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Other Fandom
Do you play Soldat, or are interested in it? Well, then, join up!
1 1 1 0
Character Appreciation
Tsukune:we shall--- Moka:Capu Chuuuuuuuuuu~~~ Kurumu:Hey!Moka stop sucking tsukune's blood!He needs me more!*presses boobs on tsukune's chest* Yukari:OVER HERE, Ruby-san! Ruby:TSUKUNE------ Mizore:~~stare~~ XD
29 1 9 6
Series Appreciation
a place to talk about one Yu Watase's great works.
5 1 1 0
Character Appreciation
for fans of the last two demon slayers;exterminators of inuyasha! if ya want to join. no ruless. except no insulting the siblings. ever :D
7 1 5 0
Series Appreciation
Well for those who haven't met the crazed fangirl's... Hetalia is popular Japanese series that is an allegorical tale of the history of Europe, especially during World War Two, with anthropomorphizations of different countries and the various stereotypes associated with them. Axis Powers Hetalia is at once educational, irreverently silly, occasionally touching, and potentially offensive. Surprisingly, it gets many of the more subtle and less well known relationships between European countries rather well represented, which you usually wouldn't expect of foreign writers.
29 1 2 8
Character Appreciation
How was there not already a group for this? LOVERS OF DESU UNITE! boku-lovers are welcome too. But only because Desu loves her sister. THIS IS NOT AN ALL-INCLUSIVE ROZEN MAIDEN GROUP!!! AND DESU-SPAM WILL BE TOLERATED! desu~
7 1 1 0
Series Appreciation
This is for blue dragon fans 1# but other ppl can join lol ;)
5 1 1 0
Shipping (Fandom)
a group for people who might just happen to like this ridiculously cute crack paring that never would have happened in the anime XD
6 1 1 0
Shipping (Fandom)
a group for people who love this paring
3 1 1 0
Character Appreciation
A fangroup for those who love Ai no Kusabi, and the two main characters Iason Mink and Riki. This is a fangroup for the manga, the OVAs and the upcoming series, the art, style and general seiyuu appreciation. Who didn't love Iason Minks better known as Toshikazu Shiozawa voice?
7 1 10 0
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