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Just a group for DxD lovers. Also when you upload picture make sure of the following: -No repetitive pictures. Please check whether the same picture already exist. -No pictures with nipples in them.
1,857 24 16,533 1,456
The fans Of light novel of High School DxD
88 0 0 0
For the fans of the enthralling manga and newly animated series!
59 3 18 4
For those who enjoy horizon and its bible long text~
32 2 3 1
For those Hunter x Hunter fans .....the new and the old ones.....
7 2 4 5
To celebrate the revival of samurai girls we got samurai bride! Yahoo.
21 0 0 0
This group is for those interested in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise. From the three currently-available PS3 games to the sextet of titles on, or heading to, the PS Vita (including the spinoff SRPG featuring the CPU of Lastation) and the first PS4-bound title in the works, and from the anime adaptation to the various printed works tied in to the multiverse of Gamindustri and Gamarket.
26 4 5 25
A boy has a dream to become part a higher order of magicians to help his country. His future... The Demon King. The bringer of calamity to the world.
15 1 1 0
Home of Kan'u Unchou, Ryofu Housen, Ryomou Shimei and many more!
26 2 8 6
A group for those who Love Inu x Boku SS!!
8 3 13 7
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