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Conversation Between Pocari_Sweat and totoum
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  1. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-12 02:34
    I'm actually really worried about nagi no asukara. It really looks like anohana done by pa...
  2. totoum
    2013-03-10 08:24
    I figured you'd enjoy it!
    Every darn time I hear people ask "Is Hosoda the next Miyazaki?" I go "you've got the wrong ghibli director, if he's a next anything then he's closer to Takahata."
    Though in the end he's just Hosoda anyway.
    Oh and a few animators from PA works did some in between animation for Wolf children, so they had a small part in the making of this film!

    Speaking of PA works, what I meant before was that I actually think RDG looks worse visually than Another and they must be putting in all their effort on Okada's original anime.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-08 00:38
    Finished Wolf Children...

    Let's just say I started tearing up when the credits started rolling. Without a doubt, by far Hosoda's best film. Whilst Girl Who Leapt Thru Time and Summer Wars were just pure fun and excellently made, Wolf Children adds sentimental and nostalgia (without the excessive melodramatic bullshit anime tends to do a lot *cough* Anohana/Kokoro Connect*) which I am totally a sucker for. He channeled both Only Yesterday and Usagi Drop and compiled it into one masterpiece. Pretty much an instant 10/10 and favourite. Don't think I've watched an animated movie that moved me as much as this since 5 Centimeters Per Second.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-04 01:51
    Look like True Tears? No way bro . Looks like Another if it had a budget tho xD.
  5. totoum
    2013-03-04 01:42
    I did it because if you're gonna rip the trailer do it right!
    How could you go on about a bunch of other stuff and not mention that it's got visuals that make Another look like True Tears, that's unacceptable!
  6. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-04 01:35
    Oi! Stop having a go at me on the RDG thread! Others may think I'm just bashing PA but you know better
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-01 06:59
    Looks like a bad fanservice show . Bunny rabbits don't have boobs and legs like that
  8. totoum
    2013-03-01 04:51
    Kurousagi/Black Rabbit from Mondaiji

    Her hair color tends to change between blue and pink.
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2013-03-01 04:18
    Whos the bunny girl on your avatar
  10. totoum
    2013-01-10 20:50
    Didn't have my own computer for a while so I was borrowing people's computers to go on the net but never stayed online a lot,I just got it back recently and I guess I just lost the habbit,funny you'd ask since someone else asked me as well just a couple days ago

    So I'll remember now.

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