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Unmaintained / Inactive
Group is dedicated to Fly-System for their released game called "Magical Battle Arena", a 3d Magical action battle game. Heya~! let's try to have tournanments soon. ^_^ Let's exchange MSNs/leave your msn as msg here so we can give you our hamachi network .V..
26 1 61 16
Unmaintained / Inactive
This is the fan club for teh real men and women who admit that the new hat of Lelouch is teh FABULOUS. This fan club is sponsorised by Koshimizu teh awesome translations/infos ой (she just doesn't know it at the moment)
249 1 463 20
Unmaintained / Inactive
naruto fans (mostly itachi and akasuki fans ) can join!!!!!!
15 0 0 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
This group is all about manga and anime
13 1 52 10
Unmaintained / Inactive
If you are a fan of Lucky Star or any character from this anime then join this group!
51 1 36 30
Unmaintained / Inactive
From the depths of SANITY comes a new force to challenge all those that view Pairing shipping as important! We will crush all who stand in the way of what is really important! Plot and character development! To put down the endless Shipping Wars once and for all, join us! ALL HAIL THE ANTI-PAIRINGS! (All made in fun of course.)
23 1 52 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
This is where we gather Claymores, Awakened beings, (and probably Dwellers of the Deep too!) We'll fight it out with other Animes! Let's have a duel, Claymore fans :D
5 1 1 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
A group for Naruto fans only
14 2 114 16
Unmaintained / Inactive
let's be friends
7 3 8 1
Unmaintained / Inactive
We love our vehicles. It doesn't matter if you have a car, truck or motorcycle. If you like to have fun with your vehicle through modifying, racing, stunt driving or for just the pure joy of driving/riding it, you're an enthusiast. Welcome! This is a place to talk about our love for vehicles, share stores, and even ask for help or give advice.
12 1 8 1
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