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Conversation Between Galatea33 and Crimrui
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  1. Crimrui
    2012-01-01 06:49
    Haha, it seems like we only talk once from year to year. Happy New Year to you Galatea33! Hope you're doing fine, wherever you are.
  2. Galatea33
    2011-01-04 05:22
    thank you CC, best wishes on 2011 for you too
  3. Crimrui
    2011-01-02 05:28
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for this upcoming period!
  4. Crimrui
    2010-04-22 13:17
    You should update your dictionary, it's a nice word. XD
    Dohko, Shion, Degel, Kardia, Hyoga and Shaina. Can you belive it, most of my favorites are males. This throws you off the floor eh? XD

    I find anime characters to be rather beautiful and the style is just fascinating to me. The lack of clothes for females in my album is just a ... little extra lol
    As for my real weak spot... thats a different story =)

    Hisagi might act like he is tough, but he is soft and neat on the inside... ah who am I kidding, I don't know the guy at all. I should ask Kubo though...
    Belive it or not I'm a rather shy person. I might act like this on forums and with my friends IRL but I would need some time to know new person so that I can be myself =)
  5. Galatea33
    2010-04-22 11:23
    the word "to admit" is not in my dictionary even XD
    Dokho and Ikki are my favorite of course XD I love it when it comes to their personal saga(s) - how about you?

    See...see... your weak spot is opened XD...

    Since you wear Hisagi's avvy, you should act more colder... XD
  6. Crimrui
    2010-04-22 10:02
    *sigh* Why don't you just admit that you're a fan of blood and gore? XD
    You like Berserk really? It's cool...but sad...

    Yup I agree with you there! SS has original moments and situations. Your favorites?

    Aren't you a tease =)

    I just randomly posted that album for it to be there. No reason.... really!

    Us and and anime world are backwards. IRL as you go older you're more senile then wise, so kids know everything! Makes sense right? XD
    Now I'm just talking randomly....
  7. Galatea33
    2010-04-22 05:09
    Good battles scenes as in Bishounen attacking each other's ass XD?
    Good sir Berserk is far more lovely and up to my taste! XD

    You know what, SS does has its own originality, that's what make me always stick onto it~ ^v^ it's originale :~D

    Sorry I dissapointed you maybe I did it on purpose

    Yes..yes.. your ecchi album collection....

    XD Intriguing....

    PS: always listen to kids when they say something wise

  8. Crimrui
    2010-04-21 17:25
    Muhahaha! You can delete everything what you posted now but I saw through it and came to read it! My twelve sense warned me.

    Don't worry, be happy. Take time to relax, work can wait but youth can't! (No that didn't came out of fortune cookie belive it or not. Some 7 year old told me....) XD

    Yeah but what my mind desires and what my hand can do are two different things. Actually that sounded rather dirty but whatever... you started it. You stated that because of my ecchi collection album, didn't you? Madam, you wound me.
    Well you draw rather cute, if you worked on it more you could improve greatly but yeah... damn life and it's busy schedules. Well yeah I can relate to that. I'm lazy too =)

    Nice young guys in Saint Seiya huh? I'm disappointed, I though you were reading the manga because of good battle scenes.
  9. Galatea33
    2010-04-21 15:16
    You're here
    I was about to erase my previous silly message

  10. Galatea33
    2010-04-21 15:08
    Yep man XD Busy as a rocket XD

    Lost Canvas is...euh alright. Lots of pretty guysie in there... XD

    Thx CC . BUt ya know, I;m kinda lazy to draw nowadays

    Well then, you can make a certain pic of a girl with certain intriguing pose XD.... that's easy...

    Ignore me

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