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Conversation Between wittyusername and Sho-tan
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  1. wittyusername
    2009-10-21 16:11
    Everything is going awesome, because of sea cats. Sea cats make everything instantly better. I'm pretty sure everyone wants a sea cat. It's like an instinct thing.


    It''s perfect.
  2. Sho-tan
    2009-10-21 15:09
    I want a Sea Cat.

    On that note, how's everything going?
  3. Sho-tan
    2009-10-12 10:46
    Happy birthdaaaaaaaaay witty
  4. Sho-tan
    2009-09-09 18:41
    Nah, I thought the tags were cool. And if it gets cold in the winter... Well, I guess you'll just have to sacrifice your zettai ryouiki. (Did I spell that right?)
  5. wittyusername
    2009-09-08 20:47
    It was pretty boring, but not as bad as I thought it might be. I'm still stuck in a portable for half the day, which will be super fun in winter.

    Also, yay for Livejournals! "Sho-tan" is an epic name. But I'm sure the gratuitous amounts of annoying HTML tags in the comment I left can communicate that thought pretty well.
  6. Sho-tan
    2009-09-08 17:52
    So how was your first day of high school? Not too troublesome I hope?
  7. wittyusername
    2009-09-07 20:10
    I haven't heard that from everyone on the forum, but thanks. You're pretty awesome, yourself.

    Hopefully that almost-stripper teacher would have come up with a better name than "Candy," which is supposedly what my teacher's fake name was. Also, stripper antics are much worse than rumors about past stripper antics. It must have been a little traumatizing to deal with that teacher.

    ...Oh, shit. I just realized that in less than twelve hours I'll have to be awake, when I'm used to sleeping at like four or five AM. It will be, uh, interesting to see how that works out.
  8. Sho-tan
    2009-09-07 14:10
    I seriously don't know how to respond to that, Jesus Christ. You've probably heard this from everyone else on the forum, but you are one awesome 13 year old.

    Also, I've had a teacher who was bordering on Male-stripper antics. It was... Interesting.
  9. wittyusername
    2009-09-06 22:23
    Bleh, yeah, after roughly four hundred trips to Staples I better be ready for school. I'm not particularly looking forward to it, though. Almost all of my classes this semester take place in portables, and if the stories floating around my school are true, then my homeroom teacher is an insane former stripper. Should make things interesting, regardless of whether it's true or not. I guess I'll find out in...well, in like thirty hours. Shit.

    Also, any issue with supposedly not talking to me enough can be solved very easily. Either I ramble enough to make up for like forty conversations, or after reading a quarter of said ramblings it's decided that I'm just too crazy/boring/[adjective] to continue speaking to.

    Or, you know, visitor messages and such. Those solve that problem quite nicely, too.
  10. Sho-tan
    2009-09-06 20:56
    Witty! Ready for school? Also, I don't talk to you nearly as much as I should.

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