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Conversation Between Arabesque and Triple_R
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  1. Triple_R
    2012-02-19 15:10
    On Aquarion EVOL... I haven't watched the original series at all. I think the main impact of this is that the first big double-sized episode was a bit of a hurdle for me to get over due to the foreign terminology being thrown around, but I found that it didn't take me long to more or less "get" the terminology after that.

    The last few episodes have all been easy enough to understand. While I'm sure certain references are lost on me, I'm still able to thoroughly enjoy the show. And the mecha fights in this show really are quite good, imo. It also has one of the best love triangles I've seen in awhile, where I like both of the girls in it. I'd encourage you to give Aquarion EVOL a try if you get a chance.
  2. Triple_R
    2012-01-08 22:40
    One thing that helped me with the character nominations is that I did three Top 10 of 2011 lists over on the blog Rabbit Poets, and so I simply based my character nominations off of what I had listed there, lol.

    So, for example, Fate/Zero's Rider came No. 5 on my Top 10 Male Anime Characters of 2011 list, and he was the highest ranking Male Supporting character there, so I picked him for my main choice for Male Supporting character of the year. Thankfully, I also remembered that Madhouse's X-Men had the best portrayal of Scott Summers that I've ever seen, so I also nominated him in Male Supporting character category.

    Romance and Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe where my hardest categories. Romance because there weren't many shows this year, that I watched, with great romances (I love Okabe and Kurisu, and I love them together, but we didn't get to see much of them in a romance, but I will say I'll be fine if Steins;Gate wins that category), and Fanservice/Ecchi/Moe because that category still causes me problems (best moe show and best ecchi show are often not one and the same).

    With both categories, I went with Mashiro-iro Symphony because it did have a very nice romance in the end, and I thought what the hell? that show could use a bit more love, so I'll give it a Ecchi/Fanservice/Moe nomination since that category has become my "consolation prize!" category, lol.

    As for my take on the nominations so far, it's pretty positive. I'm honestly pleasantly surprised to see Sayaka Miki as one of the Top 3 or 4 girls in the Female Supporting character category, and I'm also glad to see Rider picking up a lot of nominations in Male Supporting character. And many of my favorite anime characters of 2011 are picking up lots of nominations in other categories too, so that's great.

    I'm also impressed with how the vast majority of AS members are smartly handling the genre categories this year, imo. While Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate are pretty dominant overall, it's nice to see other good shows dominate in specific genre categories that Madoka Magica and/or Steins;Gate would not fit neatly into (like Action/Adventure, where I'm pleased to see Tiger and Bunny doing well last I checked).

    There have been years where I felt one show overly dominated and genre distinctions went by the wayside as such. Thankfully, this is shaping up to be not one of those years.
  3. Arabesque
    2012-01-08 17:13
    Just saw this

    For supporting Sayaka.
    Us Sayaka fans gotta stick together (too bad Scott and the rest aren't having the best of luck, but what are you going to do about it? Mutant discrimination and all ...)

    I'm curios, but what are your thoughts about how the Awards early results are going so far? I think some of them seemed pretty much obvious, but others I'm personally surprised to see being so popular.

    Also, what was the hardest are for you personally? Mine were the characters, since I couldn't figure out which three I could go with for a while (since there were a whole lot more of memorable characters this past year)
  4. Arabesque
    2011-12-25 15:39
    Merry Christmas

    And lol, I have too much to spare of that Okada-coal but I'm being nice, since tis' the season and all. (not to mention I'm crossing my fingers for that X-Men anime sequel, so no bad wishes till then )
  5. Triple_R
    2011-12-24 11:58
    Merry Christmas from me as well. Hope you're spared a lumb of Okada-wrote coal in your stocking.
  6. Triple_R
    2011-09-20 17:38
    As I had hoped, the Marvel anime are doing well... as re-imports basically, lol

    So even if they don't do well in native Japan, they probably will do well in North America. I just hope that Madhouse reaps some of the financial benefits from this.

    I definitely would like to see more of their X-Men work at least.

    Anyway, thanks for the info!
  7. Arabesque
    2011-09-20 17:03
    So, I found this out a couple of days ago
    Originally Posted by Relevant Part
    Marvel original anime series “Iron Man” and “Wolverine” have been ratings successes for G4. The most recent outing on Friday 11PM-12AM delivered the block's strongest ratings across the board, jumping +50% over the August 2010 time period average with homes and climbing +75% among Total Viewers. The stack also doubled the year-ago mark with Men 18-49 and tripled among Men 18-34. The 11:30PM airing of Wolverine ranked in 9th place among ad supported cable networks with Men 18-34 and more than doubled key Men network competitors such as MTV and ESPN 2
    Marvel-Anime a ... success?
  8. Arabesque
    2011-09-15 14:00
    Thanks for the rep (and making this my fourth green par, thus increasing my power levels ) yeah, the thread looked a bit crazy there, but thankfully it seems to have calmed down a bit.

    Hey, since your a comic book fan, I was wondering if you had been reading any of the DC new 52 relaunch titles? If so what do you think?
  9. Triple_R
    2011-09-01 08:34
    Thanks for sharing that comment with me! Glad you liked the blog. Alas, Rabbit Poets can be a bit stubborn some time and not work that well.

    Definitely see where the last episode of Steins;Gate made you think of the Back to the Future theme, lol.

    Good point on how Okabe and Kurisu having the shared scientist background helped bring them together. That's definitely what broke the ice for their relationship, and enabled them to be friends with shared interests. Trust then basically took it from friendship to romance, imo. However, I agree that a good romance is rooted at least a bit in shared interests, and some anime romances kind of lack that unfortunately.

    Oh, and lol on the black KugRie Tsundere joke. Yes, that's the only color of "car" for some people.
  10. Arabesque
    2011-09-01 01:41
    I saw your post on Google Reader, almost after I finished watching the episode this morning, and had written a reply to it, but apparently they've been neglected from food (again) so they made short work of my comment

    I had the good sense to copy it this time though, so here it is if your interested.


    Fascinating insight as usual. Though it wasn't the first thing on my mind once I finished watching the episode, what you wrote certainly explains why Christian had managed to grow on me.

    That said, the first thing that went into my head as the end credits rolled and Okabe was on the phone was this
    Spoiler for Dun Dun Dun!:

    I mustn't have been the only one to hum it once the screen cut to black

    The second was the mad love these two shared, arguably the central piece of the episode even shadowing a bit that killer cliffhanger. I think all what you wrote is true, and that she's-and her relationship with Okabe- a shining example of a character who's allowed to develop naturally, or as you aptly put it she came across as being an ''organic sentient life'' rather than a stereotype following instructions.

    I do agree with your point that trust was the most crucial reason why Kurisu had fallen for Okabe (though I'd argue that their occupation as scientists (even if one is a Mad one) was just as important, since it created an already established common ground between the two and make a zone for them to have their back and forth, helping bridge the gap between the two personality differences. That's a common problem I notice when a show tries to establish or develop a relationship between a tsundere and her love interest. There isn't really anything tying the two other than at most it's a crush and at worst they just keep running into each other).

    Either way, Vicky and Kujo just got knocked out for my favorite couple of the year. Moreso since both the characters here got their development naturally result in both growing fond of the other, while in the other it was mostly a single developed lead.

    Oh and,
    ''Do you want your KugRie Tsundere in green, white, or blue?''
    See I'm sort of surprised by this, since I was told they only came in black.


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