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Conversation Between Zakuraa and Deso
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  1. Zakuraa
    2009-01-04 19:34
    Lol. Meh, I guess. Signature regulations are hard to work with.
  2. Deso
    2009-01-04 19:26
    I see....sorry to hear that.......well....that's why A4 sucks....AS rocks!
  3. Zakuraa
    2009-01-04 19:24
    Just trolls trolling me like usual.
  4. Deso
    2009-01-04 00:19
    Well.....tell me....I could understand.......-__-
  5. Zakuraa
    2009-01-03 16:04
    You can't see what's going on at A4 so you wouldn't understand as much.
  6. Deso
    2009-01-03 00:51
    Aww.....why Zakuraa??? what happened?
  7. Zakuraa
    2009-01-02 19:17
    Absolutely terrible so far.
  8. Deso
    2009-01-02 00:20
    You're're one of my besest friends....I'll help as much as I can.....=P thanks for wishing me happy new year^__^'s the new year for you so far?
  9. Zakuraa
    2009-01-01 16:39
    Happy New Year to you too. And i'm a bit tired but good.
    And thanks for telling me where to find that stuff. xD
  10. Deso
    2009-01-01 16:26
    How are you??? hapw was the party Zaku?

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