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Conversation Between wittyusername and vivify93
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  1. vivify93
    2009-11-05 21:16
    I kinda figured it was Umineko.
    God, if Raven would just come over and finish up Haruhi (I'm trying to avoid Sighs until she can catch up with me), I could move onto other things. Blargh.

    Also thanks for the compliment. Kuyou is indeed awesome.

    ...The light novel translators need to figure out a standard for transliterating names.

    Kuyou Suou = Kuyoh Suou, Kyouko Tachibana = Kyoko Tachibana, Sonou Mori = Sonou Mori. What the shit? It should be one way, not several different ones. If by taking option A, it would be Kuyoh Suoh, Kyohko Tachibana, and Sonoh Mori. Taking the second, it's Kuyo Suo, Kyoko Tachibana, and Sono Mori. Taking the last option would make for Kuyou Suou, Kyouko Tachibana, and Sonou Mori.

    Baka-Tsuki, why must thou be so inconsistent?
  2. vivify93
    2009-11-05 21:11
    I have no idea what your avatar+signature's from, but that art is beautiful.
  3. vivify93
    2009-10-21 22:13
    Yes, the sea cats are eeeexcellent. Confusion is good.
  4. vivify93
    2009-10-20 20:27
    So it shall be! The GaKu Division now uses the Sea Cat!

    I would've responded to the PM, but I'm pretty sure we don't need triple correspondance. <_<
  5. vivify93
    2009-10-20 20:05
    I think the Sea Cats are going to be the GaKu Division's new emblem.
  6. vivify93
    2009-10-20 16:32
    I must agree.

    ...It'd be awesome if someone made a hack or a fan something that had sea-cats instead of gulls.
  7. vivify93
    2009-10-20 06:59
    Yes, it is.


    I've been giving it a lot of thought, and while the English adaptation made by that one chick is cool, I'd really rather leave ShinyaKyoto's group to their own devices and just use Re:A's groups' version.

    But, uh, anyhow, how have you been? Is Umineko as kickass as they say?

    ...I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I originally thought the translation of the title was "When the Sea-Cats Cry". I didn't know an "umineko" was a seagull. >_>
  8. vivify93
    2009-10-20 06:49
    No one has given you visitor messages lately.

    How is this scientifically possible?
  9. vivify93
    2009-10-12 18:14


    I'm a horrible leader.
  10. vivify93
    2009-09-19 17:43
    I don't know how to give rep anyhow. I don't think it's so important.

    ...Besides, "someone I can't figure out" already gave me some; I don't think she can give me any more.

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