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Conversation Between Pocari_Sweat and Guardian Enzo
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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2014-02-06 07:16
    Guardian Enzo
    Just a little joke is all...
  2. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-02-06 06:50
    That kinda stung you know .

    And I didn't get banned for making ad hominen attacks or any sort. It was because I was constantly derailing threads that involved PA Works or Mari Okada.
  3. Guardian Enzo
    2014-02-06 05:13
    Guardian Enzo
    Nothing that bothered me. Don't get banned again, though!
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-02-06 05:11
    You know, just ignore like half of what I just said in the past hour or so. I just went full out hater mode and a bit disgusted about it.
  5. Guardian Enzo
    2014-02-06 05:01
    Guardian Enzo
    Well, I suppose there has to be some truth to it because I post here and rarely other places. But I honestly don't see the core tastes of ASF posters being, generally, that different than the Japanese who buy Blu-rays. This place loves lolis, imoutos, idol shows and moe. And the huge mainstream shows that dominate sales (Isin, Shingeki, Madoka, S;G etc) are hugely popular here. About the only major area I see as being underrepresented are fujoshi, which you see with a hit series like Kurobas getting very little discussion.

    I don't see hipster as a pejorative, though that's how it's typically used by fans of moe and imouto and harem shows to describe anyone who dares to disagree with them. Obviously elitist is a derogatory term anywhere, though the haters use it and hipster interchangeably as if they were synonyms.
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-02-06 04:53
    I actually got quite irritated and I lashed out more than I intended... so I had to do a lot of editing to my posts. Probably will need to edit more because it still sounds too harsh.

    My brain is completely not working atm which is why I blurted out the hipster/elitist phrase, but I meant to use it a positive term not a negative term. What I was trying to say is that at least to me Animesuki isn't swayed by the hyperpopularity that plagues other major forums/communities have. It's still effected no doubt, but no where near the amount it affects other forums. Also, I just generally find the average poster on AS "smarter" and have "better tastes" than your typical anime fan. I don't mean to bash this but it's like comparing the

    Spoiler for Criticising a certain blogcommunity here.:

    As for mainstream, unless if your definition differs I disagree. When I talk mainstream, I'm talking about the hardcore latenight audience, where stuff like popular LN adaptations, harem comedies and merchandissable females dominate the industry. To me the Japanese otaku audience and your typical non-Japanese speaking anime fan that are really into that stuff are nearly identical.

    Outside of that, I think ANN represents the anime mainstream for the English fandom if they do not fall into the above category.

    Though if you want to go beyond that and talk about mainstream in society as a general... Ghibli. That is about it.

    EDIT: Brain still not working. Edited this response like 4 times by the time you read it...
  7. Guardian Enzo
    2014-02-06 04:42
    Guardian Enzo
    First of all, that idiot clearly has no interest in anything logical or reasonable, so I'm not taking that awards discussion any further. Pointless.

    But I do have to say - if ASF is hipster/elitist, anime is pretty fucked. Good place, good people - but ASF is as anime mainstream as English fandom gets. IMHO, of course.
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2014-01-30 02:42
    Looking forward to your check-in post. I'm particularly interested where the carryovers, sequels and split cours stand.

    The only thing I know for sure is that H x H is a A+ .
  9. Guardian Enzo
    2013-12-29 19:48
    Guardian Enzo
    You won't be after you've seen them.
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-12-29 12:42
    I'm behind on NagiAsu by about 3 episodes, but I am curious to why there has been suddenly an explosion of posts lately.

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