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Conversation Between wittyusername and DJ_RockmanX
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  1. wittyusername
    2009-11-16 18:07
    Pretty much. Kind of a combination of midterms and Umineko.
  2. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-11-16 17:32
    Not on MSN all that much anymore I'm guessing?
  3. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-10-12 12:25
    Happy Birthday.
  4. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-09-05 19:51
    Sounds fun. Would still be nice to chat every now and then. Things are boring.
  5. wittyusername
    2009-09-05 19:46
    I've been having a lot of computer issues lately. That combined with having to help my sister move in and out of her apartment and trying to finish getting stuff for school means that I don't have much time to...well, to do anything.
  6. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-09-05 19:39
    Don't see you on that much anymore.
  7. wittyusername
    2009-05-27 16:04
    Lol, thanks. I like that response more than the "OMG Y R U SUCH A HO PUT UR SOCKS AWAY CHILD" ones I got on Facebook. Also, I'm useless at googling things, so don't expect much. Or anything whatsoever. >_>;
  8. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-05-27 14:25
    Glasses are fine too. And don't be so sure about failing. Your profile pic is already quite impressive.
  9. wittyusername
    2009-05-27 14:21
    I was actually going to do that. But I'm broke on a pretty consistent basis, and I don't have a sewing machine, so...uh, yeah. Besides, I'd have to either get contacts or be a meganekko-Kyonko hybrid, or I'd be running into walls. I don't know about the dying from moe overload thing, in the sense that I do know that it would fail to happen.
  10. DJ_RockmanX
    2009-05-27 13:04
    Cosplay as Kyonko one of these days. Kaisos will die from moe overload.

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