avatar is from, according to someone below...should have known....

    Speaking of yuri - check your PMs. Just found something you'll love.
  3. Last Sinner
    2012-11-29 07:34
    Last Sinner
    Feels weird realising there are actually voices Rie Kuigimiya has done in anime and games that I like. If only there wasn't such a ruckus about Shana, Taiga and Louise, I'd have come to that conclusion sooner. Or that Taiwan incident...
  4. Last Sinner
    2012-11-18 13:20
    Last Sinner
    I'll get to continuing Marimite sometime soon. I just need to get through this weird mood I'm in at present. Kind of hard to move on from something as good as Crest of the Stars. And I did kind of blitz the Persona 4 game through that toothache week. For some reason, I'm trying to bridge it with a re-watch of Lovely Complex...a friend mentioned it in passing and now I have to see it through again...
  5. Last Sinner
    2012-11-16 10:44
    Last Sinner
    Finished my 1st playthrough of Persona 4 just now with True Ending obtained. True Ending final fight is utterly harsh. Can confirm my avatar is game art from the ending credits for the True Ending.
  6. Last Sinner
    2012-11-16 04:26
    Last Sinner
    It's a game art shot. I couldn't possibly pick something from the anime. The anime character art for Persona 4 was a disgrace. Yet the game is so darn good. And yeah, you know I love spunky girls with a good personality. Chie is very much a personification of the Chariot card - driven, strong and supportive - but also has the qualities of the reverse form of the Chariot, being dominance and jealousy. When things get rather grim and confronting late in the piece, Chie remained the most moral and calm, not to mention her random hunches became pretty darn accurate. I think Chie feels a bit meager in comparison at times because Yukiko is what she considers the epitome of beauty and elegance and that Rise is pretty much cute centralm aka the guys want them but not her. When you expand her social link, the depth of morality and support of the weak Chie displays, even at times of near-fatal risks, is pretty compelling. The tomboy aspect of her is an interesting one and works into her skill set in the game - early game her ice moves are better, mid game she's kind of weak but late game...her physical moves get insanely strong. There are a lot of mob or boss fights Chie can match the damage of the other three team members single-handedly. And I love that green jumper of hers - green has always been my favourite colour but I've found it very mis-used in anime and games. Just everything about Chie's design and persona appeals to me. Yukiko and Rise are nice too but Chie is definitely my fave.

    Check your PMs for Crest of the Stars and a nice surprise.
  7. Triple_R
    2012-11-15 21:22
    Consider our Tiger and Bunny/fujoshi dispute water under the bridge.

    Honestly, I get where you're coming from - Too many people bristle too quickly at the thought of fujoshis getting something mainstream targeted to them as well. And too many people think that fujoshis only appreciate pure smut. So Tiger and Bunny can be a sort of "positive example" here of where fujoshis aren't so different from the rest of us, and can be given some appealing visuals that don't detract from the show for the rest of us.

    But I'm a bit worried that people will get the wrong idea about Tiger and Bunny if the "fujoshis angle" is pushed a bit too hard. That's all. I mean, it's generally not good when people have the totally wrong idea about a show - For this reason, I wouldn't want anime fans thinking that T and B is loaded with yaoi when it's not. Such a misconception can only disappoint yaoi fans while turning away people not into yaoi who might well like T and B.

    Anyway, a few separate and positive notes:

    1. Love your new Chie avatar! Really stylish, and I think it showcases her spunky sophisticated style and sex appeal well.

    2. Given how successful your last recommendation proved to be for me, I'll definitely check out Crest of the Stars. As before, though, I might need your help finding DLs for it.

    3. Speaking of that last recommendation, it's Ok that you haven't completed MariMite yet. In fact, I envy you since MariMite gave me my most enjoyable anime marathon in ages. The show's pace picks up a bit around the half-way mark of Season 2, and as strong as the first season is, I think the later seasons are even better!
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-11-15 20:20
    Last Sinner
    Just to clarify one more thing - I'd prefer it if people would have deeper reasoning or thought. But simple emotions are easier to market and that is what will prevail commercially. I've long given up on idealism within this medium or any other.
  9. Last Sinner
    2012-11-15 06:32
    Last Sinner
    Apologies again, I shouldn't have been harsh like that. Been driven mad by that, some IRL friends talking about Bakemonogatari too much, my annoyingly anti-social tennant, learning that the Persona 4 game was good yet freaking Seiji Kishi made such a terrible andunrepresentative adaptation. And my insomnia is getting worse. But yeah, no excuse. My mum would have gone berserk if I was like that to her.
  10. Triple_R
    2012-11-15 05:53
    Ok, understood. Sorry about the poll thread I put up... If I had caught your VM earlier, I might not have went with the poll.

    I hope your toothache gets better. I know from personal experience that tooth pain is one of the nastiest pains out there. Very excruciating at times.

    I'm fine with the fact that fujoshis loved T and B, and I even agree with you that they were a huge part of why the series sold well (I'd say about half of T and B's DVD/BR sales are due to fujoshis).

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