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Unmaintained / Inactive
22 2 8 8
Unmaintained / Inactive
This group's goal is to contribute news and updates related to anime, new manga, anime and stuffs, not only that, you can also share what you have in mind so that we can do some activities that everyone can participate :)
9 0 0 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
the title says it all and sum other fun stuff!
7 4 11 30
Unmaintained / Inactive
the title is all and also more fun
4 2 6 9
Unmaintained / Inactive
hahaha all ukes welcome (semes too cause we need them lol)
2 1 1 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
Here we ship the brunette (dark-brown), and black hair _ against the invasion of the Evil different other hair colors (especially the blond _______) There are a few exceptions though (because I decided it, *Glare*): Villetta, Clovis, and C.C. from Code geass. Whether it is in RL or in Manga and other arts, if you enjoy that hair color, you can join.
8 0 0 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
all about rpg. also please ask me to add a new discussion if you want something new or sumthing like that.
5 2 5 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
1 0 0 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
Greetings, you have stumbled upon one of the many out posts, my Otaku Republic has stationed. As you may probably not know, I am the Otaku Emperor, leader of the Otaku Republic. We do various things, like take over the world, and discuss who is the best anime character, and overall, help with the liberation of the Otaku fan base. Our main HQ is in the Haruhi section, it consists of 2 boxes and a Table, But with your kind donations, we could add more luxtury items for this Glorious, HQ, like for example, Bigger boxes, or Bigger tables, or some Robotic Guards. Stop by and join, and together we will all, take over the world!!!
59 58 154 0
Unmaintained / Inactive
Hi! this group is for all the fans of Yuu Watase. Oh great Yuu Watase we love your works!
13 2 7 12
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